HireInfluence was contacted by SKA Events and Cosmopolitan Magazine to cast influencer talent for a series of on-site beauty events at Ulta Beauty stores. NIA Skincare wanted to promote its exclusive presence at Ulta Beauty locations, while Cosmopolitan used the product partnership as a platform to create buzz about anti-aging care with its readers. Influencers were used to build hype and engagement leading up to the event while creating buzz for NIA and Cosmopolitan on topic of anti-aging.


Cosmopolitan and SKA showed interest in very specific types of top-tier influencers – ladies who embody the “Weekend Warrior” vibe synonymous with Cosmopolitan’s audience. It was requested that influencers be sourced from specific geographies surrounding the Ulta Beauty retail events in the Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas areas.

We activated one top-tier influencer to host each of the three on-site events at Ulta Beauty. Influencers were millennial women with an active, on-the-go lifestyle that had previously demonstrated the ability to engage their audience on self-care, skin-care and beauty. Each influencer resided near the Ulta Beauty event locations.


To create buzz leading up to the event, NIA Skincare sent each influencer a gift bag with an array of hot new products to try. Influencers unboxed their gift set via Instagram a few days prior to their event to build excitement leading up to the on-site partnership.

During the presentation, influencers were required to post 2 high-quality, on-site photos to Instagram. It was a requirement to showcase the products, as well as behind-the-scenes footage at Ulta Beauty, while educating audiences on the new products and encouraging local followers to stop by.

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