Influencer Marketing Agency Case Studies

A decade ago, influencer marketing was limited to celebrities and some persistent bloggers. Now, it’s become an indispensable tool for marketers to reach target audiences on social media.

Influencers rose and saturated the market, leaving marketers with a new challenge – standing out in the noise. Campaigns are all over Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even some lesser-known platforms, so brands and marketers need to get creative to book the best influencers and develop campaigns that captivate their audiences.

Since 2011, HireInfluence has been successfully managing Fortune 500 promotional objectives and consistently raising the bar for full-service influencer marketing. As trusted brand partners, we tell brand stories at scale through creative campaigns for brands like Paw Patrol, MTV + TikTok, Diet Coke, Microsoft, Ulta Beauty, Nilla, New York Life, Peet’s Coffee, Payless, DC, and the NFL.

We drive high-impact results powered by years of integrated marketing experiences and strong relationships with some of the best influencers in a multitude of industries.

Curious about influencer marketing? Studying successful influencer marketing campaigns offers inspiration and guidance to creating a robust influencer marketing strategy. These influencer agency case studies were handpicked for their unique creative approach, exceptional performance, and valuable insights.

Learn exactly how these brands elevated their influencer marketing campaigns – with the help of a renowned influencer marketing agency – and how their creative decisions paid off in brand awareness, positive ROI, and massive social reach.

Discover the genius behind top-performing campaigns like:

  • #PAWatWalmart
  • #MTVMyStyle
  • #ColorsOfCarlsbad
  • #OREOShamROCKout
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