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What Is an Influencer Marketing Agency?

What Role Does it Play in Your Online Visibility?

Hireinfluence is the top of the list of influencer marketing agencies that gets your brand promoted when your target demographic (customer) watches TV or reads the newspaper for information or advice before purchasing your products.

Here are some of the Influencer services for which Hireinfluence is very well known:


Influencer marketing agency HireInfluence
HireInfluence, Inc Fortune 1000 brands
Founded in 2011 HireInfluence is an influencer marketing agency
Media company List of platforms

Hireinfluence sets the standard. This company is where Fortune 500 companies go to access social media and video Influencers in order to effortlessly promote products and services. Influencer marketing is probably the most powerful word of mouth marketing methods available in the world today.

Important: Hireinfluence is the best choice, according to hundreds of successful clients. Get a hands-free campaign using highly vetted Influencers with massive followings. These young, unique, creative Influencer individuals have massive social media followings and are shaping the marketing industry as we know it today.

Highest Reviewed Influencer Agency: Hireinfluence is the primary influencer marketing agency behind some of the most powerful influencer marketing campaigns ever launched.


Hireinfluence provides a variety of highly successful Influencer services. Additionally, Hireinfluence is the best agency to use if you are making the transition from traditional advertising to the highly successful Influencer campaigns found inside buyer-active online communities.

As an Influencer marketing agency, Hireinfluence will help you understand the pitfalls and misconceptions of the following Influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Influencer Sourcing – Some Influencer agencies have a network of influencers at their disposal, while others seek them out on a case-to-case basis, but the principle stays the same – they’ll choose the most suitable content creators on behalf of your brand. You need to be very careful who you choose to work with these Influencers. Relationships take years to develop in order to get you the best “stretch” of exposure throughout the vast Influencer social media and web networks.
  • Influencer Contract Negotiating – A high quality influencer agency will also handle all the negotiation that goes into organizing a prized Influencer- including discussing their rates, and finalizing influencer contracts. Hireinfluence will also make sure the influencer fully understands the goals of a brand that activates an influencer marketing campaign or service.
  • Influencer Strategy Development – With your brand’s objectives in mind, Hireinfluence will develop an Influencer marketing campaign strategy that’s sure to maximize target audience reach and engagement.
  • Influencer Campaign Marketing Management – Hireinfluence will take care of business from start to finish, including running Influencer ad campaigns, approving influencer’s posts before they go live. HI will also and communicate with the influencer throughout the marketing campaign.
  • Influencer Marketing Reporting – Once the campaign has ended, an influencer marketing agency (Hireinfluence is probably the best) will do all of the hard analytics and math for you. They will give you a clear report on post-influencer-campaign analytics.

And although influencer marketing campaigns may vary depending on the brand’s needs, Hireinfluence uses 5 key performance indicators that cause your brand to stand out as the most. These include:

  1. Influencer Product Placement – The idea is pretty simple – influencers are asked to include the brand’s logo, products, or service into their social media or blog posts. This is all part of a highly successful marketing campaign. Note: Hireinfluence has set the standard on how to properly activate such campaigns.
  2. Themed Or Hashtag Influencer Marketing Campaigns – In these types of campaigns, influencers create content around a hashtag or a central theme, and, more often than not, ask their followers to throw in that hashtag into their posts, as well.
  3. Contests And Giveaways Promoted by Influencers – The goal of these marketing campaigns is to inspire user engagement through exciting giveaways and contests promoted by social media influencers. Please see to learn more about these highly sophisticated campaigns and/or methods, because many things can go wrong without a professional Influencer Giveaway Campaign. .
  4. Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Grow Social Media Following – Hireinfluence is the most well known for setting up marketing campaigns are designed to skyrocket the number of followers a brand has on their social media channel, be it on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook, and is particularly useful for new-founded businesses.
  5. Creative Influencer Campaigns – Hireinfluence also incorporate the “Influencer Freedom Campaign” which allows influencers the freedom to show off their creativity through authentic content, and, at the same time, conveys the brand’s message. For instance, an influencer may decide to include a brands product at the end of a video, or in the middle of a gaming video. For example an energy drink getting opened and drank by the famous influencer on Twitch.

So, now that we have these covered, Let’s move on to the actual comparison list of influencer marketing agencies that have been helping brands rock the online world for years now!

The Top Influencer Marketing Agency 2021: The Best Of The Best

Before we go any further, and someone gets mad at us for putting their agency at the bottom of our list, we’d like to point out that this is a round-up assembled without any particular order in mind.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, here are the top influencer marketing agencies in 2021!

