How Influencer Marketing Refreshes Your Brand in Ways You Didn’t Expect

Consumer distrust climbs every day, and ad blockers are savvier than ever. With these two hounds hot on the heels of the average marketing campaign, the need to pivot to something more authentic and refreshing is paramount. 

Influencer marketing has developed into one of the most effective advertising methods the internet has at its disposal. When you combine endorsements and reviews with tutorials and live-action usage, you end up with a manifestation of lifestyle enhancement that an influencer can achieve. 

The social proof around your brand gets a boost, and you earn a deeper level of trust with consumers. This is the influencer magic that transforms viewers into buyers! 

Here are a few unexpected benefits of influencer marketing you may not have considered. 

Makes Your Brand Buzzworthy

Social media influencers drive trends, market movement, and influence decisions. It’s in their job title.  By exposing new products, industry-shifting ideas, and meaningful causes to their audience, your brand’s reputation is amplified.

Your brand is positioned as an innovative trailblazer that inspires the audience and boosts the customer base. As engagement is stimulated around your products, you increase your credibility and attract new customers. You become interesting, desirable, and even buzzworthy. 

Reveals More of Your Target Audience

Most consumers seek out influencers for advice on products and services that align with their interests. They already trust the influencer and are already predisposed to buy based on their recommendation. 

Your target audience is already hiding in the feeds and comments of influencers in your niche, because we already know consumers spend hours a day on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.  

By borrowing their influence, you can reach a much larger customer base by meeting them where they spend their time through influencer marketing. 

Infiltrates Ad Indifference

Ads get skipped, scrollers are increasingly blind to banners, and people tune out during the commercials. They know they’re being directly sold to by a brand when they see an ad. These are facts your brand can no longer afford to ignore. 

Influencer marketing outweighs other advertising strategies because it cuts through the online chatter and speaks directly to someone who is already tuned to listen. They are an engaging and three-dimensional source social media users trust for what’s new and helpful.

Capture Higher-Quality Customers 

Over 51% of marketers believe they’ve acquired better, higher-quality customers from influencer marketing campaigns than from other sources.[1] Any customer can turn into a conversion and buy once. A better customer becomes a recurring buyer, and a superior, high-quality customer turns into a loyal brand advocate.

Any marketing campaign will have a financial ROI that you measure through conversions and sales. A first-rate customer doesn’t need to be sold to in order to buy again, potentially costing you $0 in future ads. They’re also more likely to share your products or services with others, furthering social proof, brand credibility, and even sales.

Working together, your brand will see a boost in your digital presence and earned media with influencer marketing. 

Creates the Possibility of Infinite Shareability + Growth

A solid, strategic influencer marketing campaign has truly unlimited potential. Traditional paid advertising tactics will impose a limit on your reach, either with your budget or your audience, and you’ll typically pay based on impression count. 

With influencer marketing, campaign content gets shared and even has the potential to go viral, boosting your message farther than the influencer’s original reach metrics. This is a fast and effective way to grow brand awareness and connect with your target customer. While not every campaign will go viral, the one that is guaranteed to never go viral is the one you don’t run.

Delivers a Better Average ROI

The whole point of any marketing campaign is to get more money out than what we put in. Your strategy must be designed to deliver some return on investment. While for some campaign goals, that return isn’t always dollars, every marketer would agree that dollars are the prime objective. 

This is where influencer marketing really shines by bringing in a solid ROI. The average take for every $1 put into a campaign is $6.50+. That’s a 6.5-time return on your investment, making it 11 times higher than most traditional marketing strategies.[2] 

And that’s just the average! Many campaigns have gone far and above this ROI.

Your Brand Will Benefit From Influencer Marketing

When you back your brand with paid influence, you reach more people, capture better quality customers, and generate a higher ROI. It’s not the “new marketing strategy” anymore. It’s the rising standard.