Influencer marketing agency/agencies campaigns have become a core marketing tool for thriving brands. 

According to data from 2018, companies that implemented an influencer marketing strategy saw a 520% increase in ROI. The impact continues to grow with the popularity of social media platforms. Yet finding the right influencers for your campaign, developing a strategy, and implementing it correctly takes a significant amount of valuable resources and time. For this reason, countless companies are enlisting the help of award-winning influencer marketing agencies in Los Angeles to elevate their marketing. 

When considering an influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles, you’ll want to enlist the help of an agency that has engaged in successful campaigns. Selecting a dedicated influencer agency guarantees that they have the necessary expertise and tools to elevate your digital brand marketing. Find the right company for you among the top Los Angeles influencer marketing agencies.

The Methods Behind Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing in Los Angeles is an effective tool that can elevate your brand’s marketing strategy. It involves the partnership with an influencer, an industry leader who has a large audience of dedicated followers on social media to promote a brand. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship as the influencer receives payment in exchange for creating content involving the service and/or product you plan to promote. An influencer’s audience has a deep connection with the individual and trusts their opinion when recommending brands.

An influencer marketing team must be strategic about selecting the right influencer for the brand—ideally, their audiences should align. If a brand collaborates with an influencer whose followers would not be interested in their brand, it is just a waste of time and energy on everyone’s part.


Goals of Influencer Marketing

When developing an influencer marketing strategy, it’s important to know exactly what you wish to accomplish for your brand. Some of the most sought-after benefits of influencer marketing consist of:

  • Lead generation. When putting your brand in front of a new audience, lead generation can be one of the top desired outcomes. Even those followers who don’t hit the “purchase now” button could convert in the future. Any follower you engaged with the influencer’s post—liked, viewed, commented, shared, or participated in a Live—is officially a lead. That is information that is readily available to you on the social media network and is critical data that your influencer marketer can collect.
  • Direct response. Understandably you’ll hope that the influencer’s followers will take action as a result of the sponsored post, therefore direct response is almost a high priority goal. Consider which platform you’ll want to find an influencer on depending on how easy your desired action is on that particular network. Funnels can become confusing and lose conversions if the follower has to click various links in order to make a purchase. Instagram has the capability to allow purchases directly within the app, which can help promote conversion.
  • Brand awareness. Even those followers who don’t take action or don’t resonate with your product will have your brand image burned in their brains. Brand awareness is a huge goal and benefit of implementing influencer marketing.
  • Increased visibility. Enlisting an influencer to create content around your brand is putting your product in front of a huge new audience. The reach and visibility as a result of influencer marketing are substantial. Your brand will be more recognizable to the general public and


Considerations When Selecting a Social Media Influencer for Your Brand

Not every influencer is ideal for your particular brand. Be mindful of who you select to promote your brand to produce favorable results rather than tarnish your brand’s name. Influencer marketing agencies always put careful consideration into pairing a brand with an influencer for any given marketing campaign. See these special considerations every brand should take when choosing an influencer:

  • Authenticity: Authenticity is not only connected with the level of trust between influencer and followers, but it also impacts your business. Influencers who do not remain true to their values risk losing confidence in their followers. It an influencer is found to be inauthentic, it could negatively affect your image too. You’ll want to ensure that an influencer is honest regarding follower count and engagement. Fake influencers who pay for followers will leave you with poor results and negative ROI as bots will not purchase your product.
  • Quality content: Top influencers post quality content. That’s not to say that every single photo and video is high quality, but each piece of posted content provides value to the follower. This builds trust and the confidence that each of the influencer’s posts is a must-read. This is important as this means any sponsored content the creative influencer posts will be well received by your target audience.
  • Relatability: Audiences look up to social media figures because they see a piece of themselves in that person. Whether that’s for a past version of themselves or someone they hope to become, this bond deeply connects influencers and followers. An effective candidate for influencer campaigns must be relatable to your target audience to be well received and trusted.


The Role of a Top Los Angeles Based Influencer Marketing Agencies

A dedicated full-service influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles will provide your brand with benefits that a broad digital marketing agency may not offer. Specialized agencies focus solely on influencer marketing campaigns; therefore, they have a deep knowledge of the industry and use it to achieve results. Some of the functions a reputable agency carries out include:


Influencer Curation

Finding the right influencer to fit your target audience is a crucial component in any successful influencer campaign. A top influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles should have a good relationship with many engaging social media content creators and influencers. Top agencies thoroughly vet influencers by completing an influencer validation process. The authenticity of followers, engagement rates, and other metrics are evaluated to ensure the content’s effectiveness. Unfortunately, there are fraudulent influencers who pay for followers or use other dishonest techniques. The marketing team screening process eliminates these candidates, therefore protecting your business.

Influencer negotiation is also a critical part of this step. The specialized marketing team determines the rate of pay for each influencer and each unique campaign.

