Influencer Interview: @StaceyLovesShopping

The 11 Question Influencer Interview: a Chat With Stacey of @StaceyLovesShopping Today, we chatted with Stacey, an Influencer from Columbus, Ohio who’s goal is to create a space where women can connect, have fun, shop, and get outfit ideas without the overwhelm of the fashion world. You can follow Stacey on Instagram: @staceylovesshopping So, Stacey: Let’s get into it. How does it feel to describe yourself as an Influencer? So…
Veronica Ramirez

Interview Series With Veronica Ramirez, Influencer Attorney

Today, we have the privilege of speaking with Veronica Ramirez, an attorney specializing in content creation and influencer marketing.  HI: Alright, Veronica, let’s get started. First, introduce yourself and let us all know who you are, what you do, and how what you do ties into influencer marketing. VR: Hey, my name is Veronica Ramirez! I am the Founder and Managing Attorney of Curator Counsel, which is a law firm…
Chloe Homan

Influencer Spotlight Interview: Chloe Homan

It’s time for our monthly Influencer Spotlight Interview! In this monthly series, we aim to provide our influencer community with valuable insider information about the industry. This month I sat down with Chloe Homan of @Frizzandfrillzz –> If you love hair, beauty & fashion then this is your girl!  She specializes in ‘Curly’ Hair tips, fashion finds, travel & lifestyle trends — she even has her own online store with…
black american influencer

Influencer Spotlight Interview: Kinya Claiborne

In this Influencer Spotlight Interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Kinya Claiborne, an inspiring entrepreneur, ex-pat, and overall, change-maker! During the interview, we discuss topics covering diversity and inclusion, the path to entrepreneurship, and experiences along the way that ultimately shaped Kinya into the person she is today! So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the read… View this post on Instagram A post shared…
Quigley Goode

Influencer Spotlight Interview: Quigley Goode

It’s time for our monthly Influencer Spotlight Interview! In this monthly series, we aim to provide our influencer community with valuable insider information about the industry. This month I sat down with Quigley Goode of @officiallyquigley –> An LA-based Creator and Educator, Quigley Goode puts the creator in digital. She started her career in the world of influence with the intent to inspire and empower her followers to fully embrace their…
Quigley Goode

Influencer Spotlight Interview: Brooke Webb of KBSTYLED

Once again, it’s time for our Influencer Spotlight Interview: a monthly series designed to provide our influencer community with valuable insider information about the industry. This month, I sat down with Brooke Webb from KBStyled to discuss what she’s learned from her journey as a fashion and lifestyle influencer. When I first met Brooke a couple years ago, she had around 11K Instagram followers and was navigating starting a new blog…

Spotlight Interview: Brooke Webb of KBSTYLED

It’s time for our Influencer Spotlight Interview: a monthly series designed to provide our influencer community with valuable insider information about the industry. This month, I chatted with my friend Mollie: a London-based fashion and lifestyle influencer. I followed her account for years before we met because I loved her beautiful photos and the cohesive content she creates.  As I’ve gotten to know her more and have traveled with her, I’ve…
Cynthia Andrew

Influencer Spotlight Interview: Cynthia Andrew

It’s time for our monthly Influencer Spotlight Interview! In this monthly series, we aim to provide our influencer community with valuable insider information about the industry. This month I sat down with Cynthia Andrew of @simplycyn –> A lawyer turned fashion, foodie & travel blogger who has always had a passion for inspiring + sharing her journey! She specializes in the art of being able to share her journey through fashion,…

Spotlight Interview: Nathan Rollinson

For the month of July, we have TWO wonderful Influencer Spotlight Interviews: a monthly series designed to provide our influencer community with valuable insider information about the industry. For the first one this month, I chatted with my friend Nathan Rollinson, who runs The Rollinson London. Originally from Cambridge, Nathan now lives in London, where we first met a few years ago at a “Friendsgiving” that our mutual friend was hosting. Straight…
Jena Gambaccini

Spotlight Interview With Jena Gambaccini, Top Chicago Fashion Blogger Influencer

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes, and verticals – fashion at the top.  Fashion bloggers came on the scene in the early 2000’s, gaining influence to the point that they are now regarded as leaders in the fashion industry.  Similar to many influencers, fashion bloggers, Vloggers, Instagrammers alike are achieving celebrity status.  Fashion bloggers have become brand ambassadors and celebrities, while celebrities moved into the fashion world. Not too different a trend…

Spotlight Interview: Entertainment Influencer, Jessica Markowski

Model, actor, NYC native, Jessica Markowski is not just another pretty face.  Her life is the great American fairy tale dream that we see in the movies, but the dream-like quality has not disillusioned Jessica.  She knows what it means to work hard, she knows how to be a strong, empowered female, and she knows how to be a social media influencer boss.  She is living the essence of the…

Spotlight Interview: Fashion Influencer Chiara From Culture With Coco

Chiara Marandellas, the force behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, Culture with Coco, took some time out this week to talk with me about life as a fashionista and influencer.  She sets an example for extremely successful, ambitious, carefree, fashionable, multicultural and international women everywhere.  A woman of mixed backgrounds, she has many perspectives to share and the ability to connect with a much larger segment of society than most….

Spotlight Interview: Mr. Scott Eddy, (Un-) Influencer Extraordinaire

This month’s Spotlight Interview is with Scott Eddy, a man who does not fit into boxes and does not ascribe to labels if he can help it.  He travels the world, lives outside of traditional societal structure, and is wicked good at business, working with people, and pretty much doing it all, and doing it well.  An ex-Wall Street suit whose life was shaken by a few unexpected bumps, Scott’s…

Spotlight Interview: DC Fashion Blogger, Zunera Serena

Many people view fashion and feminism at odds with one another.  Not Zunera, founder of popular Fashion Feminista blog, Zunera Serena, named after a partnership with her 7-year-old daughter.  Pakistani-born Zunera knows all too well what it feels like to live without personal rights, making it one of her life’s missions to inspire feminist freedom, all while wearing the latest fashion. Zunera took time out of her busy full-time work, full-time blogging, full-time mom…

Influencer Interview: Tanya Foster, Lifestyle Blogger

This week I sat down with Tanya Foster, self-proclaimed, “Dallasite, lifestyle blogger, actor and nonprofit consultant who fancies myself famous—if only in my own mind.”  A gem of a blogger, fashionista, actress, and consultant, this full-time working wife and mom of college-aged children appears to have it all.  You’ll be surprised what she has to say about life as a social media influencer, blogger, and how she keeps it all…

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