Here’s the plain English run-down of our practices and everything you consent to when you choose to work with us. (Great choice, by the way!)

It is essential that our Clients and our Advocates understand how our Services work. Together, our Client Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use Agreement do just that. Whether you are one of our larger corporate Clients or an individual Client using HireInfluence for the first time, these are important documents because they affect your rights and responsibilities. So here it is, in plain English.

Two important things to note at the outset:

  • This Privacy Policy applies only to HireInfluence Clients — brands, businesses or individuals who use HireInfluence to promote a product, service, candidate, cause, or event. There is a separate Privacy Policy for HireInfluence Advocates — the savvy, trending social media users or bloggers with significant Social Media Contacts through the Advocates’ Social Media Networks.
  • As with our Terms of Use, into which this Privacy Policy is incorporated, you must completely agree to the Privacy Policy in order to use our webSite and Services. If you do not agree to any portion of this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use, please stop using our Site and Services immediately. By registering with HireInfluence or using our Services, you are consenting to our practices, as described in this Privacy Policy, regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Campaign Specifics, business information, marketing information, and Personal Information. you are also agreeing to comply with the requirements contained herein.

Clients — Welcome to HireInfluence!

Introduction to Our Privacy Policy

While we use plain English, it’s important that we all understand the same meaning of certain terms used in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, so you can find definitions for the following terms here: Advocate; Client; App or Mobile App; Campaign; Campaign Specifics; Content; Cookies; Financial Information; HireInfluence Platform; Opportunity or Opportunities; Personal Information; Profile; Services; Share; Site; Social Media Contacts; and Social Media Networks.

In this Privacy Policy, we tell you about:

  • HireInfluence – How We Work with Clients
  • What Information We Collect and What We Do with It
  • A Client’s Rights
  • A Client’s Responsibilities
  • Children’s privacy
  • Our Security, Technology and Policy Amendments
  • How to Contact Us

HireInfluence — How We Work with Clients

HireInfluence revolutionizes social media, how Social Media Networks and Social Media Contacts can be used, and how we can all benefit. HireInfluence establishes, manages, and optimizes online marketing Campaigns for our Clients and Advocates. We are committed to protecting and appropriately managing the information that both our Clients and Advocates Share with us.

HireInfluence offers a dynamic, online social media marketing Platform. you — our Client — are using our Site because you are aware of the power of social media to inform, to shape, to influence and to trend products in our society. The HireInfluence Platform provides Clients with the ability to launch a Campaign that accomplishes the Clients’ goals by harnessing the power of our Advocates, who are sophisticated users of Social Media Networks with large numbers of Social Media Contacts.

How does this all work?

As a Client, you must register with our Site. Once you are a registered Client, you will be able to utilize Advowire and the power of our HireInfluence Platform’s network search engine to create a Campaign and set search parameters to locate the best possible Advocates to assist you in marketing your Campaign. Using the HireInfluence Platform, our Advocates have consolidated and connected their Social Media Networks, blogs, and other digital assets into a single Profile that may be accessed by Clients.

Using the Campaign Specifics you provide, you are able to harness our network search engine to select the best Advocates for your Campaign (this is accomplished using our Advocates’ Social Media Networks, Social Media Contacts, number of Social Media Contacts, geographical location, gender, industry contacts, work experience, and other preferences that the Advocates may have chosen to provide, that may be evident from their Profile, or authorized us to gather and include in their Profile). Advocates are then presented with the Opportunity to promote the Client’s products, Services, candidates, causes, or events. The Advocates who meet your Campaign’s parameters and goals and who accept the Opportunity will use their Social Media Networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) to Share your content about your Campaign. Our Advocates receive compensation for their Shares through a protected pay structure established in accordance with HireInfluence business practices.

you need to know that this Privacy Policy applies to all of our Services, products, widgets, and webSites – including Advowire, Traffic Boost, Lead Generation, Custom Landings, Community Building, Advocate Sampling, Beta Testing Trials, Ambassador Groups, and Advosearch – that are offered by HireInfluence or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies.

