Influencers nowadays are making a ton of money because of the excellent way they can advertise products and services for companies. Through their job in “influencing” people to purchase or avail what companies offer, they’re able to earn up to millions, depending on their reach and popularity. It makes you wonder: Who are the top paid influencers and how much do they make?

I did the research and found the staggering figures! So read on as I show you the top 30 most paid influencers to learn more about the impact of influencing.


List of the top 29 Most Paid Influencers


With social media on the rise (and continuing to do so), there’s no doubt that many famous influencers can get paid thousands of dollars per post! Wondering exactly how much they make? Here are the top 30 most paid influencers, from actors, athletes, to models and singers!

  1. Kylie Jenner

    Kylie Jenner is best known from the reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She takes on a very popular role in the show, loved because of her chill personality and beauty. Today, she now has her own reality TV show and even runs her own makeup line and is starting a family with Travis Scott. Besides her makeup line and income made from shows and advertisements, she also makes money off Instagram and sponsorships. Kylie is actually one of the highest-paid of the Kardashians, making up to $1 million for a sponsored Instagram post, and an average of $400,000 per post.

  2. Selena Gomez

    Selena Gomez isn’t only one of the top paid influencers on Instagram, but she’s also one of the most-followed people on the social media channel! She’s very vocal with various causes and also loves to share her life outside the celebrity world. With over 135 million followers and celebrity status as an actress and musician, she has very high rates when it comes to sponsored posts. How much can she make per sponsored post? She can take home as much as an estimated $500,000 or more for every post she does on Instagram!

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular soccer stars today, with over 113 million followers and a wide following across all social media channels. His posts usually consist of sponsors or his personal and sports life, and his good looks is what makes him one of the most followed athletes on Instagram. He can make up to $400,000 or more per sponsored post, and that doesn’t include the money he makes from his tournaments and sponsorships outside the social media channel. He even has his own sports gear and underwear line!

  4. Kim Kardashian West

    Kim Kardashian West is the half-sister of Kylie Jenner, the star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. While all the Kardashian-Jenner siblings take home a ton of cash from sponsorships and their jobs, Kim is the highest paid social media influencer of all of them. With over 109 million followers, she can get as much as $500,000 per sponsored post! She would usually work with high-end beauty and clothing brands, as well as share her own makeup line on Instagram. You’ll find a lot of beauty and style on her feed.

  5. Beyonce Knowles

    Beyonce Knowles is best known for her amazing voice and sassiness, with over 124 million followers on Instagram and more across social media networks. Because of her massive influence and following, she can take home up to a whopping $700,000 per sponsored post! She usually posts a lot about her fashion, album releases, and her family. The numbers can continue to increase this year, as she continues to stay under the spotlight. Plus, everyone loves her sense of style and attitude, which is what makes her one of the most followed stars today.

  6. Dwayne Johnson

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t only well-known for his wrestling career back during his WWE days, but he knows a very popular and talented actor in the Fast and Furious franchise! From his acting gigs in Disney down to other recent and successful films, he’s developed a huge fan base, with almost 132 million followers and millions of likes per post! Because of this massive following and engagement, he can make up to $650,000 per sponsored post, which is expected to grow in the coming years once his new movies are up.

  7. Justin Bieber

    It may have been long since Justin Bieber released a song (though it’s told that a new album is in the works), but he still continues to spread a massive influence with his loyal fans. Plus, he’s still always online and a part of popular publications like Vogue (along with his wife, Hailey Baldwin). He’s grown to quite a man and still has many deals and collaborations with high-end brands. With his almost 105 million followers on Instagram, he’s highly influential and continues to post, making up to $650,000 per post.

  8. Neymar da Silva Santos

    Neymar da Silva Santos is one of the most popular and influential football players today, with over 111 million followers on Instagram and even more when combining it with various social media channels! His posts are filled with football-related content, as well as various causes and lifestyle-related posts. And just like Cristiano Ronaldo, his handsome looks is also a reason why he’s one of the top followed football players today. When he does make a sponsored post, he can receive as much as $600,000 per post. Add endorsements, tournaments, and sponsorship deals, and his net worth can come to around $185 million!

  9. Lionel Messi

    In 2018, Lionel Messi was the second-highest-paid athlete in the world. And part of that is because of his high-paying sponsorships, including the sponsored posts he does on Instagram. For every sponsored post made, he can make as much as $500,000 or more. A bit less than Ronaldo, but he actually makes quite more when combining other deals and income from tournaments. You can see that Messi is all about his career and family life, with a lot of heartwarming posts of his children and sharing the passion of the game.

