What Is the TikTok Creator Program?

In the past few years, TikTok exploded in popularity, especially among younger generations. TikTok stars like Bella Poarch, Lucas and Marcus, Dixie Damelio, Avani Gregg, Jacob Sartorius, the Stokes Twins, Tabitha Brown, and Joe Albanese rose to fame with short-form video content and dance videos on the platform.

Seeing the popularity of short-form video content and influencer marketing, the platform launched the “TikTok Creator Next” (formerly TikTok Creator Fund) for popular TikTok influencers and creators in 2020. This program can pay creators and TikTok influencers who rose to fame from their videos and content.

What is the TikTok Creator Next?

TikTok understands the value of its creators, developing an intuitive platform to give creators an opportunity to earn a living from content posted on TikTok. In the coming years, the platform intends to deliver $1 billion in funds to creators who post creative and engaging content.

The monetization of Next is straightforward – the more engagement creators receive on content, the more money they can earn. This is similar to the way it works on other platforms, such as YouTube. The program is new, allowing virtually limitless creators and influencers to get involved.

TikTok Next Eligibility

At this time, TikTok isn’t limiting the number of creators who can join, but they do need to be eligible.[2] Content creators must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a follower count of 100,000 or greater
  • Have 100,000 video views in the previous 30 days
  • Reside in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, or Spain
  • Have a valid digital payment account linked to TikTok
  • Meet community guidelines

Note that businesses can’t participate in the program as a content creator, but can use the creator marketplace to find influencers for collaboration.

Is TikTok Creator Next for Influencers Worth It?

The TikTok program offers pay for popular creators and has numerous benefits for influencers and content creators. Unfortunately, some creators are hesitant to join because they believe it will decrease their followers count and views on the platform, since the fund was created to help new influencers build a following quickly.

This is a myth, however. TikTok clarifies that the platform was built with insights from the experience of actual users and won’t negatively impact accounts.[1] Results may vary for individual influencers, however.

How to Join the TikTok Program

Influencers can apply for the program through the TikTok app. Applicants must have a pro TikTok account, but if you don’t, making the switch is simple.

Here are the steps:

  • Open TikTok and access your profile. Tap the horizontal lines in the top right corner to access account settings.
  • Click Creator Tools and select the TikTok Creator Next
  • Confirm your age and accept the terms of the program
  • Wait to hear if you’re accepted to the program
  • If you’re rejected, you can reapply after 30 days.

Payments with the Creator Fund

TikTok influencer marketing helps a lot of TikTok stars earn money for content, which is enhanced by the TikTok monetization program. According to the platform, creator funds in the program may be based on community guidelines, engagement, and TikTok video views, so the more engagement you receive for your content posted on TikTok, the more money you can earn.

Based on the way the videos perform, the payout can vary. Payments enter your TikTok account three days after the views are calculated, and you can withdraw funds after 30 days.

Finding Content Creators within the TikTok Creator Next

For brands, the TikTok program makes it easy to find creators who are a good fit for their audience. Brands can browse creator marketplace and search for the biggest stars who have joined the program, then contact the creator and ask for a collaboration.

Creators can also search for brands that offer opportunities for collaboration through the Open Application Campaigns and submit applications to work with them.

Monetization Tools

The TikTok program offers numerous options for monetization. The Live Gifts option allows followers to send their favorite influencers Diamonds, which influencers can redeem for money and transfer to their TikTok account. There’s also a Video Gifts option, which works similarly to Live Gifts but applies to short video.

Finally, there’s the Tips feature, which allows users to send a gratuity to their favorite influencers using the Stripe payment option. TikTok caps the transactions to $100 per transaction and limits tips to $500 per day. TikTok doesn’t take a cut, however, so content creators receive the whole tip.

New Opportunities with TikTok Creator Next

TikTok understands the potential for businesses and content creators to leverage the platform for marketing success. Recently, TikTok put more focus on monetizing TikTok video with the creator fund and helping its biggest stars succeed with the Creator Next program.


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