An Influencer Marketing Strategy Can Elevate Your Brand


Brands no longer have to promote advertisements with the hope that they make it in front of their target audience—partnerships with today’s social media influencers can guarantee visibility in front of a vast number of ideal customers. Top influencers in every niche can be found and enlisted to promote brands to their crew of dedicated followers. But does influencer marketing really work? Absolutely. The influencer marketing industry is expected to be worth nearly $14 billion in 2021. Countless brands have benefited from relationships with influencers and content creators. Consider enlisting a dedicated influencer marketing agency in New York, NY to incorporate the results-driven tool into your marketing strategy.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

An Influencer marketing agency/agencies leverages an influencer’s impact to express your brand message and bring awareness to your business. Influencers exist in every industry and market, therefore, it’s possible to find someone who resonates deeply with your target demographic. The influencer will typically create original content for their followers promoting your brand, at a price, naturally. The relationship is mutual as the influencer receives payment for creating content with your brand incorporated into the post, and you, the brand, can grow your business.


Qualities of the Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in New York

Enlisting a specialized agency focused solely on influencer marketing will optimize your strategy. Although many creative or digital marketing agencies may offer influencer marketing services, that may not necessarily be their specialty. Rest assured knowing that you’re in the best hands with one of the top marketing agencies in New York. Consider the following qualities of the agencies with the most successful campaigns:

Strong Relationships with Top Influencers

Evaluate the relationship between the influencer marketing agency and content creator. A positive relationship between talent and the agency is a vital part of the success of a campaign. Those agencies that are restricted to using influencer databases only may not have the ability to create deep relationships with influencers. Consider an influencer marketing agency that has unrestricted talent options.

Quality Content Creators

It can be easy to focus on the size of an influencer’s following, but that’s not the telltale sign of an effective content creator. A successful influencer marketing agency understands that the quality of the content and connection with social media followers is more important than the follower number. In order to implement the best marketing campaign for our clients, we consider niche, target audience, engagement, among many other criteria when choosing the best influencer for your campaign.


Numbers don’t lie, and the top influencer marketing agencies have the metrics to back up their results. Data-reporting tools allow marketing agencies the ability to develop and modify marketing strategies to optimize reach best. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as social engagement and click-through rate are regularly evaluated to measure the influencer marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Top agencies value transparency; therefore, all metrics should be available to clients at any point during the campaign.

FTC Compliance

All top agencies in New York stay current with required disclosures and endorsement guides. An influencer marketing agency aims to protect both content creators and brand clients; therefore compliance with laws is critical to everyone’s success.


Ability to Implement Different Types of Marketing Campaigns

A dedicated influencer agency has a strong knowledge of the various types of influencer marketing campaigns. They will strategically select the most appropriate avenues based on the brand’s goals. Some of the effective campaign techniques include:

  • Giveaways. Utilizing an influencer to host a giveaway or contest associated with a brand can boost engagement.
  • Reviews. Enlisting an influencer to post a review of a product or service will promote brand awareness. Authentic recommendations by an impactful influencer can encourage followers to purchase.
  • Unique Content. Influencers attract followers based on their unique content. An effective campaign can allow the content creators to creatively incorporate the brand into original posts, elevating brand awareness.

The DNA of a Social Media Influencer

What is an influencer? An influencer is an industry leader who has created a tightly knit community, typically on social media. They have large audiences of followers or subscribers, depending on the platform. A top influencer maintains authority in any given area in which they show expertise. Notable influencers are experts in dancing, cooking, singing, makeup application, sports, comedy, science, among other areas. Influencers allow their audiences to catch a glimpse of their lives, and followers often do the same.

The top influencers in New York, NY, and around the world, have built a strong reputation and trust with their audiences based on authenticity. Typically, followers take their opinions to heart and trust them when recommending a particular product or service.

But what makes an effective influencer? There are a few necessary qualities that an influencer must have in order to be a good fit for influencer marketing campaigns.

  • Transparency. An influencer must be transparent with their following. Any audience will lose trust in someone who is not authentic with them. The notion is particularly true when it comes to social media. Modern social media users are on high alert and wary of anyone who may be attempting to trick them. Why? There are so many online scams today, so it’s no wonder people flock to those who exhibit honesty.
  • Solid values. This quality goes hand-in-hand with transparency—an influencer must stand for something. Whether that’s a viewpoint or a passion, an influencer should have established values that they incorporate into their work. Doing so builds trust with
  • Post regular quality content. Not just regular content or quality content, but regular quality content. An influencer must post frequently enough to keep their followers engaged but provide them with value. Filler content is no longer an effective strategy because followers will likely see that the posts lack purpose.
  • Be relatable. Just as followers want authenticity, they crave an influencer with whom they can relate. As an influencer, don’t be afraid to open up about yourself. Naturally, they’ll want to keep your private details, so it’s not necessary to reveal everything, but let followers know that you understand their challenges. An influencer who is not in touch with their follower’s struggles won’t be able to create a strong following as compared to someone who hits the pain points.