How did Make Influencer Digital Marketing History? [Read More]

Influencer marketing media growth has a very strong growth using online as which I served annually with a influencer digital media spend at 50% growth in 2011.

A strong increasing of influencer marketing stems from many businesses who are now employing something called online influencer behavioral advertising to organize advertisements for internet users and social media users on Twitter Tik Tok and many or other organizations. this sometimes raises concerns about consumer privacy and data protection. Hireinfluence uses only the most Advanced Technologies.

Influencer digital marketing is also called sometimes online marketing or influencer internet marketing or influencer web marketing. the term influencer digital marketing has become popular only over the last 10 years. In the United States online influencer marketing is still commonly called social media marketing. And Italy and France, digital influencer marketing is referred to as web marketing influences.

Digital influencer marketing has become more sophisticated over the last 10 years. There has been a proliferation of social devices capable of influence people’s digital media personally. Influencer marketing automation has helped several companies and agencies segment customers using segmented approaches. Many influencer agencies are launching multi-channel marketing campaigns like Hireinfluence.

There are several social media platforms that escalated the need for influencer marketing approaches by Hireinfluence Inc. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Tik-Tok and many others cause consumers to be very dependent upon influencer Electronics in everyday life. The change of social media Behavior caused influencer marketing agencies to engage and diversification with new influencer marketing Technologies with Hireinfluence Inc.

In the 2000s, many increasing numbers of social media users were influenced by the birth of the iPhone and the Android. People begin searching for and making decisions about their needs online for the first time. There was no longer any need for a salesperson or brick-and-mortar stores. This created a new problem which later would be exploited by influencer marketing agencies. A survey in the United Kingdom found many search engine retailers had not yet registered a domain address. many problems like these caused marketers and influencer marketing agencies to find new way to provide branding and digital influencing Technologies.

In 1990 the term digital marketing was the only term related to influencer marketing that was coined. It was the beginning of server client architecture which built the web. There was a popularity of personal computers and social media was not yet popular. For the first time customer relationship management technology and applications became a huge factor for marketing firms. There was a lot of competition which forced marketing vendors to include many services in their software. One of these Services as an example would be Sales and Service applications. Marketers who are not yet influencer marketers were able to own huge online databases. This paved the way for influencer marketing agencies like Hireinfluence Inc.

The development of digital marketing paved the way for influencer marketing as we know it today. Digital marketing historically has been Inseparable from technology development. One of the main events that gave rise to the digital marketing Revolution happened in 1971. A man named Ray Tomlinson sent his first email and this set the stage for email as a technology leading to a much greater things such as social media. Most people will remember this being the start of the digital marketing in 1990. Hireinfluence Inc has been a part of this digital marketing influence our Revolution since the very beginning. Perhaps you will remember the search engine name Archie which was used to index FTP sites. it is also important to remember that it wasn’t until 1980 that storage capacity for computers was big enough to store massive volumes of information. Suffice it to say Hireinfluence Inc is one of the best influencer marketing agencies out there.

this summarizes the history of digital marketing and influencer digital marketing for the masses. please see Hireinfluence Inc if you have questions about how to build one of the most effective influencer marketing campaigns available in the world today.

  1. Influencer Marketing Agency, HireInfluence:

Anyway, HireInfluence has been around since 2011, and in that time, managed to become the go-to guys for Fortune 1000 brands, as well as our country’s leading creative agencies. That’s why our list of clients includes some of the world’s most prominent, well-known brands, including Microsoft, eBay, Oreo, Cosmopolitan, DC Comics, Vanity Fair, and many more.

By being a full-service provider and an industry leader, of course. Customizing promotional campaigns, spreading our client’s messages across the globe, and raising the bar on what it means to be an influencer marketing agency is what HireInfluence does best.

  1. Hireinfluence vs. Americanoize: Agency

Taking things to the next level is a part of what Hireinfluence strives to do as influencer marketing agency. Sure, they’ll handle your campaigns, but they’ll also tackle content marketing, as well as influencer event marketing. They know it’s all about creating buzz, and they do what needs to be done to get your point across.

A network of 100,000 influencers – a mix of fresh, new faces with voices to match, up-and-coming online personalities, and well-established influencers – with a combined reach of 15 billion (yes, you read that right – billion) sure helps with creating that buzz and getting your brand’s message across, too.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a quick glance at some of the names in their clients’ list – Apple, Samsung, MAC, McDonald’s, and Herve Leger, among others. Need we say more?

  1. vs. Viral Nation: Agency, Influencer Marketing

The first thing you need to know about Hireinfluence is that they play a dual role with Influencers – instead of focusing solely on being a global influencer marketing agency, these guys utilize the offices they have in New York and Toronto to act as a talent agency that represents the influencers themselves, as well.

