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Intro to HireInfluence

Since 2011, HireInfluence has invested in the success of our clients and taken a personal, word-of-mouth approach with each promotional objective. We are committed to helping companies overcome the challenges of interacting with consumers on a personal level through the power of validated social-voices.

So, why word-of-mouth? People listen to those they trust - it's that simple. Our campaigns provide the distinct advantage of reaching targeted markets in a genuine way.


92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than all other forms of marketing.

Nielson Research

Our Services

No canned packages here. Each and every HireInfluence campaign begins with a conversation to assess the goals at hand. Once we know where you're trying to get, we begin designing the map to get you there.

All-Inclusive Influencer Strategies

High-octane campaigns require fully customized, creative strategies from a hands-on team. We handle every step of the process with your goals and objectives as the driving force behind all that we do.

Influencer Casting & Placement

Your perfect-fit influencers are out there, and we know how to find them. Our sourcing methodology, validation steps, and negotiation and management processes provide you with the best in class.

Live Experiential Broadcasting

Real-time influence delivered. Whether posting to mass Instagram audiences from your event, or streaming live on Periscope from your premiere party, there's no better way to engage your target market.

Brand Crisis & Reputation Support

Sometimes, you need ambassadors that shift the focus of online conversation. We'll find the social voices to help you strengthen or rebuild reputation by increasing positive brand sentiment.


Leverage connections beyond yours to get your message out to the masses. Scalable buzz building solutions tailored to your objectives.


Reach a targeted consumer audience in an organic and engaging manner, through a hand-sourced network of Influencers in your space.


Each of our campaign blueprints are designed around the fundamentals of building buzz, driving traffic and optimizing conversions.


Comprehensive unbranded analytics highlight campaign performance down to Influencer level. A unique URL allows you to share results.


Our Clients

Whether you need to rally a crowd or spread a message like wildfire, we know how to add the fuel to your promotional objectives. Targeted and expertly sourced influencers provide the spark needed to generate buzz, awareness, action, and conversation among their communities. Our campaigns provide the distinct advantage of reaching targeted markets in a genuine way. Specialized verticals include:

  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Home/Family
  • Health/Fitness
  • Travel/Lifestyle
  • Food/Beverage
  • Business/Tech
  • Entertainment



Product Exposure


Event Promotion
Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

Event Promotion
Kaylee Rutland

Kaylee Rutland

Event Promotion
The 7th Chamber

The 7th Chamber

Media Engagement
Uganda Community Farm

Uganda Community Farm

Fundraising Efforts

Brand Awareness
Trusted by brands such as:
AdvoWire is trusted by: Glasstic, Givkwik, Entertainment Weekly,, Roost and Gwee.
  • Our entire team is very pleased with your services and your overall attention to detail, efforts, and expertise. We are recommending your services as part of our package offerings to all clients moving forward.

    Christian Dumke, Ivie Inc.
  • I just wanted to extend my deepest thanks for your help sourcing the talent for our web video project for Gatorade. [The influencers’] talent, professionalism and great attitudes helped this project run smoothly and brought a level of quality that I think our client will be extremely pleased with.

    Erik Wong, Fantail Entertainment
  • The concert was very successful and I heard several comments about the bloggers being amazing and the buzz they and their friends created on social media. The posts were great and I think this worked out perfect.

    Singer Kaylee Rutland’s Management Team
  • Our experience with HireInfluence was nothing short of amazing. The entire team took control & explained their full thought process from beginning to end, which allowed us to select a better targeted marketing approach. Had we not had their help, our campaign would not have been nearly as successful.

    Nich Hughes, CORE Lending
  • We are definitely pleased with the results so far and looking forward to the final results from the campaign. Thanks so much for your hard work on this!

    Melinda Russell, Entertainment Weekly

Executive Team

Jason Pampell's LinkedIn

Jason Pampell — Founder, CEO

Suit and tie “seasoned” with a fascination for innovation. 20 years of Tech, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Finance =

Kate Miller's LinkedIn

Kate Miller — Chief Creative Officer

Propeller of startups through digital marketing and new media. Empress Advocate for Hirelnfluence and promoter of non-profits.

Shardul Bhatt's LinkedIn

Shardul Bhatt — Architect, CIO

Technical team leader with advanced degrees in Computer Applications and Physics. Manages all developmental pieces of this puzzle.

Melissa Cosentini LinkedIn

Melissa Cosentini — Relations Director

International Media Director that develops and manages media strategies while building and maintaining strong senior client relationships.


Numbers at Work

By combining influential voices, large audiences and viral-fueled components, we are able to maximize content exposure on behalf of our clients. Here are some average Reach numbers from influencers used on our most recent campaigns:










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