  10. Kendall Jenner

    The other half of the Jenner sisters, Kendall is the opposite of Kylie, though similar in how much they can make in their respective careers. She is a model with almost 104 million followers on Instagram, also making money with her own line and their reality television show.Besides those sources of income, she makes money from her sponsored posts, up to $500,000 for each one. It isn’t equal to her sister’s whopping $1 million, but it’s more than enough to keep the family living in luxury while following their dreams and passion!

  11. Dan Middleton

    Dan Middleton is better known as DanTDM, who’s one of the highest-paid influencers and YouTuber. He’s a gaming influencer who loves to post about his Minecraft plays, though he’s also expanded to other games as well. Because of his humor and passion for the games, he’s paid well for it, making over $16 million a year from sponsorships, ad revenue, and the like. Dan is more popular on YouTube, where his main source of income comes from. With over 18 million subscribers and counting, these numbers are expected to grow this year.

  12. Evan Fong

    Evan Fong is popularly known as VanossGaming, he’s another famous gaming influencer who posts many entertaining videos on YouTube. You can expect to se not only commentaries on popular video games but a lot of animations and shorts as well, which are as entertaining as his usual posts. Currently, he’s got almost 23 million subscribers and millions of views per video. Because of his popularity and influence, he can make as much as $15 million a year or more from the combination of ad revenue, sponsored posts, and the like.

  13. Felix Kjellberg

    Many of us have to know Felix as PewDiePie, one of the most famous gaming influencers on YouTube today. Known for his hilarious antics and gaming videos, he continues to post not only about his favorite video games but also about his personal life and owns his own clothing line as well. He’s got 62 million subscribers on YouTube and more across social media, though his revenue is a bit less compared to other topnotch YouTube gamers out there. But that doesn’t mean it’s THAT low unless $12 million a year is something you have to cry about!

  14. Mark Fischbach

    It seems like a ton of gaming influencers are becoming more and more popular with high pay! One of these famous gamers is Mark Fischbach, who makes as much as PewDiePie does, which is around $12 million a year. He’s got 20 million subscribers on YouTube for his many hilarious videos, also being a comedian and actor for various shows. He can be considered as one of YouTube’s wealthiest millionaires, with the platform creating his status and wealth the way it is today. It’s quite inspiring to follow his footsteps, actually.

  15. Kayla Itsines

    Fitness is one of the more popular niches today since many people are looking to get fit the right way. It’s the reason why fitness influencers are very popular nowadays, with Kayla Itsines being both famous and highly paid for her expertise! She has over nine million followers on Instagram and is behind the infamous blog, Bikini Body Guide. With her app alone, she’s made $17 million in 2018 and earns around $150,000 for every sponsored post! She also has a program focused on weight loss and long-term fitness for women.

  16. Kourtney Kardashian

    The Kardashians are truly some of the most influential people, mostly because of how famous they can be with their drama and hilarity on television. Their beauty and relatable family life (despite all those luxuries) may also be a reason why they’ve got millions of followers and a huge reach! As of writing this, Kourtney currently has 73 million followers and loves to post a lot about family life and the like. And for every sponsored post, she can make up to $250,000, still not including how much she makes from her television appearances and other sponsorships.

  17. Jake Paul

    Jake Paul isn’t the most liked person today amidst all his controversies and issues. But we can’t deny that he’s still one of the highest-paid influencers, with over 14 million subscribers and earning as much as $11 million a year. He began growing popularity on Vine, then moved on to YouTube with his funny and random videos showing his lifestyle with various people in his life. But we never know if these numbers will drop or rise this year, depending on people’s reactions to future videos of his.

  18. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla

    If you’re familiar with Smosh, then you already know who’s behind it. Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla never dreamed that their small channel would end up begin one of the biggest ones with sub-channels covering various niches! They are known for their hilarious videos that have been going on for over a decade now. Their videos still go viral even outside YouTube and because of that, they make up to $11 million a year. This doesn’t include the other channels they have under Smosh’s production, which adds up to more!

  19. Ryan Toys Reviews

    Children can be influencers as well, and the perfect example goes to Ryan, a five-year-old who makes more money than a lot of us do (one of the youngest influencers today!). He makes about $1 million a month because of his Ryan Toys Review YouTube channel, where he reviews various children’s toys and hosts exercise songs or other helpful videos that can help with children’s growth and development. With the bubbly and colorful videos and informative videos, parents and children alike will love watching the cute, peppy personality of Ryan!

