RFP Questionnaire & Requirements

HireInfluence takes pride in developing strategic and creative campaigns that help to meet brand needs and objectives. In order for us to issue a proposal, we will need the following information from your brand via an official project document or email.

The more detailed you can be, the better we can assist and align with your expectations, so please feel free to share any links or supporting documentation that will allow us to fully integrate with your brand.

    Contact Info

    Please provide us your preferred contact information

    About Brand/Product

    Our best creative campaigns are those that can really bring your brand missions and values to life. In order to explore creative, we will need you to provide as much information as possible on the brand, product, mission, industry and background information. Please include links to web and social media assets.


    What are you looking to achieve? Some common objectives include, brand awareness, audience engagement, event attendance, impressions, creative content for re-use, website traffic, etc.

    ROI Indicators

    What does a successful campaign look like for you? Examples include views, impressions, engagements for the promoted content (standard), audience attendance, CTR, audience re-targeting, driving down CPM on digital ads, etc.

    If you have experience with influencer marketing previously, it may help for you to share previous work and some comments on your perception of its success or failure.


    What influencers are you targeting and/or what audiences are you trying to reach? Nation-wide, international, certain geographies or areas?


    What are your primary thoughts on the channels you would like to see content produced on? We can also make this recommendation for you based on experience and your objectives.


    How are you looking to re-use or re-leverage content?


    $20,000 minimum required.

    Dates to Consider

    When are you planning to have content live in-market?