TDA Named HireInfluence #1
Content Marketing Agency

Published By: Top Digital Agency
Published Date: February 12, 2021

TDA has compiled a list of the top ten content marketing agencies of fall 2020 from around the world. It can be difficult to navigate the vast selection of content marketing agencies, but you can be confident selecting any of the high quality content agencies on this list.

How did TDA select the content marketing agencies?

TDA provides a transparent, neutral third party platform for digital service providers and business leaders, so that they can connect in order to accomplish their goals. Content marketing agencies from all over the globe were evaluated in order to select the top ten overall.

What are TDA’s top ten content marketing agencies?

With only ten content marketing agencies making the list from around the world, businesses can be confident that these companies provide the best service, and deliver the best results in the industry.


HireInfluence continually stands out as a full service content marketing agency. With industry leading, real-time analytics, and packages tailored to each client and campaign, HireInfluence is able to develop, build and manage creative strategies from the ground up. Experience with talent scouting and sourcing, as well as not being tied to in-house talent means businesses are unrestricted when it comes to finding the perfect influencer for each campaign.

Consistently winning awards for innovative and powerful influencer content campaigns, HireInfluence is turning heads in the industry. As the world is becoming increasingly integrated with online communities, the proven track record HireInfluence has will become even more valuable. HireInfluence is able to do online marketing as well as on-site promotion and events, which allows for the unique ability to handle nearly any type of campaign.

London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)

Native to London, LO:LA is a full service creative agency that puts an emphasis on producing “compelling creative made with love.” Providing a powerhouse team of professionals with decades of experience, LO:LA strives to integrate their corporate experience with the creativity of an independent agency.

Circa Now

A boutique agency, Circa Now employs a wide variety of creatives from all over the US, giving them a unique perspective and a highly personalized approach. With such a diverse staff, Circa Now is able to give each client a multifaceted view of any project.


An independent agency with a long list of awards, Relevance specializes in luxury brands and high-value goods, services and experiences. Targeting an ultra-high-net-worth audience can be difficult, but Relevance produces tangible results and has worked with exclusive brands and companies to develop meaningful campaigns. Based in Monoco and the UK, Relevance has a multilingual, international team and a track record that speaks for itself.

Social Gamma

Social Gamma is a London based digital marketing agency with an international team of creatives. Social Gamma is able to provide digital marketing, copywriting, and graphic design for their clients at an attractive price point.

Softuvo Solutions

Softuvo Solutions is an agency with a high level of expertise in IT and technology. In addition to digital marketing, Softuvo Solutions is able to help with website development, UX/UI design, bot development, app development, and much more.

AGOG Marketing

A digital marketing agency that offers highly personalized solutions, AGOG Marketing is a startup based in Albania. AGOG Marketing won the 2017 Start Up Albania award.

EloQ Communications

If you are located in the South-Eastern Asian region, EloQ Communications is a great choice. Based in Vietnam, EloQ has won awards and provides modern PR as well as digital marketing and marketing communication.

Creative Outhouse

Creative Outhouse is a small agency that packs a big punch. Founded over 20 years ago and specializing in challenger brands, Creative Outhouse has a senior staff that is able to help companies stand out, fast. With over 150 industry awards, you know you will be in good hands with this agency.

Appetite Creative

A multinational agency, Appetite Creative has offices in London, Madrid, and Dubai. Appetite Creative works with many B2B companies in order to deliver the creative advertising they are known for. If you need help with lead generation, a website overhaul or creating a digital advertising strategy, Appetite Creative has the skills required to do a fantastic job.

Content Marketing Agencies that Deliver Results

All of the content marketing agencies in TDA’s top ten list have a roster of happy clients, and provide consistent results. Creating engaging and effective content marketing can be a challenge, but with a content marketing agency that is experienced, creative and innovative, brands can stand out in the crowded digital marketplace.