Visit Pennsylvania is the marketing organization responsible for promoting state-wide tourism. We were approached by “Visit PA” to design an influencer campaign that encourages regional travelers to visit Pennsylvania for weekend trips (3 – 4 days) during the summer months. They aimed to inspire travel plans with those who resided within driving distance of their state, while showcasing a variety of activities between the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas.


Visit PA showed an interest in targeting diverse cultures and backgrounds who reached specific-interest niches such as outdoor recreation, amusement/entertainment and urban explorers to align with their marketing programs for summer.

We activated four top-tier influencers with an age demographic of 25 to 60 years old. To best represent the local audience that Visit PA was seeking without sacrificing reach, influencers targeted for this agenda were primarily from the East Coast. Influencers displayed evidence of high-quality, interactive, travel-related content throughout their social channels.


To best mimic the travels of Visit PA’s target audience, we devised a 4 day, 3 night Pennsylvania “Road Trip” Challenge starting in Philadelphia and ending in Pittsburgh. Each influencer was required to make 5 stops at destinations along their route – these were customized to each influencer’s specific interests.

To build anticipation and interest leading up to the trip, the destination stops for each influencer were kept a secret. Photo clues were mailed to each, along with a swag box prior to trip departure. Travelers revealed their gifts and clues via Facebook Live as each tried to guess the PA locations they were headed to, assisted by their viewing audience. Prior to departure, each influencer produced a blog post announcing their five destinations, alongside valuable tips for planning a road trip. The post was syndicated to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Throughout the travel event, influencers captured PA’s beauty through a total of 9 Instagram and Facebook posts. Additional challenges were added to incentivize influencers for producing high-quality and engaging content on their trip (generous cash prizes were awarded). The campaign wrapped up with a blog post recapping the influencer’s travels, tips for visiting PA, and required linking to help build traffic to the Visit PA website.

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