Prince Edward Island (PEI) Mussel Company produces 80% of the fresh mussels sold across North America. HireInfluence was contracted to originate and implement a creative influencer strategy for their “Amazing is Easy” marketing campaign. The agenda aimed to bring more awareness to the versatility, convenience and easy preparation of fresh mussels as a dish, and inspire audiences to cook mussels at home.


The talent pool consisted of sophisticated foodies that took pride in cooking from scratch- primarily from the East Coast market, with a targeted age demographic of 25 to 34 years old. To confirm alignment with the product, we ensured a consistent content history focused on fresh foods and valued nutrition, with above average skillsets in food staging and photography.

These specifics aligned well with consumers who frequent Pinterest and blogs in search of new cooking ideas and recipes to try. Therefore, high reach values in these channels were also a common factor in the influencers shortlisted for activation on.


We devised a challenge in which 12 influencers were tasked with creating an “easy” mussels dish that could be cooked in 45 minutes or less, and would inspire audiences to put #MusselsOnTheMenu at home. Each dish was to use a maximum of 8 ingredients, and take no longer than 45 minutes prep me to coordinate with the “Amazing is Easy” theme. The recipe was featured in a single blog post which was shared to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

A viral element was incorporated using an on-page widget to feature all 12 recipes in a voting contest, where the dish that received the most votes received a generous cash prize. Placing influencers head-to-head in such a competition proved to be a major contributor in the campaign’s overall success.

Audiences were encouraged to vote and share the recipes for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip for 2 to Prince Edward Island. The voting element of this campaign resulted in over 23,000 entries in the contest alone.

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