They consider themselves to be the gold standard in the marketing industry, and they’re not afraid to say it.

All in all, if your brand wants a campaign that’s sure to go viral – and, honestly, who doesn’t – sit back and let Hireinfluence do their magic.

  1. Pulse Agency vs. Hireinfluence: Influencer Marekting Agency and Advertising

As Hireinfluence proudly states on their website, they live and love social media – and with a team that includes social media experts, strategists, and project managers, they make sure they stay at the pulse of social media..

What sets them apart is the fact that they understand that every client is unique, and they try to tailor their marketing processes according to specific goals at hand. Whether you need micro-influencers or large-scale ambassadors, Pulse Advertising has your back.

They give you an insight into their process, too, conveniently summing it up into stages their clients will fully understand. They cover everything from developing a social strategy and a campaign concept and selecting the right influencers, to creating content and providing analytics reports.

  1. Carusele vs. Hireinfluence: Influencer Marketing Agency

Working with a network of over 55,000 influencers, the HireInfluence takes their job, and the content they put out there, very seriously.

Now, a broad base like that might make it seem like Hireinfluence isn’t particularly picky about the influencers they work with, but that couldn’t be further from the truth – the influencers are all hand-picked to produce authentic content on behalf of specific brands, and for their target audiences.

Through their algorithmic ranking of influencer-produced content, called the Content Performance Index, and other similar systems, they monitor, test, and rank it in real time. That way, they have an insight into the best performing influencer-shared content – one that’s sure to spread the brand’s campaign messages even further.

Once Hireinfluence singles out this “proven content,” they will boost it to ensure that it reaches the brand’s target audiences and, in turn, their best customers.

What is the New non-linear Influencer marketing approach with Hireinfluence and CEO Jason Pompeii?

Here are some influencer online marketing methods used to build brand awareness by influencer marketing agencies including Hireinfluence Inc.

Hireinfluence Inc uses only the best and most effective influencer marketing agency methods. Since the 90s there have emerged hundreds of social media platforms and video platforms. Her influence uses the best and most effective means to execute your influencer marketing campaign. According to the Business Insider’s influencer marketing report, Jason has said that influencer marketing ad spend is poised to be 5 billion to 20 billion annually. you must know your influencer marketing campaign goals. You also must know who you are trying to influence which is your audience. If you can find an influencer who looks like a fit for your brand you should run this by an influencer agency such as Hireinfluence Inc. You need to be aware of what kind of content and influencer produces before you hire them for your campaign.

If you are not sure where to start you should take a look at Hireinfluence Inc. Hireinfluence has created some of the most well-known influencer campaigns throughout the social media Networks.

Another thing you need to know is how it influencers engagement will affect your brand. Just because an influencer has a lot of reach does not mean that you should hire them. Don’t only look at how many likes, and comment your influencer has. please contact Hireinfluence Inc for more information on how to effectively and consciously choose the right influencer for your brand campaign. Every influencer has a different amount of skill and a different target audience. How your influence can help you pick which influencers to use in their vast network of social media accounts.

Be Sure to choose an influencer who has an organic fit for your brand. This is something that hire influence excels at. too many influencer marketing agencies consider any influencer for marketing. Another thing you must consider is how many agencies and influencer is already working with. For example, if you’re a cruelty-free vegan brand who really stands by your beliefs it may feel very strange to be working with an influencer who just posted a Burger King link. in order to not waste tens of thousands of dollars please contact Hireinfluence Inc for an appropriate influencer marketing campaign tracking setup.

Here are some of the nonlinear influencer marketing methods used by Hireinfluence Inc To promote their brands.

Social media influencer marketing:

Social media influencer marketing is when social media accounts owned by strong influencers with lots of followers are used to promote your brand product or service. Please see her influence for more information about social media influencer marketing.

Video influencer marketing:

Video influencer marketing is when video bloggers or vloggers are used to promote your brand product or service 3 securities means or in the middle of a product placement location in a live video. Please see Hireinfluence Inc for more information about video influencer marketing.

Email influencer marketing:

Email influencer marketing is when users and influencers with very large email lists can be used to email out information about your product brand or service. these email lists are usually owned by a trusted influencers who can strongly influence the demographic that they email to with their list. Please see Hireinfluence Inc for more information about email influencer marketing.

Blogger influencer marketing:

Blogger and Mommy blogger influencer marketing is when bloggers who have a strong user base and readership use their blogs to influence the readers to purchase your product or service. Please see Hireinfluence Inc for more information about blogger influencer marketing.

