All campaigns are micro-managedby a veteran team, following an unparalleled 7-step process.


After we nail down the perfect strategy for your objective, we tap into our industry knowledge to begin the process of identifying the best-fit social talent for your needs. We scour our own validated database as well as a spectrum of niche channels and verticals to uncover the top personalities that meet all campaign criteria. Our team continually seeks new resources and avenues for their hands-on approach to sourcing qualified talent for our clients that will assist with future campaigns.


Our unique, hands-on process provides intrinsic value for your campaigns that you won’t find anywhere else. We begin with a deep-dive into each potential influencer’s most recent 6 month social history on each active platform. We then validate each social profile based on criteria such as: audience relevancy, audience growth, market saturation, geographic/demographic campaign preferences, quality of social networks, related experience, engagement ratios, responsiveness, quality of content, and even verify legitimacy of Twitter followers if in question.


We offer an industry-leading compensation model that allows us to secure top-tier content creators and influencers. We work with each influencer on an individual basis to determine fair and adequate rates based on their level of influence and participation. Our years of experience in the space allow us to navigate these sometimes treacherous and ever-changing waters in a way that respects the Influencers and their hard work while also taking the campaign budget into consideration.


The HireInfluence Team prepares an Influencer Rate and Terms Agreement to formalize all campaign details and responsibilities. The document includes campaign requirements for individual social platforms, duration of the campaign, content/brand messaging requirements, points of contact, payment, FTC stipulations, and more. While keeping it easy to understand, we ensure that all necessary information is presented clearly and upfront to each Influencer.


We request that our clients provide guidelines (do’s and don’ts) for the influencers to follow throughout the term of a campaign. We use our knowledge and experience to assess the campaign needs and provide each influencer with the necessary guidelines and instruction for success. This may include media recommendations, sample quotes, timelines, etc. Before going live with social or blog posts, our clients are given the option to provide feedback and final approval.


You will be assigned a senior member from the HireInfluence Team to act as your Project Manager. This team member will monitor your Influencers on a daily basis to ensure adherence to campaign obligations, quality of postings, proper use of brand messaging, FTC compliance, and more. Your Project Manager will build relationships with Influencers and handle all campaign correspondence on your behalf, working diligently to execute a successful campaign.


HireInfluence provides reporting comprised of an in-depth overview of a campaign’s influencer activity and generated results. Obtain access to info such as Top Posts, Most Productive Influencers, Top Locations, Posting Sources, Demographics and more. We will also provide clients with a media overview, allowing them to see the various visual elements that were created during a campaign. Our reporting system allows for real-time tracking of ROI, readily accessible for each campaign.