The Benefits of Implementing an Influencer Marketing Strategy

The advantages of utilizing influencer marketing strategies in your marketing are countless. Some of the most impactful effects include:

Increased Reach

Opening up your brand to a new audience can result in immediate and long-term growth. When enlisting an influencer to promote your product or service through marketing, your brand will be seen by thousands (or millions, depending on which size influencer you work with) of new eyes. This extended reach on social media can expand your own brand following.

Direct Response

One of the most immediate goals when working with an influencer is the ability to generate action. Whether that is a follow on your brand’s social media, subscription to an email newsletter, or purchase of a product, you should have the desired action response in mind before working with a social media influencer.

Acquire New Leads

This new audience of people viewing your brand for the first time can be instrumental in generating new leads. Even if the action taken by a follower is not an immediate purchase, they can be a new lead. A follow on your brand’s social media account, or submission of an email address will allow you to engage with the follower and potentially convert them in the future. Just because your product doesn’t solve their problem today doesn’t mean that it won’t down the road.

Brand Awareness

By getting your brand in front of a new audience on social media, awareness surrounding your brand will no doubt elevate. Regardless of whether our brand resonated with the followers, they will still understand that their favorite influencer supports your brand and can recognize your brand name or imaging in the future.


The Tiers of Influencers

Influencers can come from any background or discipline.  A top influencer marketing agency in New York city will have close relationships with a wide range of social media content creators. One of the first steps the influencer marketing campaign is selecting the right influencer for each brand. Although our company handles influencer selection and all other components of the project for our clients, it’s important for brands to understand the various styles of talents. That there are defined categories that marketing agencies typically group influencers into based on expertise or size.

Influencers Based on Area of Authority

Science Influencers

These individuals have a strong background in science and use their platforms to educate and inform followers. Top science influencers can be veterinarians, aerospace engineers, biologists, astrophysicists, environmental scientists, among many other areas of study with large followings of engaged individuals on social media platforms. They typically have higher education. These influencers may provide resources for students studying science in school, fun factoids that audiences will enjoy for entertainment, or bring awareness to current issues affecting the world of science. Notable science influencers are Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and Dianna Cowern.

Food Influencers

A hobby that nearly everyone loves, food influencers dedicate their platforms to the creation or ingestion of food. Most food influencers share recipes and preparation tips for different culinary adventures. Some may focus on bizarre foods or methods. Others may travel around the world and offer a glimpse into the cuisines of other cultures. Well-known food influencers in New York are David Chang, Padma Lakshmi, and Jamie Oliver.

Music Influencers

Rockstars have long influenced the public, but social media has amplified this influence. Modern musicians on social media share emotions and intimate details with their followers through songs or tunes. These music influencers often share clips of melodies, behind-the-scenes footage, or simple everyday tasks with their engaging fans. Many musical artists are outspoken on regarding current events and use their social media platforms to bring awareness to current issues, including environmental changes, political figures, or injustice. Some of the top music influencers today include Taylor Swift, Lizzo, and Harry Styles.

Dance Influencers

A huge movement that came out of the TikTok platform, trendy dance choreography, has allowed dancers to generate large followings on the social media network. Dancers can either create their own choreography to a catchy tune or recreate the moves of others. Either way, the trend has blown up and generated a huge buzz on TikTok. This movement gives many people hope that they too can gain fame through social media. Infamous TikTok dance influencers include Charli D’Amelio, Loren Gray, and Michael Le.

Beauty Influencers

Considering people are obsessed with looks, it’s no wonder there are influencers dedicated to beauty. Beauty influencers typically post content featuring makeup applications, skincare routines, or beauty hacks. Tutorials on Youtube are particularly popular within this category—there are countless accounts dedicated to makeup. Product reviews are a huge player in the beauty influencer market. Should your brand offer beauty products, collaborating with a beauty influencer can be an integral part of a marketing strategy. Some of the most popular beauty influencers include James Charles, Robin Black, and Jade Marie.

Fashion Influencers

Fashionistas everywhere take to social media to post their OOTD, and followers eat it up. Some accounts simply show off outfits as inspiration for followers to use when creating their own outfits, while others may provide tips and tricks on how to style clothing. Others even give detailed tutorial instructions on how to make clothing. Many brands in New York city have featured fashion influencers in their campaigns. A few popular fashion influencers include Negin Misalehi, Emma Hill, and Zoe Sugg.

Sports Influencers

Professional athletes are looked to for influence even more, today than ever before. With their abilities to accomplish feats that the average person could only dream of, sports influencers resemble celebrities on social media. They notoriously partner with athletic or wellness brands but have been known to promote anything from razors to watches. Sports influencers are not necessarily the top performers in their field—they’re simply the ones with the greatest social media presence and most engaged following. A prime example is David Beckham, an accomplished footballer yet not necessarily the best player within the sport. His relationship with his wife, fashion sense, and huge expansion of his own brand as well as endorsements with other brands makes him one of the top sports influencers. Other famous sports influencers include Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, and Serena Williams


Influencers Based on Following Size


The smallest and newest classification of influencers, nano-influencers, have following numbers under 1,000. Even so, they often have a dedicated following who deeply trusts the influencer’s recommendations and opinions. This connection allows nano-influencers to generate results when promoting brands to their audience. Larger brands likely won’t benefit from working with nano-influencers.


