Pinterest Influencer Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About the Forgotten Social Media Marketing Platform

The Pinterest platform is more than just crafts—it can play a powerful role in influencer marketing. The ever-growing platform has over 300 million monthly users, and the content is often cross promoted on other platforms in influencer marketing campaigns.

While influencer marketing on Pinterest is relatively new compared to other marketing social media has to offer, it offers a large global audience that is engaged and may not be as active on other types of social media. It is fairly straightforward to add Pinterest to your influencer marketing strategy, and it can be used on its own, or in addition to other platforms, in a flexible, easy to use format.

Influencers enjoy Pinterest as well, especially if it’s in their niche. They probably are already familiar with the platform, but may not have thought to use it as part of an influencer marketing campaign. Once they begin to incorporate Pinterest into their influencer marketing, it can be addictive.

One of the fun parts of Pinterest is it takes a lot of pressure off of influencers to constantly create original content. It is possible to curate beautiful Pinterest boards just by saving other pins you enjoy, or by creating pins of existing content from other platforms. This makes starting a successful Pinterest account much easier, especially for people with a lot of visual content, like an Instagram influencer.

How the Pinterest Social Media Platform Works

Pinterest is a unique form of social media network which doesn’t necessarily follow the same marketing “rules” as other platforms. When you make a Pinterest account and make your first Pinterest board, you will take a look around and quickly notice that the way you share and create content is different than other social media online.

You save “pins,” which are photos with links, and a note pertaining to the content, to Pinterest boards, which are collections of similar content. Pinterest is a very visual platform, similar to Instagram, and with close to half a billion active monthly users, it is underutilized by brands and influencers.

The appeal of Pinterest is irresistible to certain niche interests and groups, and if you can create a successful influencer marketing campaign on Pinterest, you will notice an immediate impact with a much lower price tag when compared to other social media platforms.

Pinterest Marketing for Your Business- What You Need to Know:

What do Pinterest Users do on the Platform?

Pinterest users save “pins,” or interesting photos from a link, with a note about its contents, to Pinterest “boards,” which are collections of pins that pertain to a certain interest. Since Pinterest is so visual, the desire is to make the boards as appealing looking as possible, and there is a large crossover audience between Instagram and Pinterest. This means that an Instagram influencer may reference their Pinterest boards quite often, depending on what their niche is.

For many niches, Pinterest is even more important than Instagram. Areas like home décor and organizing, crafting, recipes, travel and photography and art all have dedicated audiences who spend a considerable amount of time browsing and using Pinterest.

It has only been in the past few years that brands have begun making more marketing efforts on Pinterest. Because of the differences between traditional digital marketing and the type of digital marketing strategy used on Pinterest, both businesses and influencers have sometimes struggled with how to be successful. While some Pinterest influencers were simply lucky enough to join the platform early, others became popular through hard work and carefully created pins and boards

What Demographics use Pinterest?

The majority of Pinterest users are college-educated and female, between 18 and 49 years old. Pinterest has a global presence, with about half of their users being outside of the United States. This equates to a lot of money and spending power that most companies are not taking advantage of.

Influencer marketing campaigns used in social media marketing are a powerful tool, especially when it comes to women. While it takes a different skillset to create a successful influencer marketing strategy on Pinterest than some other social media platforms, Pinterest influencer marketing is still extremely effective.

When it comes to social media marketing and influencer marketing Instagram and Facebook tend to be the platforms that an influencer campaign will get posted the most. These platforms can be used in a Pinterest social media marketing campaign as well, as influencer marketing often uses multiple channels in order to become successful.

Are You Utilizing a Business Page?

Many businesses don’t know that they can create their own Pinterest business page, which is great for creating brand awareness, showcasing a product or service, event marketing, and e commerce. This can be a powerful online tool on its own, with any brand able to pin their blog, tips and tricks about their industry, and get what is essentially free marketing.

