Consistently raising the bar for full-service influencer marketing, and what established brands should expect from agencies moving forward.

Whether your focus is on top-of-funnel brand awareness or bottom-of-funnel conversion tracking, our best-in-class analytics team ensures progress is being captured, measured, and shared from start to finish.


Campaign intelligence has
never been so appealing.

  • Real-time, customizable performance dashboard
  • Competitor and industry analysis with insights
  • Comprehensive data tracking/conversion metrics
  • In-depth “human” campaign optimization
  • Follower fraud analysis + audience quality scoring
  • Project performance vs benchmark comparisons
  • White-labeled presentations available
creator success


Leveraging a combination of tech + manual processes to evaluate all data points of influencer, channel and project success.

reporting formats
reporting formats
reporting formats

Real-Time, Customizable Results Portal

A white-glove solution to real-time, automated campaign analytics. Our dashboard makes it easy to know exactly what is happening with your influencer campaign by offering an array of success metrics, data visualizations, and even customized branding. A seamless and cohesive experience for internal evaluation.

Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Presentations

HireInfluence provides all clients with robust campaign presentations powered by authenticated, first-party data. A true top-to-bottom view of campaign performance across organic and paid efforts - with comparative results on the talent, channel, content type, and timeframe levels. An unparalleled human + tech analysis of brand investment return.

Wrap-Up Project Video Sizzle Reel

Custom, professionally designed videos that encompass all highlights and results of a campaign. Approximately 1 minute in length, these sizzle reels are loaded with branded creative content and powerful data elements. They are a standout for project award submissions or distribution among investors and C-level teams to showcase successes.

Next-Step Collaborative Consultations

A deep-dive review with members from our award-winning team to discuss top performing talent, optimization ideas, upcoming brand objectives, and roadmap strategies. We want to hear first-hand how we stacked up against expectations, and what adjustments can be made to continue moving that bar higher in the next phases of partnership.

Brand Value

Much more than vanity metrics. We are building next-phase road maps based on holistic content performance and audience response.

Sentiment Tracking

Sentiment Tracking

HireInfluence exports, tracks, monitors and analyzes all comments, reactions, mentions, replies and keywords pertaining to the campaign. We take into account the number and type of emotions expressed, the strength of those emotions, and the context in which they are used. With this information and through social listening, we provide the overall tone and audience reactions to the content, strategy, product and brand
Earned Media Value

Earned Media Value [EMV]

HireInfluence leverages a combination of expert analysis, industry-leading benchmarks, machine learning algorithms, and vast amounts of data to take earned media ROI measurement to the next level. Brands trust our EMV Index to evaluate and calculate a monetary return value on influencer, content marketing, PR, organic and paid social media campaigns.

Conversion Metrics

We take a consultative approach to ensure the right metrics are being tracked to support verifiable progress on business goals.

Our advanced conversion tracking resources are available for premium/select projects. These methods are used to provide a clear understanding of how influencer content drives users to take action, while offering insight around sales attribution and lower funnel performance throughout project duration.

Pixel Tracking

Pixel tracking provides the ability to follow users as they interact with sponsored content and digital assets. This offers marketers insight into actions taken throughout their consumer journey, including the sale transactions linked to them. Pixels can also be used to track other conversion behavior - such as completing a form, sharing a post, watching a video or clicking on a “call to action”.

Unique Links & Coupon Codes

By implementing unique links & coupon codes, we can create compelling calls to action and purchase incentives, while also tracking individual influencers and overall campaign success. Both methods are useful tactics to track sales attribution, convert new customers, and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Brand Tech Integrations

By leveraging information from your existing email and CRM systems, we can implement a first-party cookie solution to track the overall customer journey (including opt-in information, clicks, page views, and conversions).

For Multichannel brands, we can also integrate a path to purchase, allowing influencers to direct audiences to ecommerce sites, store locators and retailers near them by utilizing tools such as MikMak, PriceSpider, SmartCommerce, Shoppable and more. This provides our clients the ability to drive conversions and sales directly from the influencer content, and track the consumer journey from social media to their website, landing page, etc.

Payment processor integration is capable of providing insightful sales metrics related to your campaign such as the number of purchases, total revenue, top selling products, and customer LTV.

Our success is measured by your company’s success and we only use our clients’ goals as KPIs. During the discovery call, we can discuss what your current problem is and what your conversion goals are. We can also give you an estimate of how realistic your goal is prior to starting the project.