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Our influencers have documented journeys across the Caribbean and Atlantic. They’ve helped build international exposure for characters such as Batman and Scooby Doo. They’ve become the center attraction at national trade events and are often found on the trendsetting frontline of first-look brand releases. Ask us what they can do for you.

“Our experience with HireInfluence was nothing short of amazing. The entire team took control & explained their full thought process from beginning to end, which allowed us to select a better targeted marketing approach. Had we not had their help, our campaign would not have been nearly as successful. HireInfluence truly understands what service is and we don’t have a single poor thing to say about any piece of the experience.”

Nick Hughes, CORE Lending

“I don’t know why anyone would choose to advertise directly on social media when the services you offer provide so much more value and ROI.”

Jason Rosado, Givkwik

“I gave the system a test and really like it. We’ll be running more campaigns going forward.”

Jim Calhoun, Megan Media

“Love what you guys are doing… it was a blessing that Kate Miller contacted me… this is perfect for my Youth Empowerment Kids/Entrepreneurship + Phlanthopy/Giving Back… I hope we can return the favor one day to show our appreciation!”

Tony Searight, Investments for Youth

“We’re very happy with the results thus far. Campaign set-up & monitoring is super easy. We will definitely be using your platform for campaigns to come!”

Jess Smith, The 7th Chamber

“[The screening event] went great, we were very happy!”

Alesandra Ajlouni, Entertainment Weekly

“Our entire team is very pleased with your services and your overall attention to detail, efforts, and expertise. We are recommending your services as part of our package offerings to all clients moving forward.”

Christian Dumke, Ivie Inc.

“We are definitely pleased with the results and looking forward to the final results from the campaign. Thanks so much for your hard work on this!”

Melinda Russell, Entertainment Weekly

“The client actually voiced a higher satisfaction with your campaign versus the previous vendor.”

Christian Dumke, Ivie Inc.

“I just wanted to extend my deepest thanks for your help sourcing the talent for our web video project for Gatorade. Kristen and Danielle were absolutely fantastic to work with. Their talent, professionalism and great attitudes helped this project run smoothly and brought a level of quality that I think our client will be extremely pleased with. Thank you again so much for everything.”

Erik Wong, Fantail Entertainment

“The concert was very successful and I heard several comments about the bloggers being amazing and the buzz they and their friends created on social media. The posts were great and I think this worked out perfect.”

Singer Kaylee Rutland’s Mgmt.

“We really liked the almost SEO approach of the campaign. I actually added a couple links and the [influencer created] video to the frontpage of the site… overall I loved what was done!”

Dave, SingleFit

“It [the influencer-attended event] did go SO well! The influencers were all so sweet, and even the strangers off the street were excited about the technology. It was a great success as far as I am concerned.”

Alexandra Watkins, Cox Automotive/AutoTrader

“HireInfluence did a great job amplifying a National Sweepstakes last year.”

Michelle Miller, Southwest Airlines

“We loved the results you generated for our Ritz Crackers campaign last year, and we’re excited to work with you on a new campaign.”

Glenn Garcia, Mondelez

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