Campaign Strategy Development

Based on the influencer selected, the social media platform is chosen, and brand goals, the marketing team can develop a campaign strategy. It’s important to define the objective for the campaign clearly. What does the brand want to achieve? Possible goals could be a specific number of product sales, visits to a website, obtaining leads’ email addresses, among others. The Los Angeles based marketing strategist can help concentrate this goal, but the brand should have an idea of what they’d like to achieve from influencer marketing. This is critical in order to measure ROI tangibly.

There are numerous campaign types that a team may wish to pursue. The degree of messaging depends on the campaign agreement. Some notable campaign techniques include:

  • Sponsored content: In this type of influencer marketing campaign, the influencer creates content surrounding the brand. The product is naturally incorporated into the post or video, likely describing the deep benefit ending with a clear call to action.
  • Giveaways: When incorporating a giveaway, the influencer hosts a contest at the end of which they’ll give a lucky follower free brand products or services. This boosts brand awareness, and increases reach. It can also be an effective tool to generate leads.
  • Product review: Unboxing videos are incredibly popular among all influencer niches and are particularly widely posted on YouTube. An influencer gives their opinion on a product and educates followers on the specifics in their own unique tone.


Content Coordination

The agency aids in coordinating all content requests for the influencer. This includes establishing a publishing schedule and handling communication. A key element in managing content is addressing the legal aspect of the work. Every leading influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles remains up to date with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) disclosures. If the influencer or brand violate these regulations, both could be hurt. Agencies maintain FTC compliance to protect all parties.


Result Metrics

The only way to know if a campaign is effective is by performing analytics. Your marketing agency will collect data before beginning the campaign and at the conclusion to determine the marketing’s success. Important values include sales, post visibility metrics, reach, conversions, followers, and most importantly, return on investment. Top agencies are transparent with these analytic results and will show you exactly what worked.


Popular Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

Which social media networks are the top social media influencers using? Here are the top four:


The newest popular social media platform, TikTok features only short video clips. Content on TikTok can be shared among the other social media networks, further increasing each video’s reach. TikTok was previously called, then was acquired in 2017 and merged into the platform we know as TikTok today. Many of the big influencers on the platform started creating videos on or Vine (another discontinued video-sharing social network). The demographic of TikTik users is much younger than any of the others—over 60% of the users on the app are Gen Z, as of February 2021.

Top TikTok influencers can have as many as millions of followers. The most-followed influencer as of March 2021 is Charli D’Amelio @charlidamelio, with almost 110 million follower. She is a dancer who mostly posts content featuring her performances of trending TikTok choreography. Other popular TikTok influencers include Baby Ariel @babyariel, Loren Gray @lorengray, and Zach Kind @zachking.

Although TikTok influencers can (and many do) make several million dollars on the platform, their revenue is primarily through marketing partnerships and sponsorships. Unlike other platforms like YouTube, TikTok does not pay users for number of likes on posts. For this reason, influencers are more keen to pursue promoted posts. In 2020, however, TikTok announced a new program to pay influencers for creating content.


Arguably the best platform for influencer marketing efforts, Instagram has been going strong for over a decade. The primarily photo-based social media platform allows influencers to express their creativity through content in a variety of forms. Users can post a photo, infographic, video, Reel, story, guide, or go live on the platform and engage with followers in real-time. Almost 70% of brands use the ‘gram for their influencer marketing.

One of the unique features of Instagram which elevates its use an influencer marketing platform is the ability to make purchases and transactions directly through the app. This eliminates the chance of your potential client being lost or confused throughout the conversion funnel.

Some of the biggest influencers on Instagram are former or current celebrities. Cristiano Ronaldo @cristianoronaldo holds the rank as the person with the largest following boasting a whopping 268 million followers as of March 2021. Other influencers on the platform include Gigi Hadid @gigihadid, Salt Bae @nusr_et, and Manny Gutierrez @mannymua733.


Launched in 2005, YouTube currently has 2.3 billion users around the world. The YouTube platform is dedicated to video content and allows for much longer videos than many other social media networks. Influencers can use YouTube for educational content like how-tos, recipes, or tutorials, or content purely for entertainment.

Many consumers turn to YouTube to research products or discover new ones before a purchase, therefore it can be an ideal platform for product reviews. Notable YouTube influencers include PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, and Kandee Johnson.


Twitter, the platform most notable for use by celebrities and politicians, plays a significant role in influencer marketing. But not all users are celebs– the social media network has approximately 330 million active users. After its release in 2006, Twitter gained popularity for its simplicity and its users’ ability to post only 140 characters at a time. Each post is a “tweet,” and Twitter users can retweet others’ content.