  20. Lilly Singh

    Lilly Singh is a popular comedian and YouTuber (who’s also known as Superwoman), who has now also become an author. People love her for her bubbly personality and hilarious antics, which has made her one of the most famous female comedians around. From her channel, sponsorships, and other income she’s made from her acting gigs, she’s made over $10 million a year! She’s also taken part of a few popular films and currently has over eight million followers on Instagram. However, she’s taken a short break from YouTube for now.

  21. Cameron Dallas

    When Vine was still a very popular platform for short videos and the like, Cameron Dallas was one of the most popular influencers on there. When he moved to Instagram and YouTube, he still maintained and even grew, his popularity, where he posts hilarious videos on his life and other random things. For someone who isn’t an A-list celebrity, he makes a lot per sponsored posts, about $17,000 or more for just one! It just goes to show how much you can grow from a platform like Vine, too!

  22. Jen Selter

    Jen Selter is one of the most popular fitness Instagrammers you can find today (along with Kayla Itsines). Her posts consist of fitness-related content, from workouts to her amazing and inspiring body with very inspiring captions that captivate viewers and followers (she knows how to mention sponsors like a pro!). She makes up to $21,000 per sponsored post on Instagram (where she has over 12 million followers), and also makes up to $1.4 million a year because of her sponsorships and fitness plans. Being fit has never felt so much more (financially) satisfying!

  23. Zoella

    We know Zoella as one of the first stars on YouTube, the real OG female vlogger known for her bubbly personality and the cheery attitude that has so many of her fans following her up to this day! Even after the many years of vlogging, she’s still one of the highest-paid social media influencers. For all her ad revenue and sponsorships, she’s able to bring in around $70,000 a month or over $800,000 a year because of all her videos, which can range from beauty tips, books, and personal blogs.

  24. Nash Grier

    Nash Grier is popular for his amazing photos and videos filled with adventure. He’s also a YouTuber who loves to post about his daredevil activities, travels, as well as his other personal videos on animals and his girlfriend (he has may couple videos!). Because of his cool videos (with almost five million subscribers and 100 million views combined) and sponsorships, he can make as much as $13,000 per post. Add in revenue made through advertisements and the like, he’s able to live without worrying about the next paycheck!

  25. Chiara Ferragni

    Chiara Ferragni is a fashion blogger well known for her blog, The Blonde Salad. She’s one of the highest-paid fashion influencers today, earning about $8 million in a year (or more, as her following and business success increases!). Most of her income comes from her shoe line and business, as well as some sponsored posts and ad revenue from her blog. On Instagram, you can find a lot of heartwarming posts about her personal life and, of course, all about her take on fashion and style!

  26. Huda Kattan

    Beauty bloggers and vloggers are getting a to of attention and for a reason! With their amazing skill and beauty, influencers like Huda Kattan earn a lot of money and recognition! She started off as a makeup artist and blogger, then became famous for her many trending looks. Now, she’s a businesswoman with her own makeup line, as well as an influencer with over 32 million followers on Instagram. She can make more than $18,000 per sponsored post, which is obviously all about beauty products and the like.

  27. Aimee Song

    Aimee Song is one of the most chic and fashionable fashion influencers out there, earning around $1-3 million a year. She’s not only a fashion blogger but also a NY Times bestselling author AND a part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list! As a vlogger and famous Instagram star with five million followers, she’s able to make up to $9,000 or more per sponsored posts. Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful clothes and her personal life, all curated in one universal palette to look even more beautiful!

  28. Julie Sarinana

    Julie Sarinana is a beautiful blogger who’s behind Sincerely Jules, a fashion blog that has a touch of her own personal life. Besides being an influencer and blogger, she has her own clothing line, offering bright pieces for women! She has around five million followers and has great influence on her fans, so she’s able to make up to $10,000 per sponsored post. Expect a lot of beautiful posts focused on fashion and travel combined (as well as some posts of her with her boyfriend!).

  29. Danielle Bernstein

    Last but not least, we have Danielle Bernstein, a fashion blogger who has a casual chic style and the power that’s put her in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list! Besides blogging, she has her own podcast and makes quite a lot of money for sponsored posts as a fashion influencer. It’s reported that she can make up to $20,000 per sponsored post!

Wrapping It Up

Through the power of the Internet, there are thousands of online influencers who work as advertisers to encourage their followers to avail products and services. And with a far reach, they are able to make millions of dollars thanks to it! With effective marketing and millions of followers, it isn’t surprising that companies pay big.

Hopefully, this article on the top 29 most paid influencers gave you an idea of how much this job can pay! If you’re planning to follow suit, start growing your followers and reach today. Read more on the top Instagram influencers for additional insight into the influencer industry.

If you have any questions or looking for more information on influencer services, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!