HireInfluence was contracted to help support the launch of a new, technology-based beauty product, “HiMirror”. The brand looked to beauty influencers to provide a strong solid base of targeted consumer awareness and position the HiMirror as a trending, must-have beauty tool. There was a primary interest in promoting within the New York and Los Angeles markets, with product demonstration events that coincided such efforts. User-generated content produced by the talent would also be utilized for upcoming advertising agendas.


We utilized local influencers in each of the targeted cities, with audiences mostly comprised of the millennial demographic (age 20 – 35). Each had advanced knowledge of beauty, skincare and make-up application, and known as “early adopters” in the space. We requested participation from influencers that focused on both drug-store and high-end beauty products, whose audiences were likely to have the disposable income for this type of purchase.


Each influencer was required to attend a private on-site demonstration event in either New York City or Los Angeles. While at the event, influencers were each instructed on how to use the product and what key points should be relayed to their audiences. Due to the volume and complexity of features, we chose to keep content simple and straightforward. Multiple posts were made throughout the testing period that each highlighted a key selling point – being mindful not to overwhelm the audience with too much information or make the product seem overly complicated. Behind-the-scenes content was published utilizing 3 image posts in real me throughout the day to Instagram. YouTube influencers captured behind-the-scenes video content and created one full-featured video on the HiMirror product. All content was also syndicated to Facebook and Twitter channels.

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