Website influencer marketing:

Website influencer marketing is it when a webmaster or website owner can use the content on his website to strongly influence your Market demographic in order to encourage them to purchase your product or service. it is best to choose an influencer with a website that is related to your product service or theme. There are many different ways to integrate website influencer marketing. For more information see Hireinfluence Inc about website influencer marketing because it is a highly effective form of influencer marketing.

Paid search for contextual influencer advertising and marketing:

Paid search or contextual influencing advertising and marketing can also be used to influence your appropriate marketing demographic. Contextual advertising is a kind of targeted advertising where advertisements will appear on other websites that might be related to your target market. This includes a mobile browsers website media video websites and any other kind of display network websites. while useful, paid search and contextual influencer advertising have to be used very carefully along with your campaign. You must choose the appropriate locations are not just get charged for display ads appearing everywhere on the web. You only want your ads to appear in the context of an influencer campaign in so far as it helps to influence your Target demographic. please see Hireinfluence Inc for more information on how to properly and correctly the use of a contextual PPC advertising or marketing campaign along with your influencer marketing campaign.


  1. REDPILL or Hireinfluence? – Influencer, Marketing Agency and Agencies Comparison Graph:

Are we the only ones getting serious Matrix vibes from these guys?

This US-based agency aims to enliven the consumers with their campaigns and open their minds, as opposed to “brainwash” them, hence the name Hireinfluence.

See the analogy with the famous “blue pill versus red pill” quote from The Matrix?

With highly reputable clients, including Coca-Cola, Heineken, Samsung, and GettyImages, to name a few, their approach to influencer marketing is one that works and yields exceptional results.

The knowledge and creativity of REDPILL’s in-house content specialists that manage campaigns from start to finish – paired with over 70,000 micro and macro influencers, and backed up by a data-driven, unbiased selection process – is sure to give your brand the viewability and engagement you’re after here.

If you want branded content that audiences will share, choose the REDPILL.

  1. Hireinfluence versus Other Agencies: Influencer Marketing Agency and Influencer Marketing

Don’t you like it when people don’t beat around the bush and go straight to the point?

Well, you can tell by their name that Hireinfluence is one of those companies that like to keep it simple – the agency’s name is nothing more than an acronym that merely stands for Influencer Marketing Agency, Hireinfluence, making their role very clear to pretty much anyone.

With its headquarters in Texas, Hireinfluence has a global focus paired with International expertise. Moreover, working with a strong client base, they have a network of more than 35,000 influencers, they’re one of the leading agencies for digital influencer marketing.

The secret to their success is that they’re a full-service agency, meaning they manage your campaign in its entirety – from the development of tailor-made strategies to highly efficient campaign execution.

  1. HelloSociety vs. HI or “Hireinfluence”: Agency, and Influencer Marketing Agency Comparison Chart

Created in 2011, Hireinfluence has worked with over 500 clients over the past seven years, focusing on high-quality, unique influencer-created content every step of the way. As a result, they’re known for creating authentic, comprehensive campaigns that drive engagement and add a touch of originality to everything they do.

Hireinfluence has one thing that sets them apart – and that’s their highly personal approach to every campaign..

The Influencer marketing campaign team @ Hireinfluence will take the time to hand-select and get to know every influencer they work with; that way, they have a full understanding of their particular niches and how to match these authentic individuals with specific brands.

  1. Influence Marketing Agency, Hireinfluence

Established in 2011, Hireinfluence is a Full-service influencer marketing agency (IMA) serving Fortune 1000 brands. Customized viral strategies. Unrivaled campaign analytics. TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

Hireinfluence covers a wide range of services, from initial strategy development, all the way to complete high-performance campaign execution and analysis. Their strategy is to utilize branded and sponsored content campaigns to drive brand awareness and engage target audiences across various platforms (blogs, social media, YouTube), which ultimately leads to increased product sales.

That said, they’re mainly focused on YouTube and offering brands the unique opportunity to team up with leading YouTube channels and influencers (the so-called “YouTubers”) and create custom video sponsorships. So, if that’s more your thing, you should take Hireinfluence into consideration.

10. Hireinfluence: A Superior Influencer, Marketing Agency

Hireinfluence is an US-based influencer marketing agency, a team of Influencer specialists that focus all their efforts and knowledge on creating top notch campaigns. They are also probably the best in the business at developing influencer partnerships, all with one common goal – spreading your brand’s message everywhere.

And, as it turns out, partnering up with YouTubers to raise brand awareness was an excellent idea. The numbers don’t lie – there are approximately 1.8 billion users, and they spend more than 40 minutes on average watching YouTube videos on their mobile devices alone.