This is also how you incorporate a social media influencer, getting them to post content and share your existing pins. Similarly, you can get an Instagram influencer you already partner with to post about your Pinterest business page. Every pin you create from your existing content amplifies the marketing power of each blog post, business related tips, webpage, and posts from other social media platforms.

Once you make pins of your existing content, being careful to get the best pictures for each one, organize them into cohesive Pinterest boards, adding in pins of content that is relevant to your industry. For instance, a health food brand may pin recipes that utilize their food, or a craft supply wholesaler may pin a DIY guide for a project that involves their products.

Brands should not shy away from creating a series of tips, particularly in their story, so that people who come back to the platform want to continue to go back to the brand in order to watch their content. An influencer campaign can be as simple as an influencer in the correct niche appearing in such a series, and cross posting it to their own accounts.

Pinterest is a Powerful Content Marketing Tool

Marketing social media platforms that digital marketing companies tend to pay attention to the most usually include Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube. The great thing about Pinterest being used in a marketing strategy is that you are able to include many more links on each board.

Each blog post you have can be turned into a more powerful marketing tool, just by turning it into a pin. You can post any kind of content you think is best, from tips, to a guide, to information about your business. All of your pins are tools that can be used in an influencer marketing campaign, simply by having an influencer share them.

Your Pinterest strategy can include an influencer who only works on Pinterest itself, or you can choose an Instagram, YouTube, or other type of influencer to cross promote your content and brand using Pinterest pins.

Story Pins Drive Traffic

Story pins are a great tool to add to your marketing plan, since they increase traffic and sales, and are a way for influencers to use Pinterest to add content brands are looking for that may not work in normal pins. A video guide, for example may be hard for brands to promote on other platforms, but works very well on a story.

You can use the history of your brand to make a compelling story, or showcase your customers or clients to keep people interested and build trust in your brand. Pinterest is also a platform that is easy to cross post to and from other social media outlets.

Creating cohesive but different stories on several platforms is a way any brand can easily shift their audience to pay attention to a particular social media page, and one of the tips that people often bring up is that brands should break up video with photo pins, but that is not always the case. Some brands have been very successful with videos that are put together in series.

Brands shouldn’t feel pressured to stick to the status quo if they have an idea that has marketing potential; at the end of the day, if brands know their target audience well, they should also know what would appeal to them on social media.

Can You Measure Marketing on Pinterest?

The social influence of Pinterest is undeniable. Pretty much all marketing strategies are measured in similar ways online, but with Pinterest it is easy to track links, followers, and interest, as people are able to re-pin your content on their own Pinterest boards.

How to Promote Story Pins

Influencer marketing Instagram and Pinterest strategies tend to be a dual effort of using both posts or pins, and stories, or story pins. By offering more than one type of content on the platforms they use, brands are able to get the best ROI from an influencer marketing on any type of social media.

Story pins should alternate between photos and video, similar to Instagram stories. You can connect your Pinterest story pins to other social media platforms, so it’s easy to cross promote an influencer marketing campaign on multiple platforms.

Pinterest Influencer Marketing Questions Answered

How Much Do Pinterest Influencers Make?

When it comes to influencer marketing platforms, Pinterest is not usually the first one that comes to mind. Influencer marketing and social media marketing has become mainstream in recent years, but the most marketing resources go to influencer marketing platforms that content marketing companies are more familiar with, such as Facebook and Instagram. However, with hundreds of millions of people who use Pinterest, Pinterest marketing can create brand awareness, and it is a platform that brands will continue to utilize more as Pinterest marketing becomes more mainstream.

The highest earning Pinterest influencers make a substantial amount of money, and can afford to pay for a staff of content creators to continually make pins of blog posts, the best viral content they can find, and are often companies that resemble news brands. In that way it’s slightly different from other types of influencers, who are usually a single person or group of people.

On the opposite end, the lowest earning Pinterest influencers may only share pins and create content in order to get free products and services. This is usually due to the users not having any presence outside of Pinterest, and perhaps a much smaller audience, or because there are not as many brands in their particular niche.

