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At HireInfluence, we are committed to helping companies overcome the challenges of interacting with consumers on a personal level through the power of validated and expertly sourced social influencers. Our campaigns provide the distinct advantage of reaching targeted markets in a genuine way. Influencer Marketing is the only thing we do, and we do it well! Our highly experienced team is on stand-by to help you with pure awesomeness. Contact us to learn more about our Influencer Marketing Agency services.

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Our validated portfolio of influencer talent is
comprised of today's most respected voices.

At HireInfluence, our vast network of influencer talent encompasses today's most engaging voices and leaders in content creation around the world. Our exclusive database,, is our first stop during our meticulous vetting process for each agenda. In order to source the top talent for our client’s specific needs, we look at characteristics such as reach, engagement ratios, audience insights, hashtags, responsiveness, niche and quality of content. For all that pass our diligent validation, we begin direct outreach for negotiation/availability. We strive to achieve complete satisfaction and will continue our sourcing efforts until a final talent selection has been made and gratified.

HireInfluence has engaged over 25,000 Influencers from across 12 countries and 7
industry verticals on behalf of the brands and agencies we represent.

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