HiMirror was so pleased with the outcome of their previous influencer campaigns with HireInfluence, that they wanted to build off of that success. HireInfluence was tasked to create the HiMirror on-site event strategy to showcase the HiMirror product in an effective, hands-on way. NY based influencers were invited to a morning brunch where they were able to interact with the HiMirror product and learn its features while re-creating their morning routine. Creative elements were incorporated to keep influencers engaged during the demonstrations and first hand experience.










To bring HiMirror’s 2-hour event to life, HireInfluence created an interactive space for influencers to brunch, learn make-up tips, and use the HiMirror first hand. HireInfluence also enlisted a celeb makeup artist to conduct interactive demonstrations with the product and offer best practices and tips to the influencers. To maximize event exposure, the celeb make-up artist & top influencers shared engaging content to their social media platforms that showcased the HiMirror product, its features and their time at the event.




We partnered with NYC-based influencers, mostly from within the millennial demographic (age 25-35). Each had advanced knowledge of beauty, skincare and make-up application, and known as “early adopters” in the space. As a surprise element, HireInfluence contracted one local celebrity make-up artist to share tips and tutorials, as well as promote HiMirror to her followers.




At the event, the invited influencers were treated to brunch while testing out the HiMirror alongside a beauty representative. The celebrity make-up artist held a make-up tutorial + tip sessions keeping patrons and influencers engaged throughout the 2-hour event. Influencers each shared 2 live posts via Instagram Stories while capturing content that would be posted to their Instagram feed over a 3-day span. A professional photographer was hired by the HiMirror team for additional content that would be utilized by both the brand and influencers. All influencer posts were cross-pollinated across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. By creating a space where influencers were able to learn the features, value and benefits, HireInfluence was able to directly connect with top influencers in the beauty space and their dedicated audiences.