What Information We Collect and What We Do with It

Creation of the Campaign, Campaign Specifics, and Personal Information

To register and create a Campaign via our HireInfluence Platform and to start successfully promoting your Campaign via our Advocates, you must provide us with a name (where the Client is a corporation, an individual contact person’s name and information must be provided), an email address, a Campaign Title and the Campaign Specifics you choose. To make your Campaign more successful and economically efficient, you should provide as many Campaign Specifics as possible, including but not limited to the goals of the Campaign, an optional company logo or graphic if you have one, a description of the Campaign, the industry targeted, the audience characteristics you would like to target, such as geographical location, gender and age demographics, and, of course, your Campaign budget.

As our Client, you will determine via Advowire and our other Services whether to engage an Advocate for an Opportunity based upon the information collected and assembled in the Advocate’s Profile. By providing detailed Campaign Specifics, you will be able to utilize our network search engine to set parameters to locate and utilize only the Advocates who are best suited to promote your Campaign goals. These are the Advocates who will make a real difference for you and your Campaign with each and every Share they make. This is social media at its best.

In order to provide you with a better experience and to improve the quality of our Services, we may combine the information provided to set up your account and your Campaign with other information you have provided to us when you utilize the various Services offered through our Site and the HireInfluence Platform.

By agreeing to our Terms of Use, establishing a Client account, and by creating a Campaign, you authorize us to access your account, use your Campaign and Campaign Specifics, and other information you provide to store Client data, set pricing for your Campaign, and Share your Client information with Advocates who elect to participate in the Opportunity offered by your Campaign. While you always retain the ability to revoke your Campaign and our access by amending your HireInfluence account settings, data we have collected prior to your revoking our right to access may be retained by HireInfluence.


We may place Cookies in your browser to improve your experience using our Site and Services, to track usage trends, and to improve security. By visiting HireInfluence, you consent to the placement of Cookies or similar identifiers in your browser. you can, however, control the receipt of Cookies through your web browser’s settings. Please note that some of our Services may not function properly if our Cookies are disabled.

Log Information

When you access our Site and your HireInfluence Account, our servers automatically record information sent from your browser, including your web request, Internet Protocol address, domain names, referring Uniform Resource Locator, browser type, browser language, and operating system; the date and time of your request and access; and Cookies that may uniquely identify your browser. This information is neither used nor intended to be used to personally identify you.

Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Information to Third Parties

HireInfluence will not distribute, sell, rent, transfer, or otherwise disclose your Personal Information to any third party without your consent except as follows:

  • To Advocates for potential Opportunities;
  • To business partners, suppliers, and other third parties such as Pay-Pal to help us process payments;
  • When necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be injuring or interfering with HireInfluence’s rights or property, or otherwise harming any other individual by utilizing HireInfluence’s webSite or Services;
  • For tax purposes;
  • When you have consented to such disclosure; and
  • When we have a good-faith belief that disclosure is required or permitted by law.

Any disclosures made by you to a third party, including other Clients and Advocates, are not covered by this Privacy Policy, though they may be governed by privacy policies of those third parties.

Other WebSites

Our Services are offered in connection with other webSites, including Social Media Networks. Personal Information you provide to HireInfluence to enable creation of your Campaign and to facilitate the use of our Services is handled pursuant to terms of this Privacy Policy and our Site’s Terms of Use; other webSites, however, may have different privacy policies, and we encourage you to read them. HireInfluence is not responsible for a Client’s compliance with various privacy policies on other webSites the Client may utilize or for an Advocate’s activity on the Advocate’s Social Media Networks that the Advocate links to through his or her HireInfluence Profile. Further, for your convenience, you may be directed by HireInfluence (through posted links or otherwise) to webSites that are not owned or controlled by HireInfluence and that may collect Personal Information from you. you access those Sites at your own risk.

We also do not exercise control of other webSites that may display information about HireInfluence and our Services, or direct how those other webSites may collect, distribute, or otherwise use your Personal Information. Such webSites may place their own Cookies or similar files on your computer, collect data, or solicit Personal Information from you. We do not guaranty the security of any information that you may disclose on other webSites, and HireInfluence is not responsible or liable for those webSites’ policies, actions, or content.

