The YUNEEC Breeze drone was created to produce stunning, arial 4k HD video – and who loves capturing video content and selfies in trendsetting ways more than influencers? We teamed up with YUNEEC for mass promo on of their product using authentic, high-quality content production. The brand also expressed interest in gaining a high volume of unique UGC that could be repurposed on their own digital channels to advance popularity among consumers and media outlets alike.


We activated influencers within 5 different verticals for this campaign (Lifestyle, Fashion, Music, Sports and Travel) to bring a diversity of content to the social channels, and to demonstrate its versatility across a spectrum of use-cases and landscape settings. There were 20 total influencers activated ranging from mid to top-tier, all of which were considered respected personalities from within the YouTube, Instagram or Vlogging spheres.


Each influencer was provided a drone unit to test-drive as they captured content that was consistent with their audience, while showcasing the product’s abilities. Influencers were tasked with showing off the various features of the unit, including capturing overhead shots and 360° views. The overarching goal was to produce “amazing, one of a kind” footage, positioning the product as the “must have” gift leading up to the holiday season.

To encourage sharing and follower participation on, we integrated a viral element into the campaign. Audiences were asked to post their own photo or video that demonstrated a scenario where they could use a YUNEEC Breeze drone of their own. “Amplification on influencers” were used to saturate the social networks with the details of the giveaway. Random participants were selected to win 1 of 10 YUNEEC Breeze units.

The core strategy was built around producing high-quality visuals to engage audiences. The results were consistent with this goal, producing a high volume of feed interaction and a minimal cost-per-engagement for the client.

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