Have you heard of Twitch? This is an amazing platform where you can stream videos from television shows down to gaming reviews! Yes, you’re able to watch a ton of gamers review and rave about whatever game they’re playing at the moment. Because of its millions of broadcasters and active users, it gives Twitch influencers the reach and audience to create more awesome content and income!

Wondering how Twitch influencers do it and who they are? I did the research so read on as I show you the to 15 Twitch streamers and how you can become one, too!

How Twitch Streamers Earn


Before anything else, what is Twitch anyway?

If you don’t already know, Twitch is one of the biggest platforms for eSports and gamers, where millions of viewers watch online streams and videos made by fellow gamers and the like. Think of it as YouTube, but the more tech version of it.

And if you do know all about Twitch and the wonders of it, it must have had you wondering about how much they make. Some of you already have an idea of the millions of popular Twitch streamers make, but how do they of it?

Well, there’s no set amount of money given to Twitch streamers, and it all depends on their content quality and popularity. Before rolling in the numbers here are different ways Twitch streamers earn:

  1. Donations

    Did you know that Twitch viewers have the option to make donations to their favorite Twitch streamers? You can either donate using your PayPal or credit card, making direct donations any time. Yes, Twitch would make a small cut from that donation, but most of it goes to the streamer. As an exchange, you may receive emotes, mods, or shout outs from the streamers’ channel, which is what has people willing to donate. Sometimes, it can also be for a cause or personal story that’s captured the viewers’ hearts.

  2. Advertisements or Twitch Affiliates

    While ads are something many viewers absolutely hate, these are one of the main sources of income for many popular Twitch streamers. Streamers are paid per successful ad view, depending on the ad type. While one view pays very little, think of how much that adds up if those ads get at least a thousand views! Some can earn as much as $5,000 a month with just ad revenue alone, without even triggering extra ads during their streams and videos.

  3. Subscriptions

    Subscriptions are another amazing way to rack up a ton of income from streaming. When using Twitch, views pay $5 when subscribing to a streamer’s channel. For those who have Twitch Prime, you’re able to subscribe for free. Half of that subscription fee goes to Twitch, though partnered streamers have 70% of subscription bonus! Top-tier streamers can get as much as $3.50 for every monthly subscription, and if you’ve got over 100,000 subscriptions, you can earn over a whopping $350,000 a month! Having 1,000 subscribers can go a long way, too.

  4. Sponsorships

    There are many different kinds of sponsorships, big or small. Some sponsorships can grant you free products or services, while others would pay for advertising their products. For example, gaming companies like EA can pay between one cent or dollar for every viewer per hour when hosting sponsored streams! So for every hour of streaming, streamers can make as much as $5,000, depending on the number of viewers they have. However, these are usually the best for top streamers with a substantial amount of views.

  5. Customized Merchandise

    This isn’t directly related to Twitch itself, but the popularity of the user. While you don’t need to have a large following to sell your own merchandise, it’s recommended to have a loyal number of followers who are willing to purchase something from your brand. It will take quite an investment, from creatives to monetary ones, though! With that being said, having your own online shop can still bring in the good income.

  6. Tournament Winnings

    If you’re a professional gamer and begin jointing competition and tournaments, then you know that the prizes are huge, depending on the event. Some teams can win hundreds and thousands of dollars if they become champions. However, this is best for the skilled and professional gamers out there, so it takes years of practice and skillsets to be able to earn through tournaments. One can begin with smaller tournaments and games, though.


Top 15 Twitch Streamers


Now that you know how they earn, who are the top-earning and popular Twitch streamers you can watch today? Check out these top 15 Twitch streamers and learn more about them:

  1. Jaryd Lazar

    Jaryd Lazar is also known as summit1g, was an ex-competitive Counter-Strike player for various teams like A51 and Team Mythic. However, he’s turned to a full-time streamer but still enjoys playing Counter-Strike (and is currently streaming a Counter-Strike game and Fortnite). Twitch streaming is his full-time job, where he works 35 hours a week and streams for most days except on Thursdays. As of January 2018, he’s the most followed Twitch user (3.5 million followers) with a net worth of $6.5 million. With his subscriber count, ad revenue, and other sources of income from sponsors, Twitch, and YouTube, he most likely makes about $50,000 a month.

  2. Riot Games

    Riot Games isn’t just one person actually, but they are an American video game company and an official eSports organizer. They don’t exactly do the usual streaming gaming influencers do, but they use the Twitch channel to live stream the championships they create and sponsor. They emphasize on the North American and European League of Legends Championship Series. The company was founded by Marc Merrill (Tryndamere) and Brandon Beck (Ryze) back in 2006, supposedly an indie game developer but now operate League of Legends servers worldwide. Expect live streams of League of Legend Tournaments on Twitch every day, and on days when there aren’t any new tournaments, these videos are repeated.

