How to Create Content That is Worth Promoting to Influencers

Quality Content Plays a Big Role in Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Imagine this: a popular Instagram influencer reposts one of your Instagram reels or links to your website within a blog article. As a brand, these types of social shares can elevate your brand in ways that no other marketing efforts can accomplish. In order to produce content that influencers will feel compelled to promote, you must first understand the significance of the influencer industry and why influencer marketing is so successful.


The Goals Behind Influencer Marketing

Why do brands enlist social media leaders for influencer marketing campaigns? The use of influencers to promote products and services has long been used by top brands. The goals for any influencer marketing strategy include increased brand awareness, credibility, and ultimately, improvement of a company’s bottom line.


Why Brands Recruit Social Media Personalities for an Influencer Marketing Campaign

On average, people around the world spend 3 hours on social media each day[1]. That time is typically spent scrolling through accounts, clicking on content that catches the eye, research products, or connecting with friends. People follow their favorite influencers on social media in order to get a glimpse into their lives- they look to these industry leaders as friends. It’s no wonder that 49% of consumers depend on recommendations from social media influencers before making a purchase [1]. And nearly all consumers are more likely to purchase based on a recommendation from an influencer vs. a celebrity[2]. Enter: influencer marketing. This strategic method of marketing allows influencers the freedom to create posts consistent with their own personal brand but sponsored by one of the top brands.

What Sets Good Influencer Marketing Content Apart From Great Influencer Marketing Content

Anyone can create good content, but the most re-shared pieces of content are those of high-quality. That’s not to say that each photo or video must be shot with an expensive piece of equipment, but instead, the content should be of value to the follower. Influencers who speak directly to their audiences see the best results and find the most success. This could include blog posts with easy and fast recipes for an audience of busy parents, makeup tutorials for avid makeup followers, or an inspirational quote for those seeking purpose. Influencers must make sure to consider what their followers seek and how they can provide that to them through free, valuable content.


Content Creation for Influencers- Your Questions Answered:

As an influencer, you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of creating engaging content help grow your following. You wonder why types of content top brands look for when enlisting influencers for their campaigns. Our team answers these critical questions, and more.

How Do You Create Content as an Influencer?

Before you can consider working with top brands as an influencer, you must focus on building your own brand. Your brand is the image you put out into the world- your values, aesthetic, and voice. When creating content as an influencer, you must remain consistent within your established brand. If you are a cooking influencer who has built a brand around vegan recipes because you feel strongly about minimizing animal cruelty, your followers would likely be shocked if you create a post involving meat. That’s not to say that people cannot change their minds, but your target audience who has the same plant-based values as you may be taken aback by the brand inconsistency and lose trust.

Not only should content be consistent with your brand, but it should be posted consistently. Random Instagram posts, out of the blue, won’t build a strong audience on any social media platform. Posting infrequently and irregularly may result in followers forgetting about you. And those who don’t forget may not see your posts as a consequence of the algorithm. Many influencers find it helpful to determine a posting schedule- for example they publish an Instagram post three times weekly, one post of which is always “Motivation Monday” themed content to begin the week.

Consider whether your content provides value to your followers. Influencers who create content that resonates deeply with their target audience have the most dedicated fanbase out of all social media personalities. Make sure to create content that people will find valuable.

And finally, utilize the various modalities when you share your content. Be sure to create content with the reel feature, use the Instagram live option to promote real-time engagement, or share am infographic you designed. Change up your content to keep your audience interested and attract new followers.

How Do You Reach Out to Brands as an Influencer?

If you have a growing follower count, it makes sense that you might want to generate revenue from your influencer status. The first step in approaching a brand about influencer marketing is building a relationship with them. If you know very little about the company and have not had experience with the products or services, the brand may not want to work with you. And isn’t it that much easier to promote something that you already believe in? Be sure to familiarize yourself with the brands that you want to reach out to and consider the following steps:

Determine your target audience

You should know exactly who your followers are. This will help you align with companies who have similar audiences. You should acquire specific demographic information about the people that follow you. This includes age, location, interests, incomes, etc.

Collect your stats

You’ve put a lot of hard work into creating a large group of dedicated followers. Similar to heading into a job interview with a resume of experience, you should have a list of statistics readily available to present to prospective brands. This should include your following size for each platform, engagement rate, reach, and case studies from any other product campaign you have been a part of. Be sure to include any blog content marketing or email project you have participated in.

Do your research

Perform hashtag and keyword research to determine exactly which companies you want to work with. These should be businesses that align with your core values and offer a product or service that your audience would be interested in. Part of this investigative work should include determining whether the company works with influencers. Find out what type of influencers they collaborate with and what their campaigns look like. This can give you insight into whether you would like to partner with them or not.

Find examples of content

You should have at least one if not many examples of your most engaging pieces of content. These can be posts that you have created for your social media accounts. A top brand or influencer marketing agency will want to see that you can make unique, compelling content.

Get in touch

Finally, reach out to the brands that you would like to work with. Many businesses will have a marketing email address listed on their social media accounts or website. Contact them and be transparent regarding your goals- let them in on your impressive influencer statistics and portray your interest and experience with the brand. Be sure to make it known just how value you can bring to their influencer marketing strategy.


