The Best Podcast Influencers to Consider for Your Social Media Influencer Marketing

While vacuuming or on the New York subway, most listeners are likely enjoying a podcast through their earbuds. Podcast influencers have become a new variety of prevalent influencers, and their popularity doesn’t look to be diminishing anytime soon. If you’re hoping to discover the top podcasters in the industry or have been considering enlisting a podcast influencer for your influencer marketing strategy, you have come to the right place. Our New York-based agency discusses why you need to jump on the podcast game. So lend us your ears and listen on…


What Makes Podcasts So Popular?

Podcasts allow people the ability to multitask while listening to information. It’s more engaging than music but less distracting than a video. Podcast listeners can listen to the news while driving to work, catch up on entertainment while cleaning the house, or frighten themselves via a true crime story while walking the dog. Whatever an audience may be doing, they can take their favorite podcast influencers with them wherever they go.


Podcast Influencer Marketing

Podcast influencer marketing involves leveraging the authority and influence of a podcast speaker to promote a brand. These influencers can create sponsored content surrounding the brand’s product or service, or may shoutout the brand, or deliver a verbal ad featuring the product.

Though brands have been using influencer marketing as a part of their marketing strategies for quite some time, podcast influencer marketing is on the rise. With more people around the world listening to podcasts, the personalities on these shows are becoming increasingly popular. Similar to TikTok and Instagram influencers, audiences closely follower their favorite podcaster’s every move.

There are a number of ways that podcast influencers collaborate with brands. Podcast influencers, as content creators, can invent sponsored content surrounding a brand. This typically entails a podcast episode dedicated to the theme of the partnered brand. Influencers may do shoutouts or mentions within their regular podcast programing or verbally deliver a sponsored ad.


How Influencer Marketing Can Improve Your Business

Why should a brand enlist a podcast influencer or any content creator to promote their brand? Through influencer marketing, companies benefit extraordinarily. Let’s break down the top reasons a great New York business would enlist podcast influencer for influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Elevated visibility and awareness. By opening your brand up to a new audience of eager ears, podcast influencers can significantly increase your brand awareness. Fans of the influencer will recognize your business’s name and understand the benefit it can provide to them. Considering podcast influencers are paired with companies with similar target audiences, the influencer’s followers will be keen to learn more about the business’s products or services.
  • Brand trust. It’s no secret that podcast fans trust the speakers that they listen to each week. If those podcast influencers trust your brand, their followers will too. Influencer marketing with podcasters can help establish and build trust with your business.
  • Simplicity. Instead of putting effort into outfits, accessories, high-quality cameras to take aesthetic photos, or hours of time to edit videos, podcast influencers simply have to focus on their voice. Though they should create creative audio content for their audiences, they don’t have to put excessive effort into content creation the way Instagram or YouTube influencers must. Podcast influencers can simply be their authentic selves, and their followings will eagerly take in their spoken words.


Podcasters You Should Know

Our influencer marketing agency in New York has compiled a list of the best podcast influencers of today. Check out this list and give a listen to each new podcast:


David Dobrik and Jason Nash– VIEWS

The pair of United States-based podcasters from the United States began as Youtube stars, then moved their witty talents to the podcast medium. Their weekly podcast show, VIEWS, gives behind the scenes of their YouTube lifestyle experiences [1]. Each episode they take a deep dive into their lives and unique friendship. If you’re up for witty banter and pop-culture guests, definitely make sure to follow VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash.


Sophia and Cinzia– The Girls Bathroom

Another set of YouTube influencers-turned-podcasters-turned-entrepreneurs, Sophia and Cinzia founded and host The Girls Bathroom podcast[2]. Their show launch in 2019 and has been published weekly since. The two girls use their 45 minutes to 1-hour episodes to talk about fashion, girlfriend gossip, and relationship advice. Their podcast was voted 8th by the British Podcast Listeners’ Choice Awards in July 2020[3]. The pair has over 7.5 million episode downloads, 360,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 100k followers on their official podcast Instagram account.


