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Digital Marketing Agency of 2022

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Published Date: November 9, 2021 has an in-depth system that utilizes hours of research and constant monitoring of thousands of reviews in order to compile rankings of digital tools and services. By using unbiased, genuine user comments, has rankings and reviews that are more accurate and up-to-date.

As a small business, knows what other companies need to get started online. Focusing only on what small businesses need, such as web hosting, ecommerce tools, and site builders means that the reviews and ratings posted are painstakingly thorough and easy to navigate.

How were the marketing agencies chosen? has systematically evaluated more than 40 hours of research on hundreds of top-ranked digital marketing companies from across the internet. Comments and opinions from real customers were examined and the results were used to narrow hundreds of digital marketing agencies down to just 21 top companies, with a variety of specialties ranging from B2B marketing to freelancer networks.

What are the top Digital Marketing Agencies of 2022?

With only 21 digital marketing agencies chosen out of nearly 300 top companies, has ranked the best of the best.


On’s list, HireInfluence ranks number 1 out of all digital marketing agencies for 2022. HireInfluence was lauded for having a real-time, dynamic campaign analysis, and for providing full-service influencer marketing, including talent scouting and sourcing. While many other digital marketing companies are restricted to a list of house talent and resources, HireInfluence is able to hand select options that are best for each brand, promotion and campaign. With white glove campaign strategy and execution, HireInfluence is able to handle everything from scouting and negotiations to long term and ongoing projects.

HireInfluence continually wins awards for innovation, best-in-class analytics, and highly effective influencer content campaigns. Ongoing marketing strategies provide consistent, valuable brand representation and exposure. HireInfluence offers an all-inclusive package that keeps clients coming back again and again.

97th Floor

A full-service digital marketing agency, with an emphasis on creative marketing, copywriting, and SEO, 97th Floor has many satisfied customers. With a roster of high-profile clients, 97th Floor is known for not being afraid to experiment with new campaigns and content. 97th Floor has been bolstering their reputation in the last few years, and is an agency to watch in the future.

Avalaunch Media

Avalaunch Media promotes what they call their “8 pillars of digital marketing,” which are branding, content marketing, marketing automation, paid advertising, PR, social media, and SEO. Avalaunch Media is noted to be highly rated as an employer, with a consistent 5 star rating on Glassdoor, and has a long track record of 15 years in the business. Avalaunch specializes in omnichannel campaigns.

Coalition Technologies

One of the largest agencies on the list with an emphasis on eCommerce, Coalition Technologies tends to work with sizable corporate clients. They not only provide marketing services, but also dabble in web design and development, with a very high satisfaction rate. Coalition Technologies is a Shopify Plus agency as well as being a Certified Elite Partner with BigCommerce, making them an excellent choice for B2B companies.


A performance marketing agency, Directive works with a wide range of clients and provides an equally impressive selection of services. Directive can create paid per click (PPC) marketing, SEO and paid media. Directive specializes in health care and medical, as well as information technology, with offices in Austin, California, London and New York.


MarketerHire is a platform made up of freelancers, rather than a traditional agency. MarketerHire has a rigorous, multi-step screening process for freelancers, who are then given test projects to complete. Once freelancers are put on real projects, they are expected to maintain an outstanding track record, and check in with clients at least every other week to ensure their needs are being met.

Providing accountability to both businesses and freelancers, MarketerHire takes the guesswork out of hiring professional freelancers for startups and large companies.


Another large digital marketing agency is WebFX, with over 200 employees and a long list of clients. WebFX specializes in the more traditional side of online marketing, with a focus on SEO, pay per click (PPC), and social media marketing. WebFX is particularly good at lead generation and reputation management.

WiT Group

WiT Group has a unique “pay for performance” model, which means they are compensated with a predetermined percentage of revenue that is generated from the services they provide. WiT Group is able to offer services such as logo design, branding, copywriting, and even PR.

What Other Digital Marketing Agencies Were Chosen?

In addition to the digital marketing agencies listed above, the following companies were also chosen, based on their top-ranking abilities and campaigns.

  • 1111 Media Group
  • Bird Marketing
  • Brolik
  • Disruptive Advertising
  • Exceedion LLC
  • Fuel Online
  • Perfect Search Media
  • SEO Brand
  • Silverback Strategies
  • SmartSites
  • Thrive Internet Marketing Agency
  • WebMechanix