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Influencer Marketing & Authenticity: How to Create Authentic Influencer Campaigns.

Influencer Marketing & Authenticity Influencers continue to impact the world of digital marketing. From beauty brands to travel companies and fashion sites, businesses use the power of personality to engage and inspire diverse markets. Regardless of your location or industry sector, having the right people promoting your products makes all the difference in the world. Not all influencer-driven campaigns are equal, however, with good partnerships based on creative ideas, shared…

The Benefits of TikTok Shop: Why Your Business Needs This Social Selling Channel

To say TikTok has taken over the world is probably an overstatement… but only a little bit of an overstatement. In just a few short years, TikTok has gone from a social media outlier with a name that sounds like a Ke$ha track, to a global online community with hundreds of millions of active users around the globe. Something with this much reach is always going to be a marketing…

5 Key Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Campaigns

When influencer marketing works, it really works. You’re connecting with new leads, cementing relationships with existing customers, and saving a whole load of money on your marketing budget. But when it doesn’t work… well, you get the picture. Influencer marketing mistakes can derail even the best campaigns. To ensure your efforts lead to successful influencer campaigns, it’s essential to recognize and avoid common pitfalls. Doing it the right way is…

Mastering Social Media Shifts: Insider Tips for Sustainable Influencer Marketing Success

One of the biggest lessons of embracing technology and innovation, whatever the industry, is that change is constant. The same holds true for social media marketing, where staying ahead of the curve is crucial if you’re looking to make some noise, connect with your audience, and keep them engaged. This year, in particular, platforms like TikTok and Instagram continue to shift in major ways, presenting challenges and opportunities for marketers. So,…

Navigating Influencer and UGC Marketing: A Guide for Beauty Brands in 2024

The Impact of Influencers in the Beauty Industry The influencer marketing industry has undergone rapid evolution and expansion since its inception. With consumers increasingly inclined to purchase products they see on social media, marketers now allocate 40% of their budgets to influencer marketing. Beauty brands, in particular, have embraced influencer marketing due to the visual and aesthetic nature of their products. Partnering with trusted influencers allows these brands to create…
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Influencer Analytics: Essential KPIs to Track

Tracking influencer marketing campaigns is essential to success. Creating an effective process to gather, organize, and report numbers may be cumbersome, but it’s an important aspect of running successful influencer marketing campaigns. One of the challenges of influencer analytics is tracking a fluid environment. Brands need to have clear goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) ahead of the campaign to ensure that they’re getting the results they want.  Creating a…
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Influencer Relations Management: What It Is and How to Build an IRM Strategy

Along with digital marketing, influencer marketing is beginning to replace traditional advertising. According to Data Bridge Market Research, the influencer marketing industry is expected to reach $69.92 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 32.50% from 2022 to 2029.[1] Still, influencer marketing is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. A lot of the success relies on the brand’s ability to manage the influencer relationship.  What Is Influencer Relations…
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How to Vet Influencers

One of the biggest challenges brands face with influencer marketing is determining how to properly vet potential influencers for campaigns. There’s a lot to consider, from the type of influencer to the audience to the authenticity of their stats.  Fake influencers are on the rise, leading brands to believe that they have much more clout than they actually do. It’s easy for influencers to use low-cost follow services and bots…
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How to Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach new audiences. There are 4.9 billion social media users globally, which is about 60.49% of the world population.[1] By 2027, global social media users are forecasted to reach 5.85 billion.  Everyone from major brands to small businesses is leveraging influencer marketing for success. Still, it takes planning and effort to create an effective campaign.  What Is an Influencer Marketing Campaign? An influencer…
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How to Navigate a Company Crisis

Whether it’s a global pandemic, economic downturn, company scandal, or natural disaster, crisis situations can have a significant impact on businesses and their marketing strategies. All businesses are susceptible to crises, so it’s critical to be prepared to address them with a crisis management plan. A crisis management plan encompasses the possible sources of a crisis, understanding the stages of a crisis, and ensuring that the right team is in…
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Top Influencer Marketing Examples for a Creative Campaign

What was once a trend is now part of many brands’ marketing strategies. Long past its experimental phase, influencer marketing continues to grow and offers new opportunities to leverage influencers’ creativity and reach.  Brands of every size can get inspiration from the successful campaigns of major brands. Here are some examples of effective influencer marketing campaigns.  #SpiritsofEurope The ABSOLUT Company created a series of people- and planet-centered influencer activations over…
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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Influencer marketing was once a radical marketing method, but it’s since grown to become a vital part of any modern marketing strategy. Influencers help brands gain reach with target audiences and can drive campaign performance in ways that other efforts can’t, simply because of their authenticity. Working with influencers gives brands an opportunity to benefit from not only their own marketing efforts but the creativity and credibility of the influencer….
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9 Examples of Ethical Marketing Done Right