  3. Tom Cassell

    Tom Cassell is a very popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber, known as the Syndicate on Twitch and TheSyndicateProject on YouTube. He’s the first person to receive a million followers on Twitch and is a part of the top 100 subscribers on YouTube.Currently, he would live stream games such as Minecraft, Call of Duty, as well as Tom Clancy. He even has his own mercy, called the Syndicate Original. Even more, he’s the voice of Loki from the mobile app game, the Marvel Avengers Academy! It’s believed that he has a net worth of $5 million, thanks to his sponsorships, extra gigs, ad revenue, and more!

  4. Michael Grzisiek

    Michael Grzesiek, known as Shroud Online, is one of the top-tier professional Counter Strike players for Cloud9. He’s also one of the most popular players from the scene and is very entertaining to watch as he plays. It’s most likely his lively attitude that makes him one of the most popular Twitch streamers to date! His usual games to stream include Counter Strike, PUBG, Tom Clancy, The Culling, as well as H1Z1. He also plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive in the ESEA Invite League, representing Cloud9 G2A.Usually, he would live stream when he plays, which he does about 50 hours a week. He would usually get about 25,000 viewers per stream and receive as much as $7 million during special tournaments!

  5. Electronic Sports Company

    ESL is short for Electric Sports Company, and they are known on Twitch as ESL-CSGO. Similar to what Riot Games does, they would broadcast the Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments and games. They would stream continually throughout the week, either with live streaming or to rerun past tournaments if there aren’t any new ones in progress that day.ESL-CSGO descries themselves as the first 24/7 Counter Strike Twitch Channel, which is a great feat and the reason why they have a wide number of views and followers. Their videos also include commentators that describe what’s happening, similar to traditional sports, even having pre and post-match interviews with fellow gamers!You can also find that they have merchandise with equipment, hosting, and clothes.

  6. Michael Santana

    Michael Santana, also known as Imaqtpie, is a young man from Florida who spends most of his nights live streaming on Twitch. He is a former League of Legends player, reaching Challenger 1 on North American Servers. He’s also the champion of the flippers360 LAN tournament and a former member of Dignitas, a professional gaming team. He would collaborate with fellow Twitch streamers, hosting weekly segments on League of Legends. Imaqtpie (username coming from his mom calling him cute) would stream around nine hours a night, six days a week.

  7. Rabia Yazbek

    Rabia Yazbek is from Michigan, USA, a 23-year-old known as Nightblue3. As a teenager, he’s been playing League of Legends, ranking as Challenger 3 in North America during season 3 and Challenger 6 in Europe and North America in season 4. He’s sell maintained his challenger status in the next seasons. He’s known for gameplay montages, spectates, and his very informative uploads of guides and note reviews. What many viewers love most is how helpful he is when it comes to gaming, and how open he is with new gamers rather than feel exclusive. This is a great channel where people can discuss theories, tips, advice, all the while having fun playing games!

  8. Bean Bandit

    LIRIK is also known as Bean Bandit, who’s a PC gamer and Twitch streamer with a presence across all main social media networks. he’s been streaming since 2011 and continues to stream regularly ever since DayZ was released. Besides DayZ, he would play other games like Arma 3, H1Za, Fortnite, as well as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. What’s unique about LIRIK is that he keeps to himself and is a very private person. Only rarely (if not at all) does he ever use his real name online. He has games scheduled on Twitch so expect more streaming from him!

  9. Tyler Blevins

    Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, is a gamer who plays for Luminosity Gaming. He was once known as a profession Halo player, also interacting with his viewers as he plays and streams games on Twitch around five days a week. Besides Halo, he also plays and broadcasts H1Z1 any time he has an opportunity to do so. Currently, he’s focusing more on Fortnite and League of Legends, streaming all these games about 80 hours a week at the most. His gaming team, Renegades, placed 5th to 8th during the 2016 Halo World Championship for the Halo 5.

  10. DrDisrespect

    DrDisrespect is one of the most unique and popular characters found on Twitch. He’s considered as the OG, the Face of Twitch as he’s received many awards back in 2017 (surprisingly, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry yet), and describes himself as the international video game superstar. He broke the Twitch record of having almost 400,000 people watching a stream of his at the same time (his return video) and continues to stream a variety of games for entertainment. Those who support him can join they Champions Club, where they can receive a subscriber badge and exclusive emoticons!

  11. Thomas Morris

    Thomas Morris, or Sodapoppin, has been a Twitch streamer ever since he was a teenager! He’s been streaming for six years, ever since he was 17 years old, still playing a lot of games and jumps to a whole new one almost every day.He used to be a huge World of Warcraft gamer back in the day, though he still likes looking back and talking about the game. Besides his streaming, he’s part owner of a gaming team, which is NRG eSports.

  12. Timothy Betar

    Timothy John Betar, known as TimTheTatman on Twitch, is a full-time streamer from the US. He says that he’s living out his dream, married and with his wife joining his streams at times! He has his own network and calls his supporters the #tatmanarmy, believing to have the coolest and bizarre communities on the platform.What people like about him is that he’s more family-friendly than others, even lessening the foul language as he games.

