9 Underutilized Ways to Bolster Your Online Presence on Social Media

Social media sites are only gaining in popularity, leading to more and more traffic. Without a solid strategy, brands can get lost in the shuffle and may miss out on all the opportunities social media offers.

Like other marketing strategies, social media has well-known, popular, and – dare we say – tired techniques to generate more awareness and traffic. If everyone is doing the same thing, it’s even more challenging to stand out.

Social media is driven by trends more than anything else. Successful brands and creators often have an eye for the “next big thing,” or put a lot of work into figuring it out, and everyone follows suit. Fortunately, there are underutilized ways you can boost your online presence on social media and differentiate your brand.

1. Optimize for Search

Social media platforms may have search functions, but the content is optimized for discoverability and visibility like it is on a search engine. To combat this, brands need to support the high-value content for each stage of the journey and focus on the most beneficial channels in terms of audience and ideal buyers.

2. Set Specific Goals

While goals are the foundation of any effective marketing strategy, brands often neglect specific goals for social media. The emphasis may be placed on common social media metrics or broad efforts, such as gaining page likes and follows. Social media needs to be approached with the same strategic techniques and goal setting as any other effort, so the progress can be tracked and improved.

3. Pay It Forward

Brands often create social media accounts and spend time on the platform in an effort to boost their own presence. While this is an important part of social media strategy, brands can gain a lot from promoting other brands. Promoting other brands, especially related brands, can help you connect with your target audience and provide them with authentic value – you’re all about their needs. For example, an HVAC brand may promote local roofing companies as a complementary service.

4. Utilize Data

Social media isn’t just about advertising. Though you can certainly use it for effective advertising campaigns, it holds a lot of value in pure data. You can learn a lot about your target audience, their likes and dislikes, what they’re looking for from your brand and products, and what matters to them as a consumer. All of these insights provide virtually limitless value to you for product development, content marketing, and advertising campaigns.

5. Keep the Customer in Mind

Whether you’re marketing to B2B or B2C audiences, you shouldn’t mass share content across platforms. Much of your audience may overlap, but you could have segments that are unique to a platform. Make sure your content is focused on the customer on that particular channel, and maintain the overall tone of the platform to provide engaging, valuable posts that keep your followers coming back for more.

6. Harness Video Content

Video content is only growing in popularity. So much so, in fact, that it may end up replacing traditional written content. A lot of content can be adapted to video easily, but it’s also important for brands to think more visually. Instead of only considering how to adapt a blog post or article to a video, think of how that medium offers unique opportunities to show your audience something impactful you can’t do any other way. Also remember that short-form videos tend to perform better than long-form, depending on the audience, industry, and platform.

7. Include Brand Mentions in Instagram Stories

One of the greatest benefits of social media is the direct contact with customers. Using social listening tools, track brand mentions from customers and influencers, not only to gauge the sentiment of the audience, but to include in your Instagram stories. A positive review goes a long way with consumers, and including it as a story highlight extends its reach and lifespan for organic marketing.

8. Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing is vital to modern marketing strategy, especially with social media here to stay. Influencers have incredible power and sway with a passionate group of followers on various social media channels, and there’s no better way to get positive word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews. Be sure to find the right influencer for your brand – instead of focusing on metrics, find an influencer with a dedicated and passionate audience that will be interested in what you have to offer.

9. Humanize Your Brand

No matter the specific goals, industry, or products, social media offers a way for brands to connect with people on a human level. Having a presence is more than just being visible on social media – it’s about being there for the customer and showing them the human behind the brand. Along with engaging with customers and providing valuable content, brands can highlight what makes them human with the help of an authentic and credible social media influencer.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Generating interest and followers on social media takes time and patience, but these low-key strategies can help you stand out from your competitors. Goal-setting, content marketing, influencer partnerships, and a focus on providing value for the customer can attract the right audience to maximize your online presence.