Consistently raising the bar for full-service influencer marketing, and what established brands should expect from agencies moving forward.

Full service influencer marketing

Full service influencer marketing.

High-octane campaigns require fully customized, disruptive strategies. HireInfluence creates diverse, innovative, and powerful influencer experiences that go beyond industry norms in order to stand out from the noise and amplify your brand’s story at scale. We manage every step of the process with your goals and objectives as the driving force behind everything we do.

  • Strategy Development
  • Influencer Curation
  • Influencer Validation
  • Influencer Negotiation
  • Influencer Presentation
  • Influencer Contracting
  • Payments + 1099s
  • Schedule Control
  • Content Auditing
  • FTC Compliance
  • Paid Media Needs
  • Tailored Analytics
Full service influencer marketing
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Experiential ideation & fulfillment.

Establishing market longevity means connecting with your target market on an emotional, psychological level. Modern consumers are drawn to brands that they feel an authentic connection with. Sensory-driven strategies designed to immerse your audience in your brand – work to develop positive associations and long-term consumer relationships.

At HireInfluence, we forge and foster these connections by creating immersive experiences that engage your target market and develop positive associations with your brand (next-level loyalty). From ideation to implementation, our team of experiential strategists develop campaigns that connect with your target audience and utilize influencers to drive engagement and enhance credibility.

Creative talent sourcing & placement.

Creative talent
sourcing & placement.

Already have strategy and execution resources in place? Leverage our veteran Talent Team to curate premium-fit, hand-vetted influencer options and deliver them in presentation format.

Over the past decade, we have developed relationships with some of the most engaging voices in the world. Our talent options are selected and validated based on an array of factors to ensure image and authenticity are well-aligned with the needs of our clients. We analyze all creative content, past partnerships, audience interests, engagement rates, demographics and more during the selection process.

We also include various tech solutions and methodologies to safeguard against fake followers, and rank our influencers using a unique Audience Quality Score (AQS) – a dynamic benchmark that measures the quality of an influencer’s network.

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On-site brand promo & events.

On-site brand promo & events.

Whether it’s posting to mass Instagram audiences from a festival, or streaming live from an exclusive destination, there’s no better way to engage your target market than with on-site influencers.

  • Photo Shoots
  • Travel Experiences
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Guest Appearances
  • Festival Promotions
  • Tradeshow Popups
  • Grand Opening Events
  • TV Commercials
  • Movie Premieres

Included: Strategy Conceptualization, Planning & Reservations, Itinerary Management, All-Inclusive Pricing and What-If Scenerios (Plan B).

Recurring/on-demand IGC activations.

IGC activations.

Strengthen your brand’s reputation through on-going and consistent creative exposure. We make it simple to launch a series of micro-campaigns by using credits/tokens across a 6 to 12 month duration. This level of partnership reduces campaign lead time from 5 or 6 weeks, down to just 8 or 10 days.

Our team will help to originate and manage long-term IGC strategies, ambassadorships, influencer retargeting plans and more. Benefits include a revolving door of fresh content and continuous optimization based on results (A/B testing) – also great for seasonal promotions or limited time offers.

Recurring/on-demand IGC activations.

An influencer marketing campaign is vastly different from a traditional marketing campaign.

On the surface, the objectives are the same: increase brand awareness, solidify your position in the marketplace, and ultimately, to see an ROI from your marketing efforts.

But, the way in which an influencer campaign is managed is the difference between seeing explosive results and a campaign failure.

Influencer campaigns are highly nuanced, and it takes laser-precision if you want to leverage the power of this marketing tactic.

That’s why organizations that want the best ROI from their campaigns seek out influencer marketing services to ideate and fulfill their campaigns.

Influencer Marketing Services are Crucial for A-Level Campaigns

Because influencer marketing is so powerful, creating campaigns with intention is critical.

The power of influencer marketing is multifold: your brand could see skyrocketing sentiment analysis, a massive boost in revenue, and cement your position as a legacy brand.