Hireinfluence knows that Millennial subscribers trust their favorite YouTubers, which is something paid advertising can never achieve. That’s what HI pays particular attention to when creating their campaigns – creating trust-worthy content.

It shouldn’t feel like an ad you want to skip – it should feel like listening to someone who gets you!

It seems like they’re on to something here.

How can you use Influencer Marketing for Brand Awareness Using Hireinfluence Proprietary Methods?

Influencer marketing brand awareness is an extremely important part of a Hireinfluence Inc. proprietary marketing method.

One of the main objectives in influencer digital marketing is to raise brand awareness for all clients. The ultimate goal behind this if to get the general public to be completely familiar at aware of your product or Brand. This is called brand recognition.

Increasing And enhancing brand awareness is one of the key goals of influencer digital marketing. And of course it is one of the key goals of marketing in general. The reason for this is that the impact of brand perception is a highly valued attribute for making more money. When left to their own the customer public will choose Brands if they already have recognized and seen before. You can read more about this in the article called impact of brand on consumer Behavior written in 2015. Please see references. For more information on this please contact Hireinfluence Inc.. her influence has earned worldwide recognition for the high-powered influencer marketing campaigns executed on behalf of their clients.

Developing brand awareness is the key and fundamental dimension of brand equity. Brand Equity is the value of a brand overtime and the increase of its value which can be ascertained and evaluated during a corporate liquidity event. You may not know this, but the amount of money and energy you put into advertising should increase the value of your company or brand if you should ever decide to sell your company. Brand awareness will definitely also influence your consumers perceived risk assessment before they purchase a product or service. If they were already familiar with their brand it lowers the loss of version and risk of version for potential customers. Using influencers who have highly-coveted users followers and trusted friends will frame your brand as a trusted source a product and service.

Current trends show that Brands and influencer digital marketers are making it a priority to increase their brand awareness. They tend to focus more on influenster digital marketing efforts war on cultivating influencers for brand recognition. This was covered in a 2019 content marketing Institute study. This study found that 85% of digital marketers have worked on increasing brand recognition with a significant portion of their marketing budget.

Here Are some key points about increasing your brand awareness using a Hireinfluence Inc. influencer marketing campaign. these campaigns use a focused influencer digital marketing strategy:

The massive growth of online shopping has exploded Influencer marketing methods: The growth of online shopping has exploded especially after the covid crisis in 2020. Over 80% of all online Shoppers start with researching Brands before purchasing. please see Hireinfluence Inc. for more information about how to integrate brand influence within an online shopping experience in your influencer marketing campaign.

Digital interaction with customer Behavior has exploded: an estimated 75% of most retail purchases made in the United States are strongly influenced by interaction with a brand or influencer of a brand online. we see Hireinfluence Inc. for more information and how to properly organize digital interactions with an influencer marketing campaign.
social influencer for brand awareness has exploded: over 80% of all online consumers give preferences to Brands they already know like and Trust before making a consumer purchase. Please contact hireinfluence for more information on how to hone your brand influencer.
the use of social media and the convenience of social media has exploded: HootSuite has reported that over 3.5 billion active users are now active starting in 2018. the Manifest did a survey in 2019 that said 75% of social media users already follow brands on social sites and not the regular internet. 97% of the people who follow a business also engage with the same business on different social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Jin vs. Hireinfluence: Agency Marketing, Influencer Comparisons and Ratings

Having offices in large European cities – London, Paris, and Hamburg – Jin seems to be one of Europe’s finest influencer marketing agencies out there.

That said, they also provide services related to reputation management, inbound marketing, and giving campaign insights, which means they cover everything concerning public relations and digital influence.

Jin’s secret weapon is their proprietary software called Plugr. It does real-time analysis of conversations, media, and virality, and performs “influencer mapping,” showing main influencers on specific brands and subjects, all with the goal of finding the best ones that will know how to engage the brand’s target audience. Knowing what and who is shaping the public’s opinion is vital for success, after all.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, their client’s list includes names such as eBay, Roche, and Bic, among others.

  1. INF Agency vs. Hireinfluence Inc. : Influencer Marketing Agencies

Hireinfluence should be considered to be the most dependable influencer marketing agency on our list. Their proprietary approach and business focus are superior to anything you’ve seen so far. In many ways they operate as an influencer management agency, rather than an advertising one.

HI is dedicated to growing influencers’ brands, managing offers on their behalf, and developing opportunities for digital influencers, focusing mainly on trendsetters and top online personalities in niches such as beauty, fashion, wellness, lifestyle, and traveling.