It is really up to the influencers to determine how much time they want to dedicate to curating Pinterest boards, typically on top of creating content and establishing themselves on other platforms. Any brand will be interested in working with influencers who have an invested audience in a niche that appeals to their target audience.

Influencers who don’t have to do much work and somehow pop up overnight are not common, and they usually disappear in a similar fashion. Longevity is difficult to come by, and the longer influencers are able to stay relevant after a long period of time are able to command a much higher price, since they have a history of performing well. If you have a similar history on a different platform, but haven’t put the time in to branch out to Pinterest, you may be able to find success with brands looking for influencers on Pinterest very quickly.

If you have the time and are willing to put in the work, all of the tips and tools are available for you to create a reputation on Pinterest as an influencer brands should be reaching out and offering work to. If you are starting from scratch, it may take a significant amount of time to command the attention of brands who may already be working with established influencers.

How Do You Become an Influencer on Pinterest?

If you want to be the next influencer who makes it big, Pinterest is a great way to get your content noticed, but it can be difficult to break into influencer marketing exclusively on Pinterest. It is often easier to become an Instagram influencer who also does social media marketing or influencer marketing on Pinterest. This is because it’s more difficult to get followers on Pinterest when compared to other social media platforms, like Instagram or Facebook.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t break onto the scene as a Pinterest influencer, but it does mean that it is not usually a straightforward route. If you already have a solid following on a social media platform like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Tiktok, you will have a much easier time getting people to pay attention to your Pinterest boards and story pins.

The easiest way for influencers to begin to make their way in the Pinterest platform is to cross post the content on their most popular platform both onto and from Pinterest. They should also create compelling content on Pinterest, similar to the way a business would. This means making boards that are visually appealing, and trying to stick to a certain niche, so that they stand out to their desired audience.

Marketing social media influencers or marketing content?

Marketing strategies are different on Pinterest and Instagram. While both of the platforms have very visually driven content, the Pinterest strategy is much more about the online content that the pins link to, while the Instagram influencer campaigns are more about the influencer themselves.

Successful influencer marketing campaigns are traditionally more about the how the influencers look, more than their content, but Pinterest turns that model on its head, with content taking the center stage and the influencer coming second.

However, this doesn’t mean that Instagram and Pinterest can’t be used together; in fact, as they are both visual platforms, they compliment each other well. You can cross-post stories, and story pins, as well as pin Instagram content, or post about your Pinterest boards on your Instagram page. An influencer is often active across many platforms, so it is typical to incorporate more than one social media outlet in influencer marketing campaigns.

How Many Followers Do You Need to be Classed as an Influencer?

The most successful Pinterest influencers have in excess of a million followers, and often have a marketing budget that allows them to hire employees, who continually create and post pins, blog posts, and curate content. This can be difficult and time consuming to compete with, especially if you don’t work in an industry that allows you to create content during the day.

While there is no set number of followers that you need to land an influencer marketing campaign, you will need to show that you have an audience of users who regularly look for your pins, and are willing to spend money on the small businesses and brands you suggest.

How to Launch Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns on Pinterest

The best way to launch successful influencer marketing campaigns on Pinterest is to first create your own social media presence on the platform so your brand will have enough content to pique the interest of users. The best way to do that is to create boards that are full of helpful content, tips, and blog posts, so that your content isn’t solely about your business, which can seem like an overt advertisement, and cause people to lose interest.

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for brands to use to increase the reach and impact of their influencer marketing campaign. Influencer marketing has overtaken social media since it is a much more effective way to reach a target audience.

You can cross-promote your Pinterest story pins as well as the content your brand posts on standard pins, so it’s easy to integrate influencer marketing with Pinterest across all social media platforms. Influencer marketing is fluid, as social media continues to constantly evolve. It is important for brands to use all the tools available to them, to make the most ou414t of their influencer marketing strategy.