Ethical marketing might seem like an oxymoron, but like other fields, marketing is beholden to a set of ethical standards to guide campaigns and messaging. There can be a balance between making sales and doing the right thing. In fact, consumers want to support brands that are dedicated to environmental and social responsibility.[1] Companies that apply ethics to their marketing are winning consumer trust. Here are the 9 best examples…
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Crafting an Influencer Outreach Strategy for Success

Influencer marketing is a key aspect of modern marketing strategy, but it’s crucial for brands to connect with the influencers that align with their values and deliver standout content to target audiences. The most important aspect of this is working with the right influencers and building mutually beneficial relationships. This begins with influencer outreach, which can be a barrier for brands. What Is Influencer Outreach? Source: Unsplash Influencer outreach is…
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Influencer Ethics: Collaborate Responsibly

Influencer marketing is not a flash-in-the-pan marketing trend. Over the past few years, the growth of the influencer marketing industry has proven that it’s a crucial part of a brand’s strategy. But like all aspects of marketing, the rise of influencer marketing highlights a growing problem with influencer ethics. As key tools in the marketing world with the social capital to shape opinions and encourage purchasing decisions and behaviors, influencers’…
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Best Influencer Analytics Tools

Influencer marketing is a crucial aspect of many brand’s digital marketing strategies, particularly with the rise of social media. These content creators have incredible reach and can persuade their audiences in a way that traditional advertising methods just can’t match – but they’re not all equal in their clout. When brands partner with influencers, they can tap into new audiences and gain exposure to potential customers. But like any other…
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Ethical Issues in Marketing: Examples and How to Avoid Them

Ethics in marketing has become a bit of a gray area, especially with the low barrier for entry afforded by the rise of digital and the shifts in political and cultural norms over the past decade. Brands are skating a fine line between what’s acceptable and what can threaten consumer satisfaction and brand reputation. As more scandals make the news, ethical issues in marketing have become a prime focus. Brands…
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Company Crisis Examples and What to Learn from Them

It’s rarely smooth sailing for businesses. Mistakes happen, often at the worst time, and can leave companies with financial or reputational damage. Crisis management, the practice of preparing for negative incidents, minimizing their damage and disruption, and getting an organization back on track, is crucial to business. Agile companies anticipate threats and develop strategies to cope with their impact. Here are the best examples of company crises, how each company…
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How to Choose an Influencer Marketing Manager

Influencer marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy for brands, but it’s not a “set it and forget it” tactic. Working with influencers requires daily interactions, contract negotiations, administrative work, and creative campaign concepts – more than one marketing department can handle. An influencer marketing manager handles all the work for brands, finding influencers, building relationships, guiding campaigns, checking content, and diving into campaign metrics. Whether it’s a brand’s first…
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Is Being an Influencer a Good Career Choice?

Being a social media influencer is a real job – and it takes hard work and skills. While some aspiring influencers underestimate the work involved and think they can post pretty pictures, the successful ones understand that they’re promoting their personal brand and reap the rewards.
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Influencer Marketing Industry Predictions

Influencer marketing is still a key tool for brands, but it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Each year brings new opportunities and challenges, including growing roles of creators, different touchpoints in the sales funnel, and major platform updates. These are the influencer marketing predictions and trends heading into the end of 2023.
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Top Music Influencers

The music industry is constantly changing. New platforms and technologies are emerging, creating new opportunities for influencers to make their mark. Music influencers use their voice and talent to spread the word about new music. They may be singer/songwriters, DJs, music producers, or simply enthusiasts who amass a following for their keen musical ear. Here are the top music influencers making waves in social media. Selena Gomez @selenagomez Selena Gomez…
top finance influencers

Top Finance Influencers You Need to Be Following in 2023

Last Updated August 28, 2023 Social media influencers don’t just focus on getting followers to spend money, in fact, many are actually experts on how to save. Finance influencers are on the rise and have helped numerous millennials get their finances in check through their educational content. Whether you’re looking for investing advice, ways to get out of debt, or budgeting strategies, you should start following these top finance influencers…
Top Parenting Influencers

Top Parenting Influencers (Updated For 2023)

Last updated August 15, 2023 When we look for top brands and find what we need for our little ones, we look for recommendations and reviews from fellow parents. It’s the reason why your social media feed might be filled with popular moms showcasing and reviewing various products and services made for babies and children. It helps you out while entertaining you with their banters and jokes. (See also: definition…

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