User Communications

So as to process your inquiries, respond to your requests, and improve our Services, we may collect and retain electronic messages, mail, and other communications that you send to HireInfluence as well as the information contained therein.

Retention of Data

We may retain residual information about you, including in our backup files or database, particularly when such retention is required by law or is pursuant to legitimate business purposes. you agree that we are under no obligation to delete or modify information that you have previously chosen to provide us. Please remember that if we have already disclosed some of your Personal Information to third parties, we cannot access that Personal Information any longer and cannot force the deletion or modification of that information by the parties to whom we have made those disclosures.

A Client’s Rights

Accessing, Controlling, Updating, and Deleting Client Data

When you use HireInfluence, we work to provide you the ability to access, review, correct, edit, or remove the Client information, Campaign information and Campaign Specifics that you have provided to us. you can do this by logging into HireInfluence and accessing your account. you must identify yourself before we can process any request to access, review, correct, edit, or remove your Client information. Although most changes will occur immediately, some information may stay stored on your browser’s web cache. We take no responsibility and are not liable for information stored in your cache or on any other electronic devices through which you may access HireInfluence.

We may decline to process requests that are unreasonably repetitive or systematic, require disproportionate technical effort, jeopardize the privacy of others, or would be extremely impractical. (In some instances, a request that requires disproportionate technical effort to accommodate may be processed for an additional fee.) you authorize us to use and disclose, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, any new or modified information that you provide. Please note our data retention practices identified above.

Choices for Personal Information

We will ask for your consent prior to collecting or using Personal Information for any purpose other than those described in this Privacy Policy or other supplementary privacy notices. Additionally, you may be given the option to opt out of some of our data-collection practices. If we propose to use Personal Information for any purpose other than those described in this Privacy Policy or other supplementary privacy notices, we will provide you with an effective way to opt out of such use. Please note that declining to submit Personal Information for any HireInfluence Service may prevent us from being able to provide that Service to you.

Closing your Account

Upon your request, we will, as soon as practicable and in accordance with all applicable laws, close your account, delete your login information, and purge your Campaign data. After we have closed your account, information about your Campaign may remain on the Site, and we may continue to use log information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We may also retain your Client information to comply with any applicable laws, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with any lawful investigations, enforce our Terms of Use, or take any other actions permitted by law.

A Client’s Responsibilities

As a Client, you owe certain obligations to HireInfluence and our Advocates, including potential legal obligations. you are also expected to extend to Advocates and other users of the HireInfluence Platform various common courtesies broadly accepted by the social media community. As a Client, you must:

  • Abide by the terms and conditions of the governing and most current Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and other HireInfluence policies;
  • NEVER provide false or fraudulent information when setting up a Campaign;
  • NEVER set up a Campaign for illegal or nefarious purposes;
  • Respect all intellectual-property rights (e.g., trademarks or copyrights) that may belong to HireInfluence, Advocates, other Clients, or third parties;
  • Refrain from uploading, posting, or disseminating any Personal Information that may infringe on the rights of others or be deemed offensive, injurious, discriminatory, prejudiced, or bigoted; and
  • Safeguard your username and password by not sharing it with others.

HireInfluence retains sole discretion to restrict, suspend, or terminate the account of an Advocate for any violation of the obligations or requirements set forth in our Terms of Use or other governing policies.


Any Client who uses the HireInfluence Site, the HireInfluence Platform, or any of HireInfluence’s Services to engage in a Campaign that is false or fraudulent or is based upon false or misleading information, false or misleading advertising, or otherwise created for any improper or unlawful purpose, will be required to indemnify and hold harmless HireInfluence for all loss, claims, causes of action and costs and expenses associated with such use, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, court costs, and any potential verdict or settlement resulting from such use.

Acceptance of These Terms


By using the HireInfluence webSite and agreeing to the Terms of Use, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. If you object to these terms, please immediately stop using this Site.