On the other side of the coin, if your campaign isn’t orchestrated and monitored with a 360-view, there’s a possibility that not only could your campaign not produce an ROI, it could cause lasting damage to your brand’s reputation.

If your organization wants to run an A-level campaign and see the highest ROI in terms of both brand perception and campaign performance, leveraging industry veterans for your influencer marketing services is the safest and most effective route.

How Do Influencer Marketing Services Work?


Photo credit: @madslewis from our Sour Patch Kids campaign

Influencer marketing services go far beyond cultivating a list of influencers and coordinating product social media posts. Influencer campaigns are multi-faceted, and the most successful influencer campaigns are crafted meticulously and require the effort and hours of an entire team.

End-to-End Strategy Development

Part of leveraging influencer marketing services include campaign fulfillment from ideation to implementation. Influencer marketing agencies that have put together some of the world’s most unequivocally successful influencer marketing campaigns understand not only the temperature of the industry, but strategies that move the needle.

What had traditionally attracted your audience might be vastly different in the influencer space. Companies that specialize in influencer marketing services will understand the deep nuances in the industry and create–and implement–campaigns that give your brand the best chance at success.

Strategic Influencer Curation

Not every influencer is a fit for your campaign, no matter the size of their following and their pull with their audience.

Influencer curation involves sourcing talent that is the best for your intended audience, your campaign objectives, the long term goals for elevating your brand, and your overall brand perception.

Influencer Validation

Likes can be bots, audiences can be falsely inflated, and comments can be bought. Someone who appears to be a sought-after influencer could have a completely fabricated online presence––and sometimes, these look very, very realistic.

Influencer fraud is rampant across the industry. You can avoid a bad investment by hiring a company that specializes in influencer marketing services. A veteran agency will know how to effectively vet any influencers you might be interested in involving with your campaign and determine their legitimacy.

Influencer Negotiation, Contracting, and Payment

The more powerful the influencer, the more negotiating and legalese involved. The most successful influencers run their accounts like a business–because that’s what they are.

Influencer marketing services  include the legwork involved to negotiate compensation, develop contracts, and prompt payment of the influencers.

Content Auditing

Quality assurance is an integral part of an influencer marketing strategy. Influencers must reflect your brand in the most effective way possible. Content auditing involves the visuals, copy, and ensuring that the influencer is meeting the expectations outlined in the contract.

Outsourcing influencer marketing services to a respected agency means that your brand is shown in the best light possible, reflecting your brand’s guidelines and resulting in a positive sentiment analysis.

Ensuring FTC Compliance

There are strict laws in place when it comes to influencer marketing. Non-compliance could result in massive penalties and long-term damage to your brand’s reputation.

When you invest in influencer marketing services, compliance with these laws and regulations is monitored on your behalf.

Paid Media Needs

Many influencer marketing campaigns involve both organic and paid media. An agency providing influencer marketing services understands how to combine these two strategies for the best ROI.

Top Considerations for Choosing Influencer Marketing Services


Photo credit: @paulsfoodhaul from our Oreo campaign.

If your company is vetting agencies for influencer marketing services, here are the top things to consider:

  1. Track Record of Success

Not all influencer marketing service providers are created equal. If you want the best ROI for your campaign, invest your influencer marketing budget in an agency that can prove their track record. Ask for case studies and client testimonials, as well as look at previous campaigns.

The more successful an agency’s past campaigns, the more likely it is that your campaign will be successful.

  1. Scope of Services

Not every influencer marketing agency offers end-to-end campaign development and management. Some agencies only offer influencer marketing ideation, some only act as a liaison between your brand and the influencer, and some agencies offer influencer marketing services that encompass every aspect of the campaign.

Which influencer marketing service provider that’s best for you depends on the level of involvement you wish to have..

  1. Client Roster

How do you want your brand perceived? If you want to elevate your brand and achieve next-level results, choose an influencer marketing services provider that has a client roster that matches your long-term brand objectives.

If you want your brand to be recognized along with names like Southwest or Oreo[a], choose an influencer marketing agency that works with that caliber of brand.

