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Campaign intelligence has never been so appealing.

  • Fully customized based on client KPIs
  • Integrated team of hands-on data experts
  • Real-time, dynamic campaign analysis
  • Data-driven insights + conversion tracking
  • Tech + manual success evaluations
  • White-labeled presentations available

Best-in-class analytical insights and reporting.

Cedric Williams is the Chief Data Scientist at HireInfluence, where he leads the team in customized performance reporting for all projects. He has over 15 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Analytics space — specializing in the research and optimization of affiliate, content, display, paid search, social and influencer campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. He integrates this knowledge with AI/Machine Learning to help our clients visualize campaign results, maximize conversions and produce actionable “next step” insights.

Cedric is a UNC-Chapel Hill Alum with degrees in Economics & Computer Science (B.A.) and Master’s Degree in Interactive Intelligence (M.S.) from Georgia Tech. Outside of all things data and marketing analytics, he’s the volleyball gopher for his daughter’s middle school team.

There’s so much more potential in each of your influencers’ posts, and we can help you tap into it seamlessly.

Paid media tracking

Paid media tracking.

Using pro-analytic and data reporting tools, we are able to pull in-depth reports for all paid media campaigns.

  • We boost content according to a brand’s objectives: whether that be Reach, Engagement, Link Clicks, or Conversions.
  • We can include a link to your CTA, while leveraging and UTM parameters to allow for internal performance tracking.
  • Unlike organic posts, we can apply a CTA (such as “Learn More” or “Shop Now”) to a post or story when boosting.
Paid media tracking