  13. Tyler Steinkamp

    Tyler Steinkamp, also loltyler1, gained his fame and popularity from live league of Legends broadcasts. He also has a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers. Tyler plays full-time, around 40 hours a week as he continues to stream League of Legends (or other games as he pleases). He’s become so popular that he even has a website where he owns and sells his own merch to fans.

  14. Marcus Hill

    Marcus Hill is also known as Dyrus on Twitch and other gaming circles. He was born in Hawaii and a former professional league player, competing in world championships and the former top lanes for Delta Fox. However, he’s already retired from professional tournament gaming back in 2015, though is still part of Team SoloMid as their streamer. Today, he lives streams on Twitch and is well known for it, now having the net worth of $1 million. Based on his 800,000 subscribers, 60,000 daily views, and ad revenue, he gets paid about $110 a day, which adds up to a whopping $40,000 a year on just ads alone!

  15. Josh Beaver

    JoshOG’s real name is Josh Beaver, a very popular streamer from North Carolina. He began streaming in 2014 and four years later, he now has an estimated net worth of about $2 million, with around 5,000 to 13,000 active viewers for every video stream he does.He’s best known for his Counter Strike content but also expands his streaming to other games like Realm Royale, PUBG, Far Cry, Weed Shop, and others. With over 1.6 million followers and 10,000 subscribers on Twitch, as well as over 70 million views (and counting), he makes an average of $25,000 a month. That’s a huge amount of money for someone who’s been in the Twitch platform for less than five years.


How to Become a Successful Twitch Streamer


Now that you know how Twitch streamers make money and how much they are able to make, how can you become a streamer and begin making money, too? It isn’t just about setting up your account and making videos, but ensuring that you provide the quality videos and that you do your job in getting your name out there! See also our list of top instagram influencers.

Here are some helpful ways to get you started in becoming a successful Twitch streamer:

  1. Prepare Your Equipment

    For starters, you need to make sure that you already have the equipment. It should be of the quality build so you’re able to produce the amazing content people will want to watch. With that being said, here are what you need:

    • A quality computer if you plan on playing PC games and for video editing. Twitch recommends that you invest in a desktop with at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor, as well as 8GB of RAM with Windows 7 or newer. Mac works, too.
    • A Twitch account with the custom avatar, description, and banner.
    • Streaming software for your monitor, gameplay feed, or your webcam
    • Quality microphone and camera for viewers to watch and hear you play. You also need a gaming headset (better if it comes with a mic)
    • Streaming consoles, depending on the type of games you play
  2. Build Your Audience

    Just because you have the top equipment doesn’t mean you already have the big bucks. To do that, you need the large following and audience who want to view your videos and streams. To build your audience, you have to produce the quality content, share it on your social media, and start engaging with Twitch streamers and viewers. Having a humble and bubbly personality is a huge plus and will attract many viewers to continue checking your streams. Make sure that you have a niche and a unique personality that stands out. This really helps entice people to check you out, too!

  3. Stay Consistent

    This is a crucial point you have to follow. After all, would you continue to subscribe to someone who hasn’t posted for weeks? Would you still watch a streamer who provides inconsistent content and with erratic changes in personality? That’s why you must stay consistent and stick to a streaming schedule. Figure out what time and day your audience would usually watch your streams, rather than doing so at random times (especially when starting out). Announce the times you stream on your profile and continue to announce it after your streams to give people something to look forward to.

  4. Be Connected and Interactive

    You shouldn’t only be interactive with popular Twitch streamers, but with everyone, you encounter on the platform, too. Work with other Twitch users and start collaborating. With fellow Twitch stars and users, you can get discovered and engage with other viewers of your friendly users, which adds to your follower count! Try partnering with fellow Twitch streamers to stream games together, which can be very entertaining to watch especially when you all have personalities. Furthermore, engage with your audience and show some love. This boosts their loyalty towards you and can help drive up engagement and shares.

  5. Don’t Stress and Be Patient

    Last but not least, make sure that you have fun! It takes a ton of patience and hard work to get to the top, so you have to stay consistent and never give up. Keep working on innovating your streams, continue to interact with everyone you meet, and do it all with passion.If you think this is just a way to make money, then this isn’t a place to be, especially if you expect the cash to come in a snap. Continue working on feeding your passion and channel, and see what happens!

Wrapping It Up

Becoming a Twitch streamer is no easy feat. You’ll be facing a lot of struggles at first but as long as you continue to do your passion and take inspiration from fellow Twitch streamers, you’ll get there and enjoy! From hosting games, commentating as fans watch, or even live-streaming gaming tournaments, the life of a Twitch streamer never loses excitement.

I hope this list on the top 15 Twitch streamers helped you find the ones you can follow now. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these streamers today. If you’re looking for additional insight into the influencer industry, read our list of top mommy influencers.

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