  1. Industry Reputation

Influencer marketing is powerful; with that level of power comes the importance of reputation. Many of the world’s biggest influencers work exclusively with agencies, and if you want some of the top influencers on your campaign, you need to hire an agency with a pristine industry reputation.

  1. Company Synergy

When you interview influencer marketing agencies, gauge their level of commitment. If your brand is just another company on their roster, chances are you won’t get the bespoke experience that you need to hit your objectives.

If you want to run a successful influencer marketing campaign, the influencer marketing service provider you choose needs to be as invested in the results of the campaign as you are.

Frequently Asked Question About Influencer Marketing Services

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions involving influencer marketing services.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Influencer Marketing Services Specialists?

When you invest in influencer marketing services, you’re not just hiring someone to perform the tedious work behind the scenes: you’re investing in the knowledge and experience of a team that can help your brand achieve next-level brand loyalty.

If your organization is new to influencer marketing, outsourcing influencer marketing services means the best possible ROI right out of the gate, positioning your campaigns for both short-term and long-term success.

How Do Influencer Marketing Services vs. In-House Campaigns Compare?

If your company wants to DIY your influencer marketing campaigns, there is the potential for several roadblocks that can set your campaigns back. However, outsourced influencer marketing services are not necessarily a fit for every campaign.

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between done-for-you influencer marketing services and running your campaigns in-house:

Influencer Curation: Agency vs. In-House

While your organization can search for the top mommy influencers, the top fitness influencers, the top gaming influencers[b], or the top influencers in whatever your niche happens to be, retaining these high-level influencers isn’t necessarily as easy as sending an inquiry.

It’s not just about sourcing influencers–it’s about sourcing the RIGHT influencers. Niche, audience engagement, content type and aesthetic, personality, perception, and previous campaign success all play a role in successful influencer curation.

If your company doesn’t understand the nuances of each, it’s best to outsource to an influencer agency.

Influencer Campaign Management: Agency vs. In-House

Influencer campaigns go far beyond product placement: messaging, frequency, timing, platforms, paid media, and the content itself need to be planned with precision. Every aspect of your campaign has a major impact on campaign results.

If your brand chooses to create influencer campaigns in house, it’s essential that your marketing team understand how to strategically leverage every piece of your campaign.

Influencer Negotiations: Agency vs. In-House

If your influencer campaigns are done in-house, you need to know how to properly negotiate with influencers. If your organization proposes too little, you will damage your reputation for future campaigns. If you offer too much for the scope of the services, you will have set a precedent.

Often, top influencers prefer to work with influencer marketing agencies due to their understanding of industry standards and compensation.

Influencer Campaign Costs: Agency vs. In-House

How much an influencer campaign costs is dependent on several variables. While upfront costs may be increased when outsourcing influencer marketing services, the in-house costs can add up quickly if your organization is unfamiliar with how to run an influencer marketing campaign.

It’s more expensive to “save” a campaign than it is to hire an influencer marketing agency to manage it right the first time.

Not every brand needs to outsource their influencer marketing services to an agency, however, the higher the level of your campaign or the higher the caliber of your brand, the more cost-effective it is to do so.

Will I see an ROI with Influencer Marketing Services?

Absolutely. In fact, not only will you have tangible results, you’ll see that working with an influencer marketing agency results in ROI beyond the standard analytics.

Sentiment analysis, brand positioning, and establishing your company as a preferred partner for influencers sets your company up for long term success.

Why is it Important to Outsource Influencer Marketing Services to a Veteran Agency?

This is a competitive industry. While many companies promise incredible potential, your marketing dollars shouldn’t be someone’s learning experience. Protect your investment and your brand perception by investing in influencer marketing service providers that have a proven track record of success.

Influencer Marketing Services: The Difference Between Campaign Success and Stagnation

The higher the stakes, the more important it is to partner with an influencer marketing services provider. If your brand wants measurable success, innovative campaigns, and history-making results, partner with an influencer marketing agency that doesn’t manage your expectations––they exceed them.