Names HireInfluence One of the
Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in 2022

Published By: NoGood
Published Date: December 23, 2021 is one of the most talked about marketing agencies of the year so far, representing some of the most recognizable brands as well as exciting startups. NoGood has compiled a list of the top 25 leading influencer marketing agencies in 2022, with themselves and HireInfluence leading the pack at number one and number two, respectively.

How were the influencer marketing agencies chosen?

The influencer marketing agencies were chosen based on their work in a variety of areas, including creativity, recruitment abilities, and campaign performance.

What influencer marketing agencies made the list?


NoGood creates campaigns that focus on authenticity, specializing in assisting startups of all sizes increase their revenue. NoGood has an impressive network of influencers, helping brands grow with influencer campaigns that resonate with communities. NoGood offers insightful analytics that help businesses understand what works and why.


With a reputation for representing some of the biggest global brands and most-noticed startups, HireInfluence provides full-service influencer marketing that is highly personalized and closely managed. With a full production studio, experience recruiting and negotiating with new talent, and best-in-class analytics, HireInfluence is one of the most sought-after influencer marketing agencies of 2022.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

Specializing in Gen Z and Millennial campaigns on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, The Influencer Marketing Factory creates global campaigns that speak to younger audiences.


Obviously has a huge database of over 400,000 influencers at their disposal, and offers full-service influencer marketing campaigns of any size.

Kairos Media

With a powerhouse team of industry leaders, Kairos Media is known for using their proprietary software, Kairos Insights, to produce award-winning results.


Offering both full-service marketing as well as support for businesses’ internal teams, Carusele uses a data-driven, real-time approach to deliver the best results possible.

Open Influence

Open Influence provides content that focuses on genuine interaction and authentic representation. Creating campaigns that touch consumers’ emotions makes the campaigns Open Influence delivers more memorable and effective.

IMA Agency

Formerly called Fashiolista Agency, IMA Agency has over a decade of experience with creating campaigns across the world. With an in-house production team, they are able to quikcly produce high-quality content.


Specializing in businesses with Gen Z audiences, Fanbytes uses their exclusive analytics platform to provide influencer marketing strategies and campaigns that brands can count on.

Influence Nation

With an in-house roster of more than 3,000 influencers, Influence Nation provides top-notch content and analytics.


NeoReach focuses on data-driven research and results, developing their own algorithms for creating their exclusive influencer database and calculating ROI. NeoReach specializes in working with larger companies that utilize both digital and more traditional print and broadcast advertising.


Leaders has over a decade of experience, and use what they describe as “the hippest people” to cultivate engagement with influencer marketing campaigns.


Women owned and operated, Socialfly has an impressive roster of social influencers to call on in order to boost your brand. Offering full-service social media marketing, they handle your campaigns from strategy to completion.


Audiencly leverages their network of influencers to create consistent content across platforms to get brands the attention they’re looking for.

August United

August United is a full-service influencer marketing agency that works diligently to create exposure for their clients.


Sugarfree has a team of experts that build multifaceted campaign strategies.

Social Studies

AdWeek named Social Studies the fastest-growing influencer agency due to their explosive growth, credited to their innovative methods and campaign strategies.

GoFish Digital

Going beyond influencer marketing, GoFish Digital offers search engine optimization and reputation management. GoFish Digital has represented businesses and brands of all sizes.

Sundae Collective

Sundae Collective uses performance marketing and media optimization to deliver results that brands and audiences both love.

Viral Nation

Award-winning Viral Nation delivers full-service influencer marketing services that get noticed.

Village Marketing

Made up of a team of industry leading women, Village Marketing is adept at connecting in-person and online campaigns to make a cohesive and powerful marketing strategy.


With over 10 years of experience in influencer marketing, and representing an impressive list of clients, Mediakix has shown impressive growth since their inception.

Billion Dollar Boy

A worldwide agency with over 50 employees and offices in London, New Orleans, and New York, Billion Dollar Boy creates diverse, inclusive campaigns that are unique and memorable.

Zorka Agency

Zorka.Mobi has created original campaigns that are fun, distinctive, and drive engagement.

The Motherhood

One of the first marketing agencies to take advantage of influencer marketing opportunities, The Motherhood creates powerful campaigns that audiences remember.