While most marketers are familiar with influencer marketing, it tends to focus on the same platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Influencer marketing has a broader reach than those social networks, however. Newer influencer platforms have emerged and offer marketing for massive audiences, including Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows users to stream live videos through a phone, computer, or gaming console. Though Twitch began as a platform for gaming content, Amazon purchased it in 2014 and turned it into a content machine.

Content creators on Twitch are called “streamers” and promote videos that feature all kinds of content, from cooking to painting to performance art, and users follow them for live updates when new content is posted.

With its unique approach, Twitch offers incredible opportunities for content creators to grow. Successful influencers like Dr. Disrespect reach tens of thousands of users each day and leverage that popularity into content for national media and publications.

By 2016, over 292 billion minutes of content appeared on Twitch[1], and that number grew to 560 billion minutes in just two years.

Twitch Audience

The platform receives 140 million unique viewers each month and an average of 30 million daily active users[3] currently use Twitch. Most Twitch users are between the ages of 13 to 34, which is perfect for brands looking to appeal to younger audiences – and not just in the gaming community.

Twitch Influencer Marketing

Twitch influencer marketing works like other types of social media influencer marketing. The primary difference is that influencers on Twitch leverage live content instead of pre-recorded video, images, or text posts.

Also like other platforms, marketers can find Twitch streamers by connecting with them and striking a deal for content and promotion.

Twitch Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Due to its global platform and unique users, Twitch offers diverse audiences with different interests and demographics.

Brand Mentions

Effective influencer marketing campaigns come in many shapes and sizes, but something as simple as a brand mention from an influencer on Twitch can boost your brand. Influencers have dedicated and loyal followers, so simply shining a positive light on your brand and telling your story makes them more likely to check it out.

Naturally, this means finding the right type of influencer in your industry or niche for brand partnerships. Partnering with the wrong Twitch streamer can lead to few positive results. Find the ideal influencer and discuss the key points of the messaging in advance, and make sure they deliver it in a natural, authentic way.

Product Placements

One of the best ways to showcase your product or service is by having an influencer live stream themselves using it on Twitch or share an unboxing video. This is ideal for products in the beauty and wellness space, video gaming, food, and wearables. Best of all, the product doesn’t have to be the focus of the entire video to be effective.

For example, a Twitch streamer can eat a snack or drink an energy drink while gaming in real time, wear a branded tee shirt in live videos, or demonstrate a recipe using one of your branded products. It’s up to you as the marketer to come up with a way to subtly incorporate your product in the video in a manner that will resonate with the audience and gain traction for your brand.

Keep in mind, however, that the influencer must clearly state that the product is promoted and acknowledge sponsored content, according to FTC guidelines[4].

Channel Branding

Banner ads are effective, and Twitch allows brands to advertise with a banner ad on an influencer’s channel page. These ads link to the website, so they can drive plenty of traffic with the right audience and related content.

Users are already engaging with the influencer’s channel, so banners are likely to capture their attention. Quickly, users will associate the brand with their favorite streamers and remember it for the future.

Product Giveaways

People love free stuff, no matter where it comes from. Twitch leverages this with giveaway brand partnerships that offer discounts, products, subscriptions, one-off services, and more. Giveaways not only generate traffic and engagement, but they function natively in Twitch for more natural promotion.

Twitch also has special tools and giveaway apps that minimize errors. You can tell audiences in advance to reach more people and ensure a more successful promotion. Keep in mind that the same rules apply with giveaways as any other marketing – you must choose the appropriate audience and offer valuable giveaways. Focus on interactive, fun, and creative gift options.

Promote Your Brand with Influencer Marketing on Twitch

Despite its reputation as a platform for the gaming industry, Twitch has plenty of opportunities for non gaming brands to reach target audiences on the platform they prefer. Associating your brand with popular Twitch influencers can produce successful campaigns with creative content in a variety of ways. 


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