Any one who has ever spent ANY amount of time on social media will agree that a big drawback is the amount of time wasted. Open Pinterest only to look up and realize 2 hours have passed? Yep, we’ve been there. Have 25 tabs open as a result of following rabbit trail after rabbit trail? Uh huh, we know that one too. Short of setting a timer on your phone or installing a productivity program on your computer, there are things you can do to avoid falling into the gaping hole of social media time suck.

Forbes just published an article that lists the 10 Biggest Social Media Time Wasters. Overall, it’s spot-on. We do think it leans toward the side of automating social media, which can quickly negate the organic and genuine engagement we all know is so critical, but there are some really important points mentioned too.

From a business perspective, we think there are 3 list items mentioned by writer Jayson DeMers that are especially important to avoid when building any successful social media plan, both when participating on your social streams and when building social relationships with your community and influencers.

These are:

1) Not selecting a focus

2) Trying to do everything yourself

3) Failing to engage with your audience