Does Influencer Marketing Work in the Education Space?

In short, of course it does! Influencer marketing is defined by the element of education. Influencers help their audience members discover the who, what, where, when, and why of online resources relevant to their interests. 

Online content creators review products, test features, and promote services by both showing and telling. Influencers are educators.  

Influencer marketing translates easily in the education space with their platform to educate audience members about what helps educators. The recent pandemic turned the entire structure of education on its head and adaptability was the name of the game. 

With more and more institutions leaning into digital teaching and online learning, some making the transition far better than others, parents and educators alike are on the hunt for innovative and practical solutions. 

Here are a few insights into influencer marketing in the education space!

Influencers in the Education Space 

The education space attracts a large variety of participants from homeschool moms to classroom teachers, college professors, and education tech advocates. This means their audiences may be highly segmented. 

Depending on the problem your products solve, some education space influencers will be a better fit than others. However, a common theme among influencers in this space is not only the teaching or education element but an understanding of entrepreneurship. 

It is crucial to choose influencers who have an aligned target audience and can authentically engage with other educators in a way that connects with your brand’s core values. 

Education Influencer Marketing Campaign Strategy

As with any market, different influencers in the same space bring a different approach to the table in order to get conversions.  Plan your campaign strategy with your influencer based on the objective. 

If you’re increasing brand awareness, website traffic, conversions, or sales, curate the content across influencers and platforms to yield the best results. A hands-on and playful teacher can market your product to a younger audience or their parents with animated tutorials and colorful branding. A mature and seasoned educator may take a different approach with an academically minded audience by using more logic, statistics, and case studies.

They’re both educators whose audience falls within the education space, but their unique approach needs to be in alignment with your marketing campaign goals. Create core content categories around your campaign goals and develop a strategy that best resonates with your audience. 

Allow your influencer enough creative freedom so they can remain authentically connected to their followers. If you force them into a specific box or deny their creative input, they’re less likely to produce engaging content and your brand will suffer. 

Create a Community and Build Brand Awareness

Employing online influencers to advance your brand increases the likelihood of growing your earned media. Educators are purpose-driven entrepreneurs who make invaluable brand advocates by organically showing rather than just “telling and selling” with their audience.

Influencers create content that bonds them to their audience and inspires loyalty. Your target audience already trusts an influencer in the education space. By partnering with a trusted advocate, you increase your own credibility and begin to build a community of loyal and engaged followers who can become future customers. 

Engage with industry partners and established influencers in the education space and build genuine relationships. If you’re working with a comprehensive influencer marketing agency, this work is all done for you with talent curated to your specific brand needs and proven metrics to give a peek at campaign expectations. 

Enhance Market Targeting

Both Pinterest and YouTube are intent-driven search engines. People comb these sites for resources that answer specific questions, solve specific problems, and teach them how to overcome their obstacles. More social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have a greater emphasis on entertainment and consumption. 

They can all work for your education space influencer marketing campaign! But take note of where your target audience is most likely to be. The homeschool moms and preschool teachers are more likely to be searching for resources on Pinterest while the high school math teacher would gravitate towards YouTube. 

Influencers who are multi-platform influencers often excel at one over the other. Choose the one that will be the most direct route to your preferred customer. 

Yes, Influencer Marketing Works in the Education Space!

Is your brand in the education space? An online influencer can show, not just tell, how your product helps educators and students alike by becoming a brand advocate.  

Through creating informative and promotional content, they connect your products with your ideal customer in an authentic, effective way. Don’t just sell to your customers, show how they can solve a problem.