The demographic of Twitter users is older than that of the other platforms. Over 50% of the user base is made up of ages 25 to 49 and less than 8% are under the age of 17 years old. A few of the most popular influencers on Twitter are Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen, Brene Brown @brenebrown, and Joanna Gaines @joannagaines.


Influencer Tiers 

Every leading influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles will have relationships with many different social media content creators. The niche and reach of the right influencers for your campaigns depends on you– your brand, your target audience, and your business goals. Part of the marketing services is the detailed research and careful selection of collaborators. Influencer marketing agencies generally categorize influencers based on engagement and following size.

Mega-Influencers or Celebrities 1M>

Mega-influencers are those personalities with over 1 million followers on any one social media account. These mega-famous content creators are often celebrity influencers with large followings and high engagement rates. Many can charge several thousands of dollars for just one post. Many top influencer marketing agencies in Los Angeles work closely with mega-influencers. 

Macro-Influencers 50K-1M

Marco-influencers have followings of about 50,000 to 1 million. Many use collaborations and sponsorships as their primary source of income, yet they are still selective regarding which brands they work with. Although they do not have a mega-influencer’s following size, marco’s generally do not make as much per campaign or post. 

This group has higher rates of fake influencers, those who have purchased followers, therefore it’s important to vet each individual thoroughly. All influencer marketing agencies in Los Angeles perform metrics on accounts to confirm the influencer’s authenticity. 

Micro-Influencers 1K-50K

Micro-influencers have around 1,000 to 50,000 followers within their social media network. A top micro-influencer has a deep relationship with followers, giving them high engagement rates. Some micro-influencers will create sponsored posts and collaborate with brands in exchange for free products. A marketing specialist can aid in the decision to use a micro-influencer in your influencer marketing campaign. 

Nano-Influencers <1K

Nano-influencers have followings under 1,000, yet they’re typically very connected with their followers. This level of trust between content creator and follower makes them good influencers. Nano-influencers are helpful for specific influence marketing campaigns. 


Influencer Fraud: Protect Your Brand

Unfortunately, not all influencers are authentic. Some people feel inclined to pay for followers in order to increase their following number and bring in lucrative partnerships. That high number of followers can help them bring in more money but it leaves the promoted brand without real results.

When an influencer purchases followers, the acquired accounts are simply bots—they are not real followers who can take action or purchase your promoted products. The bots increase their following number but do little else. So as a brand, paying a high fee for an influencer to put content in front of bots is a waste of resources.

There are a few ways you can protect yourself from influencer marketing fraud:

  • Enlist an influencer marketing agency. A reputable marketing agency will screen and vet influencers for you to avoid fraudulent activity. They use marketing tools and metrics to determine the validity of an influencer account and can identify whether followers are real or bots.
  • Estimate the influencer’s engagement. One of the ways marketers determine if an influencer has fake followers is to calculate their engagement. Professional tools are available to find this rate but you can estimate it at home in a pinch. First, add up all the engagement from the influencer’s last 10 posts. This includes shares, comments, and likes. Divide this number by 10 (the number of posts), then divide by their total number of followers. Multiply the value you generated by 100, and you should have their engagement rate. An ideal engagement rate is somewhere between 1% and 3%. Low or high engagement may indicate that their followers are fake.
  • Monitor their following number. If you notice sudden surges in follower number, the influencer is probably paying for followers. Keep an eye on their follower number and note any big spikes. It’s common for an account to acquire a few hundred new followers following some type of strategic event, but a jump in thousands of followers is unnatural.
  • Review their history. An authentic influencer should have started with no followers and organically acquired them over the course of their influencing career. If you notice that an influencer’s older posts have about the same number of likes or bot comments, that could be a red flag.


Why Work with a Top Influencer Marketing Agency?

Delegating your influencer campaign to a marketing agency rather than taking on the task yourself saves money, time and maximizes your results. Our marketing specialists provide end-to-end services designed to optimize your campaign. 

Leading brands elect to use dedicated influencer agencies over PR or digital marketing agencies that may offer limited influencer marketing services. Influencer strategies are ever-changing, therefore, recruiting a specialized influencer marketing agency will allow your brand to stay ahead of the trends. Top Los Angeles-based agencies have experience with running various types of successful campaigns in several industries.  Your campaign must be data and results-driven. An experienced agent understands specific KPIs for influencer marketing and has the tools to track them.

Content creators also have many options when it comes to pursuing influencer positions. Working with an innovative agency that specializes in influencer marketing can benefit the influencer in many ways, including legal protection and future collaborations.


Invest in the Future of Your Brand with an Influencer Marketing Campaign

A dedicated influencer marketing team will maneuver the selection and strategy process to provide you with the optimal influencer partnership for your brand. Enlisting a specialized influencer marketing agency, rather than the influencing marketing services offered by a PR agency, will provide you with the successful influencer campaign result you deserve. Contact us to begin promoting your company with the right influencer for your brand.