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Use a Podcast Influencer for Your Next Social Media Marketing Campaign

Podcasts are an up-and-coming form of content, therefore, it’s no wonder the hosts of podcast shows influence listeners. In addition to leveraging the impact of social media influencers like those found on Instagram and TikTok, a podcast influencer can significantly optimize your influencer marketing strategy. Consider the many reasons you could enlist the help of a podcast influencer in your next campaign.


What is Podcast Influencer Marketing?

Any type of influencer marketing is the use of a social media influencer to promote a brand. These personalities create sponsored content and give shoutouts to brands to their audiences. In the case of podcast influencers, these partnerships are mentioned on the podcast itself. The podcaster may create an entire episode revolving around the brand or they may insert a short review or ad into their regular content. In return, podcasters are paid for the sponsored content. The benefits of using an influencer for social media campaigns are plentiful. Brands with the right podcast influencer see elevated brand awareness, a higher reach, increased visibility, greater direct response, and ultimately, more revenue. Top brands are using podcast influencers to promote their brand on podcasts as part of an influencer marketing campaign.


The Rise of Podcast Influencers

Today’s audiences are multi-tasker fiends. Whether listeners are busy professionals commuting to work or parents listening while completing childcare tasks, today’s consumers enjoy having audio on. Music can become tiresome; therefore, many people turn to audio podcasts. There are podcasts available that encompass nearly any topic you could imagine—true crime discussions, current events, spiritual guidance, cooking techniques, and much more. Individuals are sure to find a podcast on a topic of their interest and can take it with them wherever they go.

Like most influencers with an authority in any given subject, great podcast influencers tend to include details of their life within the context of their show. That might be the mention of their canine companion after listeners hear a bark, discussions around family, or upcoming weekend plans. After listening to podcast personalities for several episodes, listeners begin to feel as though they know the podcast influencer. Influencers typically engage with their fanbase through email or other social media platforms. This deep connection allows podcast fans the ability to trust the influencer and value their opinions. For this reason, podcast influencers can be an integral part of an influencer marketing strategy.


How Podcasting Can Elevate Influencer Marketing

One of the key qualities in a great influencer is the ability to be authentic. What better way to show your true voice than to use your actual voice? Podcasters around the world are often very transparent and authentic individuals. They portray their real personality throughout the content from episode to episode, which makes them ideal influencers for influencer marketing.

Podcasters are already natural-born or trained speakers, therefore that’s one less skill they need to learn before working with a brand.


Challenges Faced with Marketing Podcast Campaigns

One of the main challenges that podcast influencers have encountered is the ability to authentic and engaging content. The only form of content available on a podcast is audio, therefore influencers have to get very creative to keep listeners engaged. Many podcast influencers direct listeners toward their other social media platforms in order to share additional content. By instructing a podcast fan to follow them on Instagram or TikTok, the podcaster can share additional modalities of content. In addition, a podcast founder may record their episode with video on and upload it to Youtube.

The advantages of implementing multiple social media platforms is the ability to increase one’s reach. The disadvantage is that those who are committed to the podcast platform may miss out on other engaging content—they may not be willing to follow the influencer on another network and may feel out of the loop if the influencer mentions the posts in a podcast episode.

An additional challenge is the requirement by the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, to mention all sponsored content and ads. Though this is standard for all influencers and influencer marketing campaigns, the minute disclaimer within the caption of an Instagram post and the verbal mention of the sponsorship can feel very different.

Without the imaging or video component of a traditional marketing campaign, allowing followers to understand a product’s specifics can be challenging. A podcast influencer cannot simply show the camera a product, they must explain it vividly. However, this could be a benefit if listeners are curious enough to see what something looks like. They could follow the link simply to investigate even if they initially do not have an interest in pursuing action.

How to Become a Podcast Influencer

If you’re interested in trying your hand, or voice, at being a podcast influencer, there are a few things you should establish first. Follow this checklist before you launch your first podcast episode:

  • Establish a niche. Determine a niche, genre, theme, topic—whatever you want to call it—for your podcast. It doesn’t have to be incredibly specific, but you should get clear on exactly what you want to talk about. This should be something that you have a passion for and know a fair bit about. The best podcast influencers are experts in their areas. If you don’t know everything about a genre, that’s OK! You can learn as you go, but be sure to continue gaining knowledge so that you too can become an authoritative influencer.
  • Determine your level of privacy. Decide early on how much you want to reveal about yourself. Many podcast influencers maintain a high level of privacy but still talk about certain aspects of their lives. You could be incredibly open about everything or keep some things secret. Gauge how you feel about your privacy. Be careful to still remain authentic even if you do decide to keep things to yourself. You don’t want to say one thing then do another—followers can lose trust in you this way.
  • Get the right equipment. In order to provide high quality content to those who follow you, it’s important to have quality equipment. That doesn’t mean you have to run out and spend thousands of dollars on audio merchandise, instead, invest in an adequate mic (most are relatively inexpensive) and find a digital audio program that you like. Many are cheap or even free to use. You want to ensure that you give your listeners a distraction-free, high quality listening experience.
  • Be consistent. Sporadic, random podcast episodes won’t help you grow a large following. You should establish a podcast schedule and stick to it. If listeners know when to expect a new episode, they will be more likely to listen. Consistency is one of the best ways to promote engagement.
  • Promote engagement. Aside from releasing podcast episodes on a regular schedule, you should promote engagement with your following elsewhere. It can be challenging to get audio listeners to head to another social media platform, but that can be a great way to connect with your audience. Consider encouraging listeners to follow you on Instagram, on TikTok, Youtube, or Twitter. You may also ask them to send you messages via email. This can help you build a closer relationship with your following which will allow you to serve as an influencer. Great ways to promote this type of engagement is to offer giveaways on your other social networks. Have listeners like a post or follow your account, create a list of all names, then pull a random listener to win a prize. You can even encourage your audience to leave you comments then read them during your podcast—everyone loves hearing that their favorite influencer loves their messages.


Outcomes of Podcast Influencer Marketing

Whatever your industry type, an influencer marketing campaign can help optimize your existing marketing strategy. Depending on your business goals, you may aim to see one of the following positive outcomes from enlisting a podcast influencer:

  • Brand awareness. By enlisting the best podcast influencer to speak about your brand on their show, you instantly expand your visibility to a larger audience of people. With the right podcast influencer paired with your brand, these followers will understand the benefit your product or service can provide them with and will be more likely to purchase. Even if they don’t purchase at the time of the podcast, they will recognize your brand and take action in the future.
  • Increased online visibility. The call to action for most influencer marketing campaigns is to follow a webpage. Regardless of whether the podcast followers take action to purchase a product or subscribe to a newsletter, directing listeners to visit your website will promote your online visibility. Any additional content that the podcast influencers posts on other platforms will help elevate your visibility as well.
  • Lower cost. Podcast influencer marketing can come at a much lower cost than other forms of marketing. Enlisting a celebrity to serve as a spokesperson for your campaign can cost you a significant portion of your marketing budget. Using a podcast influencer can save you funds and have a greater positive impact on your marketing results.


Benefits of Working with an Influencer Marketing Agency

Whether you’re a business or podcast influencer yourself, working with an agency has numerous advantages. Our top influencer marketing specialist review some of the benefits:

  • Authentic influencers. Top agencies have years of experience vetting influencers. We ensure that no influencers are engaging in influencer fraud (purchasing fake followers). Every influencer undergoes numerous interviews to confirm they are, in fact, authentic. We run analytics to determine engagement rates, confirm following sizes, and establish detailed target audiences. Our goal is to align a business with a podcast influencer who have identical or very similar followers. This will help promote action and maintain trust within the influencer’s community.
  • High quality media content. Without a high quality podcast, an influencer will not contribute to a successful influencer marketing strategy. Our specialist completed diligent research on the podcaster and audio content quality. We examine other media platforms and email marketing for quality.
  • Creative content. Our experienced content creators can aid in multimedia content creation to elevate your campaign. One of the challenges associated with podcast marketing is the ability to create engaging content for the ears only. Should the influencer require help in creating content, our marketing specialists are available to assist. You can rest assured that your campaign will not only be successful, but also unique.
  • Marketing metrics. When working with an agency, analytics are a provided service. Agencies aim to provide transparency to all clients, therefore, all metrics are available to business at any time during the marketing campaign. We want you to feel confident in the results of working with a podcast influencer. Should launch a campaign on your own, you may not have access to the advanced tools that an influencer agency can provide for clients.


Recruit the Best Podcast Influencer for Your Campaign with the Top Marketing Agency

HireInfluence understands both the advantages and challenges of working with a podcast influencer. Our creative team is prepared to customize a results-driven influencer marketing campaign for your unique business. Whether you are looking to grow your business email list or generate additional revenue from direct response, we take your marketing goals into careful consideration. Tell us how we can use podcast marketing to improve your brand.