P2Pmarketing Ranks HireInfluence as a
Top Influencer Marketing Agency in 2022

Published By: Peer To Peer Marketing
Published Date: December 1, 2021

P2Pmarketing employs a team of experts to provide a standout platform, providing unbiased reviews and educational tools and resources for businesses looking to bring attention to their brand. Ranking the top 13 influencer marketing agencies in the United States and Europe, P2Pmarketing makes it easy to avoid the tedious job of sifting through thousands of influencer marketing agencies online in order to find one that is trustworthy, effective, and at the price point you need.

How does P2Pmarketing select influencer marketing agencies?

P2Pmarketing has reviewed many influencer marketing agencies, and chose the top 13 agencies based on their skills, customer satisfaction, innovative campaigns, and overall value.

What are P2Pmarketing’s top 13 influencer marketing agencies?

Split between the United States and Europe, P2Pmarketing’s top 13 influencer marketing agencies specialize in a variety of areas, offering everything from B2B marketing to full-service influencer marketing packages.


HireInfluence always excels in influencer marketing campaigns. Providing white-glove service and end-to-end campaign production and management, HireInfluence can handle any marketing challenge with creative and innovative solutions. Offering real-time analytics, talent scouting, sourcing, and negotiation, as well as experience handling in-person events and promotions, it’s no surprise that HireInfluence continues to win awards.

Hamster Garage

Hamster Garage has an impressive portfolio, with high-profile clients such as Airbnb trusting them to create and expand on engagement opportunities. Hamster Garage tends to focus on sales and conversions rather than engagement, so they do a great job at lead generation and tend to have a very high ROI on campaigns.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

A global agency specializing in full-service marketing campaigns, The Influencer Marketing Factory is able to work across multiple platforms to provide valuable exposure for companies of every size, from large corporations to impressive startups.


Named one of the Top 200 Marketing Agencies of 2019 by Chief Marketer, Everywhere has an expert team of marketing specialists, allowing them to work with brands that are household names, including Coca-Cola, IMAX and Red Bull.

August United

Based in Arizona, August United is an influencer marketing agency that focuses on developing an influencer marketing network through personalized strategy and activations. August United works with a variety of retail businesses, such as PetSmart and Kroger, and is adept at getting their clients noticed.


Providing end-to-end influencer marketing, MediaKix is a global agency that primarily focuses on Instagram and Youtube. Despite not specializing in some of the apps geared toward younger audiences, MediaKix has run impressive campaigns for clients such as Hallmark, Sony, and LG.

inBeat Agency

Specializing in micro-influencer marketing strategies, inBeat Agency uses their proprietary software to generate sales and leverage scalable micro-influencer campaigns. Their innovative approach leads to a high conversion rate and increased sales.

IMA Agency

IMA Agency offers an impressive team of experts, including content producers, designers, data analysts, and more. Their end-to-end campaigns have created buzz for brands such as Samsung and Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear.

Storyboard Agency

Storyboard Agency is a full-service agency that has won awards for their work in storytelling and branded content. Storyboard Agency specializes in integrated influencer marketing campaigns, working with high profile brands such as Jack Daniels and ASICS.

Pulse Advertising

With a network of influencers available on nearly every platform, Pulse Advertising is a global agency specializing in influencer marketing.

Visumate – now part of Dept Agency

Based in Germany, Visumate was recently added to the team at Dept Agency. Dept Agency is a network of international digital agencies that offer most marketing services, for brands that need international exposure, such as Samsung and Adidas.


Tanke uses their proprietary, automation-based software adMingle to leverage influencers from all over the world. Tanke has an impressive portfolio, working for brands including Dior, Google, and Gucci.

Influencer Marketing Agencies that Drive Engagement

Most businesses interested in using an influencer marketing agency are hoping to create a cohesive strategy to increase engagement and conversion rates. All of the influencer marketing agencies on this list have proven track records, and provide only the best services for their clients. If you are looking for a marketing solution for your business, product or service, you can’t go wrong choosing any of the agencies included.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective tools available in order to grow your brand, which is why the industry continues to grow, year after year. Rapid growth also means rapid change, leading many businesses to be left behind without a team of specialists to help navigate the evolving landscape of influencer marketing.