We leverage creative strategies and proven processes to deliver unparalleled results for our clients.

You guys have impressed me in comparison to other agencies. Whoever is in charge please pass over my compliments.

Gaby LaRage, Design Success

I really want to thank your team for working with us through our quirks 🙂 The content so far has been amazing, and our client is very pleased with everything so far!

Maddie Crawford, Vanity Fair

Our experience with HireInfluence was nothing short of amazing. They took control and followed their processes from beginning to end. They truly understand what service is and I highly recommend them.

Nick Hughes, CORE Lending

I don’t know why anyone would choose to advertise directly on social media when the services you offer provide so much more value and ROI.

Jason Rosado, Givkwik

I gave your company a test and we really like it. We'll be running more campaigns going forward.

Jim Calhoun, Megan Media

Our team is very pleased with your services and your overall attention to detail, efforts, and expertise. We are recommending your services as part of our package offerings to all clients moving forward.

Christian Dumke, Ivie, Inc

The concert was very successful and I heard several comments about the bloggers being amazing and the buzz they created across social media. The posts were great and I think this worked out perfect.

Management, Kaylee Rutland

We really liked the SEO approach of the campaign. I actually added a couple links and the video UGC to the frontpage of our site...Overall I loved what was done!

David Anthony, SingleFit

HireInfluence did a great job amplifying a National Sweepstakes last year.

Michelle Miller, Southwest Airlines

It promotional event went SO well! The influencers were all so sweet, and even the strangers off the street were excited about the technology. It was a great success as far as I am concerned. 🙂

Alexandra Watkins, Cox Automotive

This has been a solid campaign and one we can all be proud of. We really appreciate the way your team rallied and put in the extra work to delver in the face of adversity!

Brian Gump, Brand Amp

Want to say thanks much for your patience and kindness. Not a lot of good genuine companies out there like you. Thanks for everything!

Tomas Jenson, Girls Knock Life

Wow. That’s a CPM of $1.15. Is that normal?!? That can’t be normal. Great results!

Jon Gunnells, Air Foil Group

This is fantastic. Thank you again for taking the time and really focusing in on what we are trying to achieve. We were all incredibly impressed with your delivery and are looking forward to working together.

Alina Dolgolenko, Craff House

Thank you so much for everything! You made it easy and I appreciate all the time and effort you put into the campaign. I will be in touch soon and look forward to working with you again.

Kristy Felix, SKA Events