Influencer Marketing for Events

Why Social Media Micro-Influencers are a Powerful Tool for Event Marketing

Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be reserved for online product promotional content—your business can use influencers for events. Whether that involves social media content discussing the upcoming events or the presence of the influencer at the actual meetup, you can find success with an influencer involved in your event campaign. Leverage the power of an influencer’s social media following to promote your next event.

How Brands Use Influencers for Event Marketing

There are a few incredibly effective techniques that successful marketing campaigns involve. Make sure to consider these strategies for your next event influencers:

Social Media Posts

As with traditional influencer marketing, influencer event marketing can involve content posts across all social channels. These posts are expertly curated by top influencers to engage followers and encourage them to attend events. They can be in photo form, via videos, or written details about the event. There are several successful ways to go about engaging content for social media. You may provide your influencer with pre-created content for them to post, or have them create posts themselves. Generally, recruiting an influencer to create their own sponsored content is the most effective route, but it does differ on a case-to-case basis. When an influencer designs their own content surrounding your brand’s event, they do so in their own unique style. This ensures that followers will engage with the content because it will be in a style that they expect from the influencers and already enjoy. Some influencers prefer to create their own content, as well, because it maintains their own brand aesthetic. Just note that custom created content will likely cost more than simply having the influencer post something that your brand created.

Influencers at the Event

One surefire way to entice your target audience to attend the event is to advertise that the influencer will be in attendance. Followers of the influencer involved in the marketing campaign will likely jump at the chance to meet the pseudo-celebrity that they have followed. As part of the marketing strategy, it can be helpful to have influencers mention that they will be at the conference. Depending on the comfort level of the influencer, it may even be possible to offer a meet-and-greet at the events. This could be involved in a giveaway or could be an extra charge to attendees. Another consideration is enlisting influencers as speakers at the event.

Behind the Scenes

After your target audience has been engaged by the influencer to attend your fabulous conference, the marketing does not stop. A successful technique for events is to enlist the influencer to not only attend the event but to create posts involving exclusive BTS content. A survey noted that 87% of people are inclined to watch video content containing behind-the-scenes footage[1]. This raw, unedited content can be incredibly inexpensive and fast to make. Influencers can go “live” on their social media accounts, post images to stories, or collect content for later posts. Fans love the real-time aspect of getting a glimpse of the event from the influencer’s viewpoint. Even if the followers do attend the event, BTS footage isn’t available to attendees, therefore, it is engaging content for followers. And those who didn’t elect to attend may decide to do so in the future to avoid FOMO.


Benefits of Using an Influencer for your Event

Why use a social media influencer for an event marketing campaign? There are numerous reasons behind the effectiveness of this marketing strategy.

First, it’s important to define influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is the partnership of industry experts with a company to promote the brand’s products and/or services. Top brands have been using influencer marketing to elevate their brand for quite some time now, so it’s no wonder they’ve now turned to use influencers to promote events.

Why does influencer marketing work? Influencers are well-respected personalities with large followings of dedicated fans. These audiences feel as though they know the influencer, therefore, they become part of their lives. Just as a friend would take a recommendation from someone they trust, so do followers when their favorite influencers recommend brands. This deep connection and relationship is what makes influencers such vital components of event marketing. A figure can mention the benefits of a conference in a post and, in turn, draw their followers to the party. One critical thing to keep in mind is that the influencer’s audience and the target demographic of the event must align.

Enlisting a social media influencer for your event will result in:

  • Wider audience reach. By getting your event details in front of a new audience of thousands to millions of followers, you’ll be able to reach more potential attendees. In addition, this can help you grow your brand audience and brand awareness. One consideration to optimize this benefit of esports influencer marketing is to ensure that the influencer’s audience and the target demographic of the event align—if you are targeting followers who would have no interest in your event, the marketing campaign will be a waste of time and resources for everyone.
  • Brand trust. Followers trust their favorite influencers—if an influencer trusts your brand, their audience will follow. Trust is a huge advantage to using influencers for an event marketing campaign. Whereas a potential event goer may be reluctant to attend an event (online, in-person, or otherwise, considering Covid-19 restrictions) if they have not heard much about the meetup, they could feel more comfortable purchasing tickets if they know their favorite influencer endorses the event.
  • Lead attraction. Having an influencer to promote your conference event can help your brand generate quality leads. The campaign may involve a giveaway during which the influencer or brand can acquire email addresses or other pertinent audience information. Even if they don’t purchase tickets to the event or attend, they could potentially be interested in the brand in the future. These potential leads may convert down the line, allowing the event marketing campaign the ability to attract quality leads.
  • Insight into the target audience. By utilizing an influencer for your event marketing campaign, you can gain valuable insight into your audience. Those who follow the influencer and show interest in your brand may not be the audience you are currently targeting, but acquiring these powerful metrics and demographics can allow you and your marketing team to further modify your target demographic.
  • Direct response. Ultimately, the main goal of any marketing campaign is to encourage the audience to take action. Whether your desired action from the event marketing strategy is the event’s attendance or purchase of an admission ticket, using an influencer for the campaign can help promote a direct response.