Dr. Alex George—The Waiting Room

Influencers can come from any niche or genre, and the medical health field is no exception. Dr. Alex, a physician from the UK, gained stardom by appearing on the British dating show Love Island. He launched his podcast, The Waiting Room, in 2019. The show features a healthcare professional who Dr. Alex interviews surrounding topics like overall wellness and mental health. As the host of the show, Dr. Alex aims to advocate for young people, all of whom should have mental health support readily available to them. Dr. Alex’s podcast is wildly popular, with a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Apple Podcasts[4]. The doctor also boasts 1.9 million Instagram followers.


Brooke Ence and Jeanna Cianciarulo– Between the Reps

The two toned fitness influencers are best known for their presence on Instagram host a fitness-driven podcast called Between the Reps. In each episode, they discuss details about life, relationships, and fashion but always bring it back to fitness. The CrossFit athletes love sharing advice on fitness and health. Get to listening for juicy tips on anything from fertility stories to the best-fitting running shoes.


Podcast Listening Platforms

So how does an audience discover new podcasts and listen to their favorites? There are numerous different podcast platforms that make it easy for anyone to listen to new podcast episodes from any device. Here are our favorites:


Though not a traditional platform to playback pre-recorded podcasts, Clubhouse is deemed as a “podcast-based” app. The Clubhouse app allows speakers and listeners alike to enter rooms and discuss just about anything. Many established podcast influencers have taken to the Clubhouse platform to engage with listeners in real-time.

The use of Clubhouse addresses one challenge that many podcasters face, which is how to engage with followers. When episodes are pre-recorded and published on a platform, there’s no urgent call to action on the follower’s part. A listener can certainly like, save, and share the episode, but there’s not much engagement with the founder of the podcast. Podcast influencers often direct their audiences to their social media platforms, but content on these networks is generally in written, photo, or video format—not the audio which podcast people have grown to love from podcast influencers. This is where Clubhouse changes the game. Podcast speakers can deliver their unique verbal content in a live real-time atmosphere. Listeners can contribute to the conversation and engage with the podcaster. These live sessions are not recorded within the Clubhouse app, which gives the event even more exclusivity.


Spotify is most well-known as a music streaming service, but it also hosts countless podcasts. The free digital app or online stream allows users to listen to podcasts from the best influencers. Interested in becoming an influencer? There’s a podcast for that! Check out an influencer podcast for ways to grow your following and break into the influencer world of New York.


The social networking and podcast app, Breaker, was acquired by Twitter in early 2021[5]. The app claims to be a “social podcast app,” which basically means that you can use it as a social media platform and share episodes with friends. They give you access to over 700,000 podcasts on the app (though some are listed as “premium” therefore, you must pay for them). It’s easy to get a free account and gain access to nearly every podcast you’d like to listen to. Additionally, you can discover new podcasts based on what your interests are and what your Breaker friends may be listening to.


How to Find a Podcast Influencer for a Marketing Campaign

There are a few successful ways that New York brands find and secure podcast influencers for marketing. If you’re looking for a top influencer, consider these strategies:

  • Do your research. Investigate which popular podcasts your ideal audience listens to. Get clear on exactly where they spend time and what they’re listening to. Do your research on various social media platforms to discover which shows your target customer likes.
  • Online platforms. Various available online websites allow brands to find influencers. Although some do not require membership fees, some may charge for services. You can search for influencers based on the desired social media platform, following size, and location. Some of these databases allow any influencers to offer their services, which can be a liability. It is always important to do your own research to confirm that an influencer has an authentic following (as opposed to purchased followers) prior to negotiating a marketing campaign.
  • Join an influencer marketing agency. A dedicated influencer marketing agency can pair you with the perfect influencer for your unique business. The top agencies always offer advice on which influencers would be best suited for any particular campaign. Depending on your marketing goals, budget, and target audience, we can find the right collaboration for you. Agencies work with influencers from many different niches and have strong professional relationships with all the influencers worked with. All influencers are also evaluated to rule out influencer fraud and confirm their authenticity.


Let Your Influencer Marketing Strategy Speak for Itself

Using hosts of podcasts in your next influencer marketing campaign can be a results-driven and cost-effective option for a business in any industry. Podcasters are experts in their field and understand exactly how to speak to their audiences. If you want the best results from your marketing campaign, enlist the influencer experts—HireInfluence. From finding the right influencer for your business, to launching your campaign, our marketing experts are dedicated to the success of your marketing. Reach out to our team today.