Digital Journal Announces HireInfluence is the Top Influencer Marketing Agency for December 2021

Digital Journal has announced the list of the top marketing agencies for December 2021. Agency Vista, the world’s largest marketing agency network, compiled the list from their database of thousands of agencies spanning 230 countries.

How were the marketing agencies chosen for each category?

Agency Vista evaluated their vast global database of over 46,000 marketing agencies to select the top performers in each individual category.

Top Influencer Marketing Agency: HireInfluence

HireInfluence continues to turn heads with innovative campaign strategies, best-in-class service, and proven engagement. The unique ability to take on nearly any type of campaign, including ongoing micro-campaigns, new product releases, and on-site events and promotion. HireInfluence is able to adapt quickly to engage with audiences, and creates powerful strategies that deliver proven results.

Top Brand Management Marketing Agency: Ascendant Group

Excelling in brand management marketing, Ascendant Group has an impressive roster of satisfied clients, ranging from high powered executives to authors and athletes. Built solely on referrals, Ascendant Group emphasizes trustworthiness and transparency in every aspect of their business.

Top Branding Marketing Agency: Ocreative, an Integrated Marketing Agency

Specializing in B2B companies and nonprofits, Ocreative focuses on service, quality and performance.

Top Content Marketing Agency: Crafted NY

Crafted NY makes it a point to take social politics out of their client relationships, instead focusing on creativity and collaboration. It shows in their results, which are dynamic and engaging.

Top Creative Strategy Marketing Agency: LucDigi

It can be difficult to create engaging B2B strategies that produce consistent conversions, but LucDigi seems to handle creative strategy marketing with ease. Specializing in B2B technology companies, LucDigi has shown they are a talented team of creative minds.

Top Digital Marketing Agency: Business Marketing Solutions Group

Offering highly customized marketing solutions for businesses of any size, Business Marketing Solutions Group excels in digital marketing as well as lead generation.

Top eCommerce Experience Marketing Agency: RNO1

RNO1 brings a west coast flair to eCommerce experience marketing, with powerful branding services in addition to a variety of eCommerce experience services.

Top Event Marketing Agency: Balzac Communications & Marketing

Balzac Communications and Marketing has established long-standing relationships with some of the top brands and influencers, giving them an edge on the competition.

Top Google Marketing Agency: Social Fire Media

Based in Philadelphia, Social Fire Media produces dependable results with outstanding service.

Top Graphic Design Marketing Agency: The Social Robin

Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, The Social Robin helps small businesses grow with big campaigns. Standing out for their graphic design work makes sense; Social Robin provides in-store marketing on top of social, online, and text marketing strategies.

Top Growth Strategies Marketing Agency: Brenton Way

By using innovative strategies that are based heavily on data and user behavior, Brenton Way helps businesses grow quickly and consistently.

Top Inbound Marketing Agency: Adalystic Marketing

Adalystic Marketing is a data-driven agency focusing on optimizing inbound performance by finding weak areas that can be improved in order to increase conversions.

Top Link Building Marketing Agency: SEO Guru Atlanta

Providing services for businesses in the Atlanta area as well as nationally, SEO Guru Atlanta has a well-rounded offering of link building and marketing options in order to take their client’s businesses to the next level.

Top Mobile App Design Marketing Agency: 4mation Technologies

Based in Sydney, Australia, 4mation Technologies develops custom web and software technologies that are designed with users in mind. Their professional team prides themselves on producing high-quality results that are on time and under budget.

Top PPC Marketing Agency: Hotspex Media

An independent platform, Hotspex Media specializes in programmatic media buying.

Top Public Relations Agency: Mind Meld PR Inc.

Mind Meld PR Inc. is a team of ex-journalists turned PR specialists. Their experience in journalism is emphasized by their successful pitches.
Top Reputation Management Marketing Agency: Ballistic Media Group
Ballistic Media Group specializes in media relations, which lends well to reputation management marketing.

Top SEO Marketing Agency: Website Depot Inc. Digital Marketing & SEO

Website Depot Inc. has proven again and again that they are skilled at search engine optimization. Offering website development, as well as maintenance packages, Website Depot Inc. will get you seen.

Top Social Media Marketing Agency: Spark Social Agency

A boutique agency that has won awards for their creative campaigns, Spark Social Agency delivers consistent results.

Top User Experience Marketing Agency: IKTOMI Innovative Agency

Operating internationally, the IKTOMI Innovative Agency offers a unique perspective that shows in their user experience marketing.

Top Video Production Marketing Agency: MultiVision Digital

With years of experience creating video content and studying YouTube algorithms, MultiVision Digital provides excellent video production marketing services.

Top Web Design Marketing Agency: CRoche Consulting

CRoche Consulting focuses on efficiency and ease of use for their clients, with stellar reviews.