Social Media Platforms to Find Influencers

Where do influencers gain their thousands and millions of followers? Here are a few of the most popular digital platforms to discover personalities to promote your event:


YouTube is a video-based social platform that was launched in 2005. The network currently sits at 2.3 billion global users, though it continues to grow each day. What YouTube users and influencers alike love about the video platform is the ability to post lengthier videos as compared to other social media networks. The website hosts a number of different genres including videos on topics like gameplay, cooking, beauty, tutorials, fashion, fitness, and countless others.


The notorious TikTok social media app is a video-focused platform used by 689 million users monthly[2]. Users of the popular app can create, watch, and share videos up to 60 seconds long. TikTok offers engaging transitions and special effects that even the least tech-savvy TikTokers can maneuver. Those who have a more advanced understanding of video production have been known to create viral videos—take Zach King for example. His Harry Potter illusion video on TikTok has been watched over 2 billion times on the platform. Although a viral video isn’t necessary to promote your event when it comes to influencer event marketing, the effects and engaging trends can contribute to visibility on the platform.


Instagram began as a photo-only social network which enabled users to share aesthetic photos with other Instagrammers. As the platform developed, additional features became available allowing users to create reels, post videos, stories, guides, and even go live on the app. Influencers on Instagram use hashtags to gain visibility and promote engagement, particularly beneficial during an influencer marketing campaign.

Tiers of Influencers

You’ve likely heard that following size contributes not only to the reach of an influencer, but can affect the cost of enlisting a particular individual for digital marketing campaigns. Take a look at which tier houses the right influencers for your next event.

Mega-Influencers or Celebrities (1M+ followers)

Social influencers known as mega-influencers are those with huge following numbers– they typically have well over 1 million followers on each platform. Many of the people who content marketing agencies list as this tier happen to be celebrities in any industry. Athletes (like Cristiano Ronaldo who is the most-followed person on the entire Instagram platform), actors, musicians, dancers, among other celebrities, have massive audiences on social networks. This tier of influencer has not only a wide reach, but also possesses a diverse audience– many megas/pseudo-celebrities have numerous different people following them from all over the world. Mega-influencers can be expensive to enlist for an influencer campaign.

Mid-Tier Influencers (50k to 1 M followers)

Those who have over 50,000 followers up to 1 million are classified as mid-tier influencers. These personalities still have very large followings and can make a significant impact as part of your influencer marketing campaign. Many mid-tiers have various brands seeking partnerships with them thanks to their large audiences. If you’re looking for a high level of engagement and extended reach, someone in the mid-tier could be incredibly effective for your event.

Micro Influencers (10k to 50k followers)

Micro influencers are a very popular choice for an influencer campaign. The people in this tier have strong connections with their followers as a result of mutual trust. This quality enables micro influencers to promote engagement and direct response from audiences. Whether you elect to have a micro influencer promote your event on their online platforms or have them attend the event in person, a micro-influencer can strongly impact any marketing campaign. Mico personalities are generally not very expensive to recruit for a campaign– you may spend $20-$1,000 for a social media post. Prices go up for appearances and speakers.

Nano-Influencers (1k to 10k followers)

Finally, the nano-influencer tier encompasses all personalities with 1,000 to 10,000 followers. These individuals typically have high levels of engagement and personal connections with many, if not all, followers. They may collaborate with brands for little to no cost as they continue to build their followers.

Considerations When Developing an Influencer Marketing Strategy

There are a few factors to take into consideration when developing and launching a digital marketing strategy for your event. Make sure to keep these elements in mind:

Determine Your Target Audience

Although you may have an ideal client avatar for your brand, your event’s target audience may differ slightly. Make sure to get clear on exactly who the target demographic is for your event. This is the very first step before you move into the influencer marketing process. You can determine exactly who the ideal demographic is by looking at your competitor’s events. These should be events similar to the one you intend to put on. Also, poll your current ideal clients and invite them to give you insight into whether they would be interested in this event. There is a significant amount of work and research required in this first step.

Select a Platform

Consider which platform you will use for your even influencer marketing. This will depend heavily on your target audience. There are top people on every network, from TikTok to Instagram, YouTube to Twitter. Find out which of the popular apps your audience spends the most time and choose an authentic influencer from this platform. You should choose your platform of choice prior to finding an influencer.

Decide on an Influencer

After you are very clear on your target demographic, you should find a figure to promote your event. There are endless influencers to choose from, therefore, this can be a challenging decision. The best influencer marketing agency can assist in this and every step of your influencer marketing campaign. It’s important to evaluate potential influencer’s target audiences. Be sure that their audience aligns with your target demographic for the event. The right influencer for your events will also have a large following of people and high engagement rate.

In addition, review influencers for fraud. Although most are authentic and trustworthy, some do partake in fraudulent strategies. They could purchase followers or engage in other dishonest activities. It is just important to protect your brand—your finances and credibility.


Find the Right Influencers for Your Event Marketing Strategy

When creating an influencer marketing strategy for your iconic event, you want the best marketers in the marketing industry with relevant experience. HireInfluence is the expert in influencer marketing and has helped businesses all over the world build successful marketing campaigns. Reach out to our marketers to begin promoting your event with influencers today.