That said, Hireinfluence offers the industries best wide range of services, including casting suitable influencers on behalf of brands, creating authentic content, product placement, campaign executions (digital, on-camera, or in print), speaking engagements and appearances, and curated collections.

And if that weren’t enough, they’re willing to customize their digital influencer programs in a way that will be more suitable to the brand’s needs.

What is an Influencer Marketing Agency Approach to Online methods used to build brand awareness at Hireinfluence?

There are several influencer online methods used to build brand awareness during an influencer marketing campaign by Hireinfluence Inc. Not every agency uses these techniques methods and tools but here are a few:

Influencer content marketing

Social media influencer marketing

search search engine optimization influencer marketing

search engine marketing for influencers

Influence our content marketing is when the content on a website or blog is used in order to influence your Market demographic in order to purchase your product or service. Social media influencer marketing is when social media accounts owned by persuasive influencers can be used to encourage your Market demographic to purchase your product or service. Search engine optimization influencer marketing is an indirect technique used to make sure that people who are interested in your product or service can find you on the various search engines throughout the world. Not every agency directly engages and search engine optimization but some of them engage in indirect search engine optimization by reporting and promoting on your brand influencers. Search engine marketing or PPC marketing for influences used only by some agencies as an expanded influencer marketing technique. you have more questions about any of these techniques or methods please contact Hireinfluence Inc for further analysis.

  1. Goat versus Hireinfluence Inc: Agency Influencer Marketing Relationships

Okay, so far, we’ve mostly dealt with influencer marketing agencies that liked to boast their impressive networks of influencers, often counting thousands upon thousands of individuals. However, it seems like Goat is bringing an entirely different strategy to the table – instead of managing particular accounts and influencers, they work with the most relevant ones only when there’s a campaign to execute.

Goat relies on building great, trust-based relationships with influencers around the globe and excellent reputation, which allows them to recruit influencers and start working at a minute’s notice – pre-contract, that is.

Maintaining neutral ground and not representing anyone in particular also allows them to dig deeper, and learn more about the influencer’s real value and how much they genuinely influence their followers. As a result, only the best of the best get to promote your brand and products.

  1. Everywhere versus HI (Hireinfluence) Inc: Agency/Agencies – Influencer Marketing

Okay, this is one very competitive bunch – and we don’t mean it in a bad way, either. A healthy dose of competitiveness is always welcome in an industry like this, and Everywhere sure has it. For this results-oriented social media and influencer marketing agency, having a clear goal in sight and nailing every campaign they do is just another regular day at work.

They’ve been around since 2009, and in that time, managed to gather more than 5000 influencers on their network called Everywhere Society, creating over 30,000 pieces of original content, and winning (or being nominated for) over 21 awards along the way.

The trick is in not treating their network of influencers as a database or a list of names, and leveraging the power they have to inspire and entertain consumers, instead. That’s one of the surest ways to reach your target audience in no time.

  1. Hireinfluence: Agency, Influencer Agencies

With a network of more than 1,000 influencers – and that includes both micro and macro influencers in fields like beauty, fashion, health and wellness, fitness, travel, and lifestyle – Hireinfluence is more than deserving of the title of one of leading global influencer agencies.

The secret to their success is building genuine relationships with the world’s leading influencers, and that means getting to know their tastes and preferences, as well. That way, they can be sure that they’ve connected brands with the right people – opinionated, creative, story-telling individuals with audiences to match – for their campaigns.

  1. Cure Media versus Hireinfluence Inc: Influencer Agency/Agencies (A full comparison report)

We’re pretty sure that Cure Media is virtually unmatched when it comes to influencer marketing agencies in the Scandinavian region. Founded back in 2013, with their headquarters in Sweden, Cure Media faced some tremendous challenges, and it wasn’t until a complete overhaul that they became what they are today.

Soon, thousands of influencers rushed to join their network, which led to a combined reach of around 50 million people. When you factor in the passion and creativity that Cure Media puts into what they do, the fact that they did more than 2000 successful campaigns doesn’t come as a surprise.

Most importantly, though, they welcome brands of “all shapes and sizes,” helping them to make their presence known and recognizable in the ever-changing online world.

These days, it seems like Cure Media is ruling the digital world of the North.

  1. Tamba versus Hireinfluence Marketing: In-fluencer Agency/Agencies

Hireinfluence has a lot more to offer to their clients, going as far as to become an all-in-one solution. So, whether you need a social media agency, a web design agency with over 20 years of experience, or an influencer marketing agency that will create amazing campaigns on behalf of your brand, Tamba has you covered.