Micro-influencers have larger followings with around 1,000 to 50,000 followers in their network—this number is obtained by looking at one social media platform, not combining values. A top micro-influencer doesn’t just have a larger number of followers, but they see engagement and have a connection with the members of their audience.

While some micro-influencers do request payment for branded promotional content, some may collaborate with a brand in exchange for free products. Connecting with a micro-influencer through an influencer marketing agency will allow you to establish these terms and choose a quality influencer.


With an even greater reach compared with micro-influencers, Marco-influencers have approximately 50,000 to 1 million followers. These pseudo-celebrities have earned a much larger audience of dedicated following. These Marco-influencers generally make a living from their social media platforms therefore, they are dedicated to their craft and the integrity of their own brand. Working with a macro-influencer requires funds, but the ROI is much higher than enlisting a micro-influencer.

Unfortunately, some macro-influencers could subject your brand to influencer fraud. It’s possible that an influencer purchased their following, which puts you at risk for losing money. An influencer market can perform metrics on an account prior to any transaction to identify if this influencer is a fraud.


Finally, the big guns: mega-influencers are those who typically have over 1 million followers on any given social media account. They tend to be popular celebrities, perhaps influencers within the sport, music, or dance categories. Because top mega-influencers have a massive following and high engagement, they can charge several thousands of dollars for just one post, therefore there is a lot to consider when thinking of working with a mega-influencer. Our award winning influencer marketing agency  in New York, NY can advise on whether your brand should enlist a mega-influencer for your digital marketing campaign.


Which Brands Benefit from Influencing Marketing?

Any brand can find deep value in using an influencer in their marketing strategy as an influencer for practically any niche that exists. Consider your industry and target audience when deciding whether to pursue a partnership with an influencer. An influencer marketing agency can help you discover influences in your niche and whether influencer marketing is a good strategy for your specific brand.


Work with an Influencer Marketing Agency in New York, NY

Recruiting an expert in influencer marketing will save your business valuable time, energy, and money. Experienced marketers maneuver the recruitment process for you and ultimately provide you with the optimal influencer partnership for your brand. Although it’s possible to utilize influencer marketing services offered by a full-service digital marketing agency or PR agency, enlisting a specialized influencer marketing agency will provide you with the most effective marketing campaign for your brand. Contact us and let our New York based influencer marketing team know how we can elevate your marketing strategy.  



Which influencer is a good fit for my brand?

The right influencer to promote your brand depends primarily on your target audience. You must work with an influencer who is in a similar industry and whose followers are close to your target audience. You wouldn’t want to have a financial influencer promote your new muscle-recovery beverage because the influencer’s audience may not have a need to solve the problem of sore muscles after a workout. On the other hand, an optimal influencer would be a fitness influencer whose following consists of avid exercisers.

To that end, an influencer in an unrelated industry likely won’t want to partner with your brand if it’s not aligned with their following. Yes, that means turning down paid promotional relationships, but it’s for a good reason. Over 75% of influencers turn down more than half the offers they receive. Influencers have to consider their own brand image. Continuously offering their followers advertisements about products or services that don’t align with the brand will cause the influencer’s following to lose confidence and trust in their content. That doubt will negatively affect the influencer and their ability to achieve future endorsements which are actually aligned with their brand. So ultimately, the partnership will must be mutually beneficial. A full service influencer marketing agency offers services to both influencers and brands, therefore, they have the best interests of both in mind when determining collaborations.

How much do influencers charge?

The amount of money an influencer can bring in depend on their influence. Following size, quality of their content, and following engagement are critical factors to consider when estimating how much an influencer will charge. Some micro-influencer may promote brands at no charge or for free promotional products. The price goes up as the individual’s impact increases. Macro and mega influencers with hundreds or thousands or even millions of followers can charge well over $10,000 per post.

How do I become an influencer?

Being an influencer not only takes a large number of followers on social media, but your audience must be loyal to you and your brand. As an influencer, you must have a niche and target audience. Determine what your industry specialty will be then establish yourself as an authoritative figure. Want to be a science influencer? Begin creating science-related content backed by data. Your content should serve a specific purpose and solve a problem for your followers.

Platform choice is also an important decision to make when pursuing a career as an influencer. Will you primarily post short videos? TikTok may be the best network for you. Longer videos? Try Youtube. If you’ll create a combination of photos and videos, consider Instagram. Mostly written content? Twitter may be the one. Also, be mindful of where your ideal client spends time. If they’re not necessarily interested in video content, then one of the alternative platforms would be preferred for optimal engagement.