What Role Do Influencers Play in Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

Influencers are both the face and the creative minds behind every influencer marketing campaign. An influencer leverages the power of their following to increase brand awareness and promote direct response for a company. Typically, an influencer will create content surround the product or service that they have been recruited to promote. The content always aligns with the influencer’s overall brand and aesthetic. This freedom also provides the influencer’s audience with the leader’s engaging content that they already know and love. If the content were abrupt or inconsistent with the influencer’s usual posts, it could deter some followers as they might feel that the creator is “selling” them something. Influencer marketing is a gentle way to introduce followers to a brand without being aggressive.

How Much do Influencers Make Per Post?

When it comes to influencer marketing, influencers can generate a broad range of income. The amount of money an influencer can make for their unique posts varies based on a few important factors including following size, engagement rate, niche, campaign type, content type, and platform. Micro-influencers can bring in anywhere from $20 to $1,000 for a sponsored Instagram post whereas a mega-influencer with extensive reach could charge several thousand up to $1 million for a post.

What are the Different Tiers of Influencers?

Most influencer marketing agencies organize influencers in tiers based on audience size. The most common influencer tiers are the following:

  • Nano-influencers (1k-10k followers)
  • Micro-influencers (10k-50k followers)
  • Mid-tier influencers (50k-500k followers)
  • Macro-influencers (500k-1M followers)
  • Mega-influencers (1M+ followers)


How Do Brands Find Influencers?

Brands find influencers in the same way influencers find brands! Many top brands work with influencer marketing agencies who coordinate everything from finding the right influencer for each campaign to content quality control and post-campaign analytics. For this reason, having a good relationship with a marketing agency can benefit both influencer and business. If a brand doesn’t work with an agency, they can seek out influencers on their own. Most brands perform thorough research to find influencers on social platforms. Through keywords, hashtags, and trending content, they can determine which influencers may be the right fit for their brand.


Content Creation for Brands- Your Questions Answered:

If you are a brand wondering how to create content that is worth promoting to influencers, look no further. Our experienced marketing experts answer all your burning content questions right here:

How Do You Create a Successful Social Media Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Before you can execute a successful influencer marketing strategy, you must first define your goals for the campaign. Is your aim to drive traffic to your brand’s website? Promote brand awareness? Or perhaps build trust with a particular demographic of people? Get clear on what you hope your influencer marketing campaign will accomplish.

It’s then critical to select relevant influencers for the influencer campaigns. In order for the influencer marketing efforts to generate results, you must find an influencer who aligns with your brand. You should both have the same audience,

Do You Have to Create Content for the Influencer?

Depending on the specific campaign, some brands may create content for the influencer. Pre-designed content is occasionally provided to influencers with the intention of them posting said content on the designated social platform. Though this does occur, is it the least popular form of influencer marketing.

In general, influencers create their own content surrounding the brand or product theme. This allows content creators the freedom of designing content consistent with their own brand and is also more well-received by followers. An influencer marketing agency may provide content ideas for the influencer or tips for unique ways to incorporate the brand if needed.

How Do You Reach Out to Influencers as a Brand?

Influencer outreach is a relatively straightforward procedure. When brands find an influencer with whom they wish to work, they can contact the influencer directly. This is typically done via email (many influencers direct brands to a specific marketing email address on their social profiles).

Brands may also find influencers through top influencer marketing agencies. This is the most effective and successful method of contacting and securing an influencer for your campaign. All top brands use agencies to find the right personality for your audience.

How Does a Content Influencer Marketing Strategy Vary Based on the Platform?

Where you want influencers to share your content depends heavily on several factors. Brands must first consider their target demographic before choosing a platform or type of content. If your audience is primarily comprised of Gen Z, TikTok or Snapchat may be optimal choices for platform. Consider whether your audience is more drawn to giveaways or sponsored posts, videos or images (in general, increased engagement is seen with video content. Videos are also shared 12 times more than any other type of content[3]) before settling on a marketing strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy whereby valuable and relevant content is offered to an audience with the intention of building relationships. This strategy can boost online engagement and help promote brand awareness. Those followers are typically more likely purchase from a company they already know provides them with value. Influencers use content marketing quite frequently as part of their own marketing campaigns. Posts and shares on social accounts are seen as content marketing.

In order to elevate your content marketing strategy, it’s important to make sure that all content is high-quality and relevant to the audience.

How Do Brands Find the Right Influencers?

Finding the right influencers for your influencer marketing strategy can be a tremendous feat and require a great deal of time. But, without the right influencer, your campaign will not be successful. Similarly to influencers seeking brands, a brand must perform comprehensive research in order to find influencers. There are numerous platforms online that brands can use to find influencers. These are usually directories of people who identify as influencers and list their statistics as far as engagement, following size, etc. Though it is possible to find reliable influencers through these searches, many platforms do not perform full evaluations on influencers, therefore, it’s challenging to determine whether their statists are true or even if they are engaging in influencer fraud. Be sure to protect yourself and your brand by performing thorough assessments. These steps are standard protocol as part of working with an influencer marketing agency.


Create High-Quality Content Every Time with a Full-Service Influencer Marketing Agency

With the help of an experienced influencer marketing agency, you can elevate your content creation game. Agencies can leverage their reputations and relationships to guarantee quality content and successful influencer marketing campaigns. Reach out to HireInfluence today.



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