Consistently raising the bar for full-service influencer marketing, and what established brands should expect from agencies moving forward.


Provides advertisers access to an influencer’s accounts, allowing brand partners to optimize influencer generated content.


Boosting amplifies an influencer’s content directly from their timeline to increase audience reach outside of their followers.

Dark Posts

Paid media ads that appear in feeds and stories of targeted users and typically include a CTA for driving conversions.

Native Ads

Promotions that blend influencer content into feeds seamlessly to increase awareness, and typically do not include a CTA.

Display Ads

Used across channels outside of social media to remarket influencer content via retargeting and prospecting methods.


Video advertising specific to YouTube, which can include TrueView, PreRolls, Bumpers, Displays, and Overlays.

Content, design, editing & production.

HireInfluence is a fully-integrated influencer marketing agency, that helps brands leverage creative content far beyond the normal boundaries. We offer clients end-to-end solutions on a global scale, while ensuring every piece of a project remains consistent with the quality of work we have become accustomed to providing.

Powered by an elite team of experiential strategists, talent specialists, creative designers, data analysts and paid media experts – we are well-equipped with the experience and resources necessary to bring promotional visions from concept to completion.

  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Editorial/Copy/Script Writing
  • Landing Page Development
  • Creative Strategy Concepting
  • Product Photography/Styling
  • Custom Boxing & Prototypes
  • Audio/Video Editing & Production
  • Promotional Presentations
  • Social Branding Consultation
  • Content Briefs & Style Guides
Influencer marketing consultation.

Influencer marketing consultation.

Are you getting influencer strategy right for your brand? Not seeing the value from the content you’ve already had produced? Building an influencer tech solution and need workflow guidance from the experts? We welcome your outreach to learn how we can help identify and resolve the pain points. Filling the roles of both innovator and veteran within the influencer marketing space, we have become the go-to partner for Fortune 1000 brands and 360 marketing agencies across the country.

We are excited to offer hands-on consulting for in-house teams, providing better efficiency and scale to make your internal influencer initiatives a success for your brand. With nearly 10 years of dedicated influencer experience under our belts, and equipped with an arsenal of resources, we are prepared to explore the toughest of challenges.