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Our mission is to lead the creation of influencer generated content that stays engaging, grabs attention and results in the metrics that matter to brands. We are nimble, tactical, and in-the-know performance marketers – delivering premium results and pushing the limits in pursuit of redefining what’s possible.

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Consistently raising the bar for
full-service influencer marketing,
and what established brands
should expect from agencies
moving forward.

Consistently raising the bar for full-service influencer marketing, and what established brands should expect from agencies moving forward.

We were founded in 2011 and have been successfully managing Fortune 500 promotional objectives for over a decade.

An influencer marketing agency at core, driving growth through intelligence and 360 capabilities. We’re experience makers, strategic thinkers, trend shapers, innovators, and analysts. We tell brand stories at scale through executing creative campaigns from conceptualization to implementation, and help our clients achieve new levels of success.

We’re 25+ individuals in 10+ states across the U.S. and Canada, each with our own perspective and over 150 years of combined integrated marketing experience.

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Every brand has slightly different indicators of success. We gauge ours by the growing list of repeat clients, and results that consistently exceed industry standards. We are innovators, we are game-changers, and we take pride in every project we touch. We are HireInfluence.

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“We work with a ton of influencer marketing agencies, and have been since the industry started. Your team is in the top 1% in ‘progressive thinking' we've ever run — 100% supporter of your work.”

CEO & Founder – Keyhole


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Solely dedicated to influencer marketing since 2011.

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A true hands-on, white-glove campaign experience.

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Not confined to restricted influencer databases.

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No owned talent forced onto clients/campaigns.

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Fully customized approach to each client’s initiative.

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Best-in-class campaign analytics & data presentations.

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White-label process available for approved agencies.

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All-inclusive pricing structure with flexible payments.

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