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About HireInfluence

A veteran company in the space, that brings an innovative approach to every campaign we touch. We are constantly evolving our strategies, technologies and expectations to remain ahead of crowded trends.

HireInfluence delivers fully-customized, results-driven strategies to help brands infiltrate the social "trust zone" by spreading their message from the inside out. Since 2011, we've honed and refined our place at the Content Marketing table by creating industry-leading campaigns for brands such as OREO, Ritz Crackers, Southwest Airlines, and Warner Bros. We have engaged over 25,000 Influencers from across 12 countries and 7 industry verticals on behalf of the brands and agencies we represent - leveraging established audiences and user-generated content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitch, Vine and the next big thing! As a result, our campaigns consistently deliver results that far exceed industry standards with fresh, unique, high quality content and influencer-generated action.