Listed HireInfluence as the Number
One Public Relations Agency/Startup (Houston)

Published By: Pr Expert
Published Date: October 20, 2021 compiled a list of the top 46 public relations agencies/startups for Houston businesses.

How were the top PR agencies and startups chosen? chose the best Houston based public relations companies and startups by selecting businesses that stood out in a variety of areas. While the size of the companies varied from large established brands to out-of-the-box startups, they all excelled in one of the following areas:

  • Exceptional growth
  • Exceptional growth strategy
  • Growth
  • Innovation
  • Innovative ideas
  • Innovative products87*
  • Innovative routes to markets
  • Management

What companies made the list of the top 46 public relations agencies and startups in Houston?’s list consists of a diverse line-up of businesses, but all of them provide phenomenal service.


A standout among even the industry’s top competitors, HireInfluence tops the list for good reason. Providing a wide range of solutions with personalized strategies and unsurpassed service, HireInfluence delivers consistent results.


RigNet specializes in communications services for oil and gas companies working in isolated locations both in North America and across the globe.

Harris CapRock Communications

Working hard to provide options such as live videos, internet, and corporate networking in some of the toughest environments, Harris CapRock Communications consistently provides superior service.


A full-service SAP consulting company, Utegration provides services to businesses in the utilities industry.

MMI Agency

MMI is a full-service agency specializing in advertising.

AMW Group

AMW Group provides exceptional service, including marketing and entertainment, and worldwide talent representation.

Integrate Agency

Integrate Agency has won many awards due to their first-class public relations solutions for businesses and brands. creates and supplies business accessories for companies, notably headsets.


An experienced team of technical and marketing professionals, LyntonWeb helps companies accomplish their online goals.


An online sales CRM, SalesNexus provides lead generation and email marketing.

Gulf Coast Community Services Association

The goal of the Gulf Coast Community Services Association is to engage partners and create strategic alliances.


Providing over 25 years of computer-based faxing services, InterFAX is a company you can rely on.


A PR firm focusing on content, 1888PressRelease has many satisfied clients.


Voxofon specializes in mobile apps and communication services.


PostalMethods has a unique API that allows you to add snail mail delivery to any application.

Harris County Public Library

Harris County Public Library (HCPL) uses innovative services to contribute to the surrounding communities.

Texan Bank

Texan Bank is a commercial bank that focuses on friendly, local service in the Houston area.

Houston-Galveston Area Council

H-GAC provides public services to the community by creating a voluntary network of local governments.


Pennebaker specializes in marketing and branding communications.

The Coalition For Barrier Free Living Inc

The Coalition For Barrier Free Living is an advocacy group that focuses on allowing people with disabilities to live independently.


Providing PR as well as marketing and many other services, Wefluens goes above and beyond.

Foster Marketing

Foster Marketing provides PR and trade show services, as well as many other offerings for businesses.

Rootcon Consulting

Rootcon Consulting is a company specializing in cabling and phone systems.

Wellington Group Marketing & PR

Wellington Group Marketing & PR offers digital marketing, PR and branding to their clients.

Strategic Public Affairs

Strategic Public Affairs specializes in more than just PR, with experience in government relations, lobbying, and more.

Patterson & Murphy Public Relations

Focusing on the restaurant and hospitality industries, Patterson & Murphy PR provides full-service PR solutions.

Zintel PR

Zintel PR provides full-service PR to businesses.


BrivicMedia is a marketing and public relations agency.

Kindle Interactive

Kindle Interactive specializes in branding and design services.


ESiteful is an agency that specializes in marketing and advertising as well as PR.


CauseConnect provides PR and marketing for non-profit organizations as well as philanthropists and the arts.

Elmore Public Relations

Elmore Public Relations provides PR services as well as marketing and media and community relations.

Headset Experts

Headset Experts distribute plantronics headsets and phones.

Outreach Strategists

Outreach Strategists offers PR, as well as research and media services.

Elite Corporate Solutions

Focusing on the needs of corporations, Elite Corporate Solutions offers PR and a variety of other services for their clients.

NRG Investments

NRG investments offers funding for small social network startups.


Transtelligent specializes in IT solutions.

11/11 Media

Going beyond PR, 11/11 Media offers online and social media marketing, content creation, and brand development.

Vesta REA & Associates

Providing full-service PR, Vesta REA & Associates specializes in businesses associated with infrastructure.


Founded in 2002, IMAGE202 ENTERTAINMENT is one of the most established businesses on the list.

Vision One Convergence Group

A system development company specializing in data cabling and telephone systems, Vision Once Convergence Group is run out of their Houston offices.

Agency Communications

Agency Communications made the list by providing digital marketing expertise as well as design services.


In addition to research and planning, Schey offers online marketing and PR services.


Writeralleyâ„¢ provides local classifieds specifically for writers.

Boone DeLeon

More than just a PR company, Boone DeLeon also provides stellar marketing and advertising services.


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