Influencer Interview: Tanya Foster, Lifestyle Blogger

Jan 5, 2023 | By Chris Jacks

This week I sat down with Tanya Foster, self-proclaimed, “Dallasite, lifestyle blogger, actor and nonprofit consultant who fancies myself famous—if only in my own mind.”  A gem of a blogger, fashionista, actress, and consultant, this full-time working wife and mom of college-aged children appears to have it all.  You’ll be surprised what she has to say about life as a social media influencer, blogger, and how she keeps it all in perspective.

Combined social platformed, Tanyas following reaches over 60k.

Tanya Foster Influencer Interview

ZJ: You state, “my blogging journey began as my new year’s resolution in 2014 by launching film+fashion+fun combining all of my loves on one site.”  To what would you attribute your success in only the matter of a couple of years blogging?

TF: I think staying true to myself and being consistent has helped me build the brand and the blog. In the beginning, I was really trying to find my voice. My readers appreciate my honesty about products and style.

ZJ: At what point did you begin to gain tons of followers, and how did that feel?

TF: Almost immediately and it felt amazing. I had already started my social media when I was producing the Dallas International Film Festival. So people were familiar with me – that helped.

ZJ: Why do you think people follow – and continue to follow – your blog and other social media profiles?

TF: Gosh, if I knew the secret to that I would be much bigger. I just keep plugging along, staying true to myself.

ZJ: What is your favorite part about being a fashion/ lifestyle blogger?

Tanya Foster lifestyle blogger

TF: It gives me a voice for my creative side. I am truly a left brain/right brain person. There has to be something creative in my life at all times.

ZJ: From where do you get your taste in fashion?

TF: Honestly, TV and film. I always watched what was in style on shows and then just kind of implemented it. At first, it would be the bargain version of it. As I evolved, my style did too.

ZJ: What are your three favorite trends at the moment?

TF: For summer, off-the-shoulder anything, all white look head to toe, and pom sandals.

ZJ: Can you please share with us a “day in the life”?

TF: Oh wow, don’t be disappointed – it’s really boring. Each day is different. I work from home as a lifestyle blogger, actor and non-profit consultant (you see the left brain/right brain going on). I tend to shoot fashion looks for blog posts every other week. The shoot schedule is driven by upcoming collaborations and my editorial calendar. I’ve got it down pat now and can style four looks in an hour. Some days my agent sends me out on auditions and other days I work on non-profit client projects. Each day I spend time on upcoming blog posts and the business of blogging (social media, marketing, pitches, e-mail) I do spend every morning having coffee with my husband who is the most supporting person in the world about all of my endeavors.

ZJ: You have a “Where I Shop” list on the right-hand side of your blog.  Are these affiliate brands, or just your favorite brands that you love giving a shout out to for your fans?

TF: Both. They are affiliate brands (I am a rewardStyle blogger) and where I shop. They are the brands that you will most often see on the blog. The list gives easy access to my readers. It does change from time to time.

Tanya Foster lifestyle image

ZJ: When did you start landing brand sponsorships and what do you think made that happen?  

TF: Almost immediately after I started blogging. I think that happened quicker than I thought it would due to all the charity work I have done in Dallas and the fact that people were already familiar with me. Because my demographic is older (40+) people value the other things I have done in addition to the blog. I’m kind of like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

ZJ: Who has been your favorite brand to work with so far (doing sponsored content/ influencer marketing)?

TF: Honestly, I love all of the brands I work with. Here a few of them that stand out in my mind – Jude Connally, Talbots, Eliza J, Dillard’s, AG Phillips, Neiman Marcus, Saint Bernard, Le Metier de Beaute and all the products and services I talk about.

ZJ: What do you do when you are not writing or working on social media?

TF: Spend time with my sweet husband, Pete and our adorable pets. Sparky and Max, our Norfolk Terriers and our cat Fuzzy. Sparky and Max have their own Instagram account – @SparkyandMaxFoster

Our kids are in college but when they are home; I love to hang out with them too!

ZJ: Do you have dreams about making your blog bigger, and if so what are they?

TF: Sure, doesn’t everyone? I don’t think anyone starts a blog with dreams of it being small potatoes. I would love to travel more and cover that on the blog. Because we are empty nesters, I have the time and freedom to work from anywhere. Have laptop and camera – will go!

ZJ: In general what are your biggest dreams in life?

TF: To have a happy life with children who become successful, independent individuals who are good citizens. We are well on our way!

Tanya Foster lifestyle

ZJ: Favorite quote?

TF: “When God closes a door, he opens a window.”

ZJ: Whom do you most admire in life, and why?

TF: People who put honesty and integrity above all else. I have come to the conclusion that it is a rare quality.

ZJ: Last Words?

TF: I think it’s important to know that my blog and social media are only one element of my life. Folks always stop me and say “your life is so glamorous” and it probably seems that way on the blog. I’m a regular gal who is a wife and mother like many other people run the same errands everyone else does. “Virtual Tanya” is a very curated story!

Tanya Foster fashion & lifestyle blogging

Words to remember.  Thank you, Tanya. Again, if you want to connect with Tanya Foster you can reach her on social:

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