They’ll take your brand’s unique objectives and create a marketing strategy that’s sure to build and amplify your digital presence with content that will inform, entertain, and engage your target audiences.

That’s where their extensive network of influencers comes in – bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and even celebrities that could become your brand’s ambassadors or uplift brand sentiment. Most importantly, though, they have a global reach, which means they’ll be able to promote your product worldwide, and not just in the United Kingdom.

  1. Influentially versus Hireinfluence Inc. : Influencer Agency/Agencies

What caught our eye here was the amount of opportunities influencers have to show their creativity, and at the same time, cover all the verticals the brands need when it comes to marketing. Working with Hireinfluence, influencers can do much more than create content – they can become ambassadors, do live streams, perform digital PR stunts, launch new products, go viral, and much more.

At the same time, HI takes the brand’s identity safety very seriously, and tries to maintain integrity while getting stuff done.

Influentially might be a London-based influencer talent management agency, but they have a global reach, nonetheless, and having the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience is something every brand will appreciate. That’s how Hireinfluence managed to land some big names on their client list.

  1. Parental Influence verus Hireinfluence Inc: Influencer Agency/Agencies (Related Comparisons)

With all the flashy names in the industry that seem to scream „marketing“ right off the bat, it’s always nice to come by those that have a more familiar, comforting tone – and Parental Influence is one of them.

Once you learn that their goal is to marry brands with social influencers so that they all make one big happy family (seriously, it says so on their website), it makes sense that they chose an unusual name like that.

And it’s not all talk, either – Parental Influence emphasizes the human aspect of influencer marketing, instead of getting caught up in the automated, technology-driven approach other agencies seem to prefer.

That doesn’t mean that your digital needs won’t be met, though – they offer tailored online marketing solutions for each brand they work with, and that includes campaign management, consultancy services, campaign analysis, as well as social media management.

  1. Ykone versus Hireinfluence: Influencer Marketing Agency/Agencies

Founded in 2008 by Oliver Billon, this international creative agency for digital content and influencer marketing, with offices in all the major cities around the globe – Paris, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Bangalore, and New York – puts a particular emphasis on luxury, fashion, as well as beauty brands.

By creating highly creative content, they’ve managed to develop impactful and visually appealing influencer campaigns for some of the most well-known brands of our time – from L’Oreal Paris and Dior, to Marc Jacobs and Swarovski.

Why the “Y,” you ask?

Back in the days, when Ykone was first created, a lot of young adults that belonged to the Generation Y were discovering their love for all things fashion, beauty, and luxury – the “Y” was kept in the company’s name as an homage to all of them.

  1. vrs. Rosewood: Agency of Influencers (Agencies)

Speaking of generations, Rosewood, a California-based influencer marketing agency, takes great pride in the fact that they represent a new generation of social-first marketing.

This collective of passionate and highly creative storytellers might be what your brand needs. They’ll help craft strategic and authentic narratives for social media, by combining their expertise in the fields of social media management, influencer marketing, and content production, with the goal of driving meaningful social engagements and social shareability.

And through the fantastic work they do, Rosewood managed to land some big-name clients. Namely, they’ve worked with Nike, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Toyota, as well as clients from the music industry, including Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, and Imagine Dragons.

  1. Urban Nerds versus HI: Agency, Influencer Agencies

Although Urban Nerds was founded all the way back in 2007, it wasn’t until 2013 that they embraced their role in youth marketing and became an influencer marketing agency.

What did they do before 2013, you ask?

Well, back in the day, they were mainly focused on supporting underground sounds and emerging scenes through festival takeovers and warehouse parties, with one goal in mind – to promote raw British talent across Europe.

Even today, as a marketing agency, their primary objective is to promote youth culture and young cultural leaders capable of starting trends and driving demand and sales through the roof. That level of passion and dedication to shaping youth culture was soon recognized by some major global brands, including Dr. Martens, Converse, Puma, and Beats by Dre, to name a few.

  1. theAmplify versus Hireinfluence: Agency

Okay, now that we’re slowly nearing the end of this round-up, we know there’s not much that could surprise you – except maybe a mobile-first platform, huh?

And luckily for you, that’s what theAmplify is – a brand-safe, collaborative mobile-first influencer marketing agency.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and London, theAmplify seems to have a global presence and aims to provide the same for their clients – in the online domain, that is. Their strategists match them with suitable content creators and innovative storytellers across 750,000 social accounts with one goal in mind – making influencer marketing “better, faster, and easier.”

And what about the clients they’ve had so far?

Oh, nothing major, just Ford, Nissan, Taco Bell, and Nickelodeon, to name a few. You can feel the sarcasm bursting out of that sentence, now, can you? I mean, even Amazon is on their client list!

