Brands should utilize this TikTok competitor before it goes totally mainstream

Mar 14, 2023

Clapper: The Social Media Video Platform for Adults

With the Tiktokification of virtually every social media platform, some look at new players to the scene like clone competitors without much to add to the already-saturated world of short form video.

But Clapper, unlike other platforms, caters to a demographic that’s often hard to reach on TikTok, or even Instagram: adults.

And with the more popular platforms, creators posting controversial content are often shadow banned or removed from the platform entirely.

Not with Clapper.

Right now, Clapper is prime for Influencers and brands who want to build a targeted following and gain more reach more quickly.

What is Clapper?

Launched in 2020, Clapper is an adults-only social media app with Short videos, Livestreams and Radio features. The app is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in 2023, with some creators even abandoning other platforms altogether due to algorithm changes and visibility challenges on larger apps.

The interface of Clapper is similar to that of TikTok, so the platform is simple to adapt to.

What Kind of Content is on Clapper?

Clapper is home to a variety of content, from music to art to adult content. In fact, many adult content creators are migrating to Clapper because of the minimal restrictions on the types of content they can promote.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Clapper is a complete free-for-all. There are Community Guidelines in place to protect users and guidelines for how Clapper views “high-risk content.”

And, yes, while there are some trending-style dance videos on the app, these don’t tend to perform as well. Clapper is primarily home to creators who are producing more substantial, meaningful content.

Clapper encourages its users to create how-to videos, videos about their personal day-to-day lives, topics they are passionate about, or other educational or informational content, making Clapper content more meaningful and creating communities wherein creators have built trust through authenticity.

Can You Monetize on Clapper?

On the Clapper website itself, the app states that people are making a few thousand dollars per month on Clapper using various features. Monetizing through Fam Tiers subscriptions, Clapper gifts on live streams, and Shop are common ways that users are making the most of the app.

What are Clapper Fam Tiers?

Clapper Fam Tiers is a monthly subscription to your content divided into 3 tiers with customized  unique user experiences perks, and price points.  The tiers offer six preloaded benefits for supporters, including a tag for supporter identity, direct messaging, a promo code, follow back, shoutout, and merch.

Creators can also customize their tiers and offer exclusive benefits such as private radio/live stream, group chat, niche-related perks, watch party, exclusive content, suggestion box, and digital gifts. To make Fam Tiers stand out, creators can give unique, creartive names to their tiers and clarify the benefits of each tier.

Clapper Gifts

Like TikTok and Instagram, Clapper offers the option of sending digital “gifts” to creators during livestreams. These gifts are purchased with Clapper Coins and have a monetary value, allowing creators to monetize their livestream videos and Clapper Radio streams.

Clapper Shop

Clapper offers a Shop option, allowing creators to create their own digital storefront to generate income. This feature can be used as on its own as a standalone page or be incorporated into a livestream as a featured product.

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Clapper also encourages their users to include links to their other platforms such as Patreon, Onlyfans, of their own websites, helping to drive traffic and revenue for creators.

Additionally, Clapper users with enthusiastic communities are also using Influencer Marketing to monetize and drive engagement for brands.


Why Should You Use Clapper Influencers?

With Clapper, the focus is on authenticity and “real life.” Clapper Influencers might be a great fit for your brand if:

  • Your brand’s target audience falls into an older demographic than the typical TikTok or Instagram user. While TikTok boasts billions of users per month, the majority of TikTok’s users are younger, with 67% of users being between the ages of 18-19 years old.[1]. If your brand caters to an older audience, tap into Clapper’s user base.
  • Your brand or product is 18+: Because Clapper is an adults-only app, if your brand or product is for those who are 18+, it’s a good platform to explore.
  • You have a highly niche product: Clapper has yet to completely hit the mainstream, but this new social media platform has a highly engaged user base and a variety of niche creators. Many of the same niches of creators can be found on Clapper as they can on TikTok, but these creators typically have a smaller but more tight-knit community.
  • Your focus is brand personality and relationship building: If your brand is goals-focused and you want to drive next-level brand loyalty through authentic connections with real people that have solid communities, Clapper is an excellent marketing tool.


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Influencer marketing is successful far beyond the mainstream apps like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat. Understanding where your audience is, who your audience is, and what types of content they’ll respond to is key to getting the biggest ROI out of your campaigns.

Become an Early Adopter of Clapper and Reap the Benefits

New social media platforms crop up virtually every month. Not many of them have what it takes to compete, nor the potential to do so. That’s not the case with Clapper. As the fastest growing social media app with an adult audience and highly engaged users, Clapper is proving itself to be a long term contender in the social media game, and one that’s bound to win.

If your brand wants to leverage the power of this growing social media platform and its enthusiastic, engaged users, contact a member of the HireInfluence team to start the conversation and find out how a tailored Influencer Marketing strategy can help you turn your brand into an industry legacy,