Children’s Privacy

HireInfluence is committed to protecting the privacy of children and encourages parents and guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities and interests. HireInfluence is not directed to children or designed to attract them. you must be at least 18 years of age to use our Services. HireInfluence does not knowingly collect, use, or disclose Personal Information about users that are under 18 years of age. If we later learn that a user is under 18 years of age, we will remove that user’s Personal Information from our databases and prevent the user from further using the HireInfluence Site and its Services. If you become aware that a user is under 18 years of age, please notify us immediately at or flag the user’s Profile If you are a user who is identified in this manner, we may require you to submit suitable proof of age, such as a copy of government-issued identification, in order to continue using the HireInfluence Platform.

Due to the nature of social media use and the Internet, HireInfluence, however, cannot take responsibility for verifying that any Advocate is in fact over the age of 18, and HireInfluence further denies all liability should an Advocate misrepresent his or her actual age in utilizing the HireInfluence Platform.

Security, Technology, and Amendments to Policies



Because Advocates may receive payments for Shares of your Campaign, we have implemented multiple layers of verification or authentication throughout our Services to avoid or reduce fraudulent activity (such as buying Social Media Contacts then leveraging that reach to make more money per Share, or creating fake accounts within the HireInfluence Platform).

The following steps of verification are performed to authenticate Advocates’ HireInfluence Profiles:

  1. HireInfluence utilizes StatusPeople (, an automated “Fakers” tool that differentiates between Active, Inactive, and Fake social followers within an Advocates network;
  2. Advocates and Clients can select an optional pay-for-review and “Certification” award process by Social Intelligence Corp ( wherein Social Intelligence Corp. reviews authenticity factors within a person’s social media network;
  3. HireInfluence performs random Advocate Profile spot checks; and
  4. HireInfluence utilizes mandatory and automated phone/geographical verification through third-party provider

Because you are utilizing our Site and Services, HireInfluence reserves the right to authenticate the Campaign provided by Clients.



In accordance with industry standards, we have implemented security safeguards to protect HireInfluence and its users against unauthorized accessing, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of Personal Information. Some of the safeguards may include:

  • Requiring passwords in order to access sections of the webSite or certain data;
  • Encryption;
  • Restricting access to Personal Information to certain HireInfluence employees, contractors, agents, and operators; and
  • Requiring HireInfluence employees, contractors, agents, and operators to agree to and comply with strict confidentiality agreements, the violation of which include discipline, termination, and criminal prosecution.

While we are always looking to take reasonable steps to improve our security, the Internet can never be completely secure, and we cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted to HireInfluence. In particular, emails, messages, and other communications between HireInfluence users are not encrypted, and you should never use these communication methods to convey Personal Information that you wish to keep private. Ultimately, you are responsible for protecting the security of your password and login information.

Data Breach


While HireInfluence employs multiple security measures to maintain data security, data breaches can occasionally happen, even to the most secure of systems. In the event of such a situation, HireInfluence will, in compliance with any applicable federal and state data breach laws, endeavor to timely notify all Advocates and Clients whose Personal Information HireInfluence knows or has clear reason to believe was accessed by an unauthorized person.



your Personal Information will be processed in conformance with this Privacy Policy. However, that processing may occur in countries with different laws as regards to your privacy. By using HireInfluence and providing any Personal Information, you consent to the transfer of data from your country to a country that may have different privacy laws. For citizens of the United States, your data may leave the territorial boundaries of the USA.

Changes to the Privacy Policy


HireInfluence reserves the right, at any time, to change, modify, or revise this Privacy Policy and the privacy and security practices discussed herein. We will post any revised version of the Privacy Policy on our Site. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. If we make any significant, material changes to the Privacy Policy, we will prominently note such changes on the Site and also send notification to the last email address you have provided to us. Continued use of the HireInfluence Platform and our Services following such notice of changes constitutes your acknowledgement of them and agreement to be bound by their terms and conditions.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Advocate’s Privacy Policy or our Advocates Terms of Use, please contact us by sending an email to

This Privacy Policy was published on January 27, 2014.