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HireInfluence was tasked with creating an on-site event strategy to follow-up a previously successful campaign for HiMirror. The client aimed to have local New York City influencers attend a morning brunch, where they would be provided an opportunity to connect with the HiMirror product, and get more familiar with its features. Creative elements were incorporated to keep influencers engaged during the demonstrations and hands-on experience.


We partnered with NYC-based influencers, mostly from within the millennial demographic (age 20 – 35). Each had advanced knowledge of beauty, skincare and make-up application, and known as “early adopters” in the space.

To create an element of excitement we also contracted one local “celebrity” make-up artist from NYC, that maintained a loyal social following of over 300K. In addition to attending the event and posting content to her feeds, the makeup artist provided tips and tutorials for event patrons.


Each influencer was required to attend the brunch in the Bryant Park area of New York City. While at the event, influencers were treated to light refreshments while testing out the HiMirror alongside a beauty representative. The celebrity make-up artist held makeup tutorial and tip sessions, keeping patrons and influencers engaged throughout the 2-hour event.

Influencers were required to create 2 live posts via Instagram stories, while capturing content that would be posted to their Instagram feed over a 3-day span. A professional photographer was hired by the HiMirror team for additional behind-the-scenes content that would be utilized by both the brand and influencers.

All influencer posts were syndicated across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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