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No canned packages here. Each and every campaign begins with a conversation to assess the goals at hand. Once we know where you're trying to get, we begin designing the map to get you there.


High-octane campaigns require fully customized, creative strategies from a hands-on team. We handle every step of the process with your goals and objectives as the driving force behind all that we do.

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Your perfect-fit influencers are out there, and we know how to find them. Our sourcing methodology, validation steps, and negotiation and management processes provide you with the best in class.

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Real-time influence delivered. Whether posting to mass Instagram audiences from your event, or streaming live on Periscope from your premiere party, there's no better way to engage your target market.

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Sometimes, you need ambassadors that shift the focus of online conversation. We'll find the social voices to help you strengthen or rebuild reputation by increasing positive brand sentiment.

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When it comes to ROI, every brand has a slightly different indicator of success, based on the overall objective.
We gauge ours by a growing number of repeat clients, and results that consistently exceed industry standards.









Influencer Marketing agency

Success Story


Entertainment Weekly needed to build buzz for, and ignite conversation around, the premiere of ABC’s new TV drama American Crime. Read More

Influencer Marketing agency

Success Story


When a Gatorade web series required very specific talent, HireInfluence was entrusted with sourcing the perfect on-air personalities with a solid... Read More

southwest success story

Success Story


Southwest Airlines and Ritz teamed up for a co-branded promotional sweepstakes. They were looking for engaging methods to... Read More

warner brothers case study

Success Story

Warner Bros

DC Comics wanted to strengthen their international presence for various cartoon TV shows and a web series. The targeted countries included... Read More

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  • daniel betan
    daniel betan

    Documenting style, menswear, travel, music and the journey of those who inspire our daily lifestyles.

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    Zunera Serena
    Zunera Serena

    Inluential blogger who combines Fashion & Feminism. Top and highest earning fashion blog in Washington...

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    Zipporah Sandler
    Zipporah Sandler
    Travel / Lifestyle

    "I'm a young and energetic influencer that loves to use fashion to create visual art pieces."

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  • Stacie in Atlanta
    Stacie in Atlanta

    Mother. Writer. Social Media Consultant. Lifestyle & Travel Blogger. Brand Ambassador.

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    Tod Carey

    "Top 20 Apple Music album FUTURE THROWBACK out now. Titles include NINTENDO & LIGHT HER UP.

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    Zahara Influencer Marketing agency

    Recipes, DIY & Craft Blogger I share step by step tutorials and videos on all things crafty. "The Crafty Blog Stalker."

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  • Crazy Adventures
    Crazy Adventures

    Married to the luckiest man alive. Uh, I mean, *I'm* the lucky one {cough} We have eleventy-billion kids. I wife.

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    Scott Teddy
    Scott Teddy

    "I'm Jamaican-Lebanese-American. From Miami, lived in Bangkok-Portugal-Spain-UK-Manila."

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    Thrifty Jinx
    Home / Family

    Thrifty Jinxy helps you live a fabulous life on a frugal budget. By spending less on the boring everyday stuff...

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Back in 2012, unless you were part of an elite circle of need-to-know marketers and exclusive brands, the term “influencer marketin...

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