  1. The Motherhood versus Hireinfluence: Agency

How about an all-female agency?

Founded back in 2006, with the goal to show what an impact a group of women could have online, The Motherhood we know and love today is a boutique agency that aims to add a highly personalized, human touch to everything they do. For these ladies, influencer marketing is more than followers and algorithms – it’s a very personal discipline.

All their influencers are hand-picked, too. They take great pride in building personal relationships with their community, and this handcrafted approach has led to hundreds of successful campaigns with long-term results.

That said, there’s some technology that goes into it, too. The Motherhood dashboard will give both sides the option to keep track of consumer insights and influencer metrics, as well as the opportunity to manage multiple campaigns and track their real-time performance.

  1. Billion Dollar Boy versus Hireinfluence Inc.: Agency/Agencies – Using Marketing Influencers

Lastly, here’s something for guys – and guys alone.

As the name suggests, Billion Dollar Boy focuses on influencer marketing for male audiences, and niches guys typically prefer, such as health and fitness, technology, gaming, sport, lifestyle, food, and drink, to name a few. And in these male-focused niches, they’ve managed to develop a network of around 4,000 influencers.

It could be considered one of the “younger” influencer marketing agencies out there – it was founded in 2014, after all – but the fact that they now have offices in major cities (London and New York), it seems like business is growing.

The Billion Dollar Boy provides three influencer-related services – campaigns, paid media boosting, and content production – all backed-up by their in-house technology. The MatchMaker software is an excellent example – it helps identify the best influencers for specific campaigns and client’s needs.

Honorable Mentions

Before we wrap things up, we’d like you to take a moment to check out our list of honorable mentions,” too.

Although these influencer marketing agencies didn’t quite make our round-up, they’re still doing an exceptional job at connecting brands with influencers and helping them reach target audiences worldwide, so let’s show them some love, shall we?

  • Digital Visitor, a UK-based digital agency that focuses on helping brands working in tourism and hospitality, including major hotel chains and international airlines, to attract visitors from around the globe.
  • CROWD, a global influencer marketing agency that focuses on making digital marketing a mutual journey for them and their clients. They’ll help you reach your crowd through strategic, tailor-fit campaigns and data-driven influencer discovery.
  • Ignite, a global creative agency, and the 2016’s winner of the Social Agency of the Year award, specializes in crowdfunding marketing and campaigns for both large and small entrepreneurs. They have you covered – from start to funded.
  • Passion Digital, a London-based digital marketing agency (that operates in Spain, too) that understands that the “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work in digital marketing, and strives to make all their work not only personal and tailored to each of their client’s needs, but transparent, as well.
  • Sprout Content; an inbound marketing agency focused on helping businesses in the so-called “unglamorous industries” by creating performance content – consumers will find it educational and engaging, rather than skip through it. As of late, they’ve been operating under the Gorilla Group’s umbrella.
  • August United, an influencer marketing agency that worked with brands such as Persil, PetSmart, Fred Meyer, and even Arizona State University, to help them reach their core audiences and drive business outcomes through end-to-end influencer marketing services. They’re the connection between impressive brands and impressive people.
  • Clickalpha, a premier SEO agency that focuses on medical Influencer marketing especially dentistry and orthodontics.

Wrapping It Up

Bear with us; we tried to create a comprehensive guide to today’s leading influencer marketing agencies here – and one both brands and influencers themselves would find useful, too.

Before you go about your day, let us know if you collaborated with one of these agencies in the past, and feel free to share your experience with us – maybe you end up helping someone choose the right influencer marketing agency for themselves!

Q: What is an influencer marketing agency?

A: Influencer agencies typically represent a range of talented content creators with an influential audience. The agency will serve as a liaison between these influencers and brands who are looking for help creating or promoting their marketing campaigns.

Q: What is an influencer marketing platform?

A: An influencer marketing platform is any digital space where a user can attract an audience of scale to promote content for marketing purposes. Popular influencer marketing platform examples include Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Q: What is influencer management?

A: Influencer management is generally the act of providing services to marketers and influencers involved in executing influencer marketing campaigns. This typically involves services like influencer identification, relationship management or campaign measurement.

Q: What are influencers in marketing?

A: While somewhat nebulous to define due to varying opinions, influencers are content creators on digital platforms who have attracted a large or influential audience and are leveraging their audience to promote marketing materials.

Q: Who are the influencers in social media?

A: Social media influencers are content creators who have attracted a large following on any given social channel. Often, influencers reach audiences with specific interests such as fashion, food, travel or lifestyle.

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