Payless Shoes sought HireInfluence to design and execute the influencer component of their massive 2017 Back to School campaign, #OwnYourStyle. The marketing campaign was designed to bring awareness to Payless’s new Fall offerings while promoting the message that audiences can rock style at affordable prices this back to school season. The campaign utilized influencers to style and promote the new fall line while developing high-quality user-generated content that was utilized throughout the client’s social media channels for the length of the campaign.


The campaign enlisted popular fashion and style influencers across the US with a specific focus on families with multiple children that produced content in children’s fashion for ages 6 – 17. Each influencer had previously produced content that styled clothing and accessories. Influencers feeds were validated to ensure that audiences were consumers that would be interested in the budget friendly brand.


Influencers were asked to produce content across five different platforms during their campaign experience: Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube. Stories, Snapchat and YouTube video were utilized to capture behind-the-scenes experiences of each influencer from visiting a local Payless Shoe Source, try-on and shoe selection. Influencers then produced high-quality Instagram feed photos showing-off the selected shoes for the en re family.

Instagram photos were syndicated across Facebook as well.

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