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Influencer Marketing For Small Businesses

Feb 7, 2023 | By Chris Jacks

When you’re running a small business, you know you’re responsible for doing or overseeing nearly every element of your company. Throw into the mix the ever-changing spectrum of marketing demands, and it can seem like an impossible task. But not to worry!

While marketing is a major component of any business growth strategy, it doesn’t have to be a source of stress — even if you’re a small business owner who’s doing it all. With the right influencer marketing campaign, you can grow your business while still keeping your marketing budget under control.

Utilizing social media and running a successful social media marketing campaign are important company strategies that can boost success and, consequently, revenue. Numerous firms have evolved to offer social media marketing for businesses as a result of the digital boom and the increasing number of businesses using the Internet to sell their products and services.

One such notable branch of marketing is influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the new word-of-mouth marketing that prompts sales and makes it easier than ever to buy with just a few clicks on your phone.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach a large, engaged audience. It helps businesses increase brand awareness, build trust, and create relationships with potential customers. With influencer marketing, businesses can leverage the influence of content creators to reach their target market and generate more sales.

Influencers can help build brand loyalty by creating content that resonates with their followers. They can also help to boost engagement on social media platforms and drive traffic to a company’s website.

Through influencer marketing, companies get exclusive access to valuable insights from their customer base and gain priceless feedback on their products and services. Let’s dive into how this works for small businesses!

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Small Business

Influencer marketing is more successful than ever. It’s an excellent channel for leveraging third-party credibility on social media and interacting with your audience. Even if your marketing budget doesn’t come with deep pockets, this strategy is more affordable and more reliable than other tactics. Let’s explore some further advantages of influencer marketing so you can decide how your small business can prioritize this marketing approach.

Targeted Audience

If you’re using social media platforms, chances are you’ve been targeted for ads and content. Content that feels a little too good in many cases. This is user targeting at work.

Thanks to powerful algorithms, getting fed exactly the kind of content you want to see is easier than ever. This benefit also comes when working with influencers who are able to get right in front of your target audience just by talking and posting content that relates to their interests.

There are content creators for every specialized niche and business industry out there, including marketing, fashion, fitness, DIY, beauty, and home décor. As a result, they gather a following of people who share their interests and who are searching for advice and product recommendations.

You have direct access to the individuals who trust them when collaborating with an influencer in your industry or specialty. You also have a direct line to people who are primed to be interested in your product or service. You can bypass the impersonal platforms and speak straight to the people who are most likely to buy from you.


Attention is a commodity, and adequately capturing it is critical. It pays to link your product to a lifestyle and content creator that reflects what your target market desires. Historically, businesses accomplished this through thematic advertisements.

Alluring women posing for perfume commercials. Physically fit men with rugged jawlines driving that hot new sports car. You’ve probably seen it all.

But now, the script has flipped, and that tactic may not be enough. People desire to feel a sense of connection to people and brands. They want to be seen and interacted with as a person, not merely prospects. Content creators engage directly with consumers bringing you and your products directly in front of their eyes.


The easiest strategy to expedite developing trust with customers is to make sure they perceive your small business as genuine and authentic. They don’t want to be sold 100% of the time.

When you recruit influencers that align with your brand values, it shows. Your audience base will immediately notice the gap in values or connection when you work with an influencer who isn’t in the right niche.

Work with someone who is naturally compelled to endorse your product or service. This will prevent consumers from becoming disenchanted with the influencer as well as your brand or product when they realize how untrue the influencer’s endorsement is.

Positive ROI

Smaller companies often lack the resources to test numerous strategies in the hopes that one would yield the desired results. Instead of winging it, rely on a method shown to provide significant returns. Influencer marketing is one of the more affordable channels for consumer outreach and offers multi-level returns from awareness and engagement to conversions and sales.

How to Develop Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness. With the right strategy, you can create an effective influencer marketing campaign that will help you engage with your target audience and build relationships with key influencers.

Here are the recommended steps to follow when developing a custom influencer marketing campaign to help you avoid any potential mistakes and accurately track your KPIs.

Set Goals

Before hiring content creators, you must set goals for what you hope to accomplish with your campaign. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Inspire more purchases? Showcase how to use a product and educate your audience? Increase bookings?

Whatever the goal is, make sure it’s a S.M.A.R.T. one. Campaign goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Without this formula, you could be wasting money, shooting in the dark at a moving target.

Find Influencers

It’s crucial to find influencers that match the vibe of your company and align with your mission. You wouldn’t hire a fashion influencer to talk about automotive products, and you wouldn’t hire an NFT influencer to talk about food recipes. Search for influencers that make sense for your brand. Someone who will inspire your audience and someone they want to connect with.

Use Influencer Marketing Platforms or Agencies

Taking advantage of influencer marketing platforms allows them to do the heavy lifting for you. Platforms can connect you with influencers within your given niche and streamline the hiring and negotiation process. In some cases, you can pay or ship products through platforms for an added layer of security.

Connect with Influencers

Once you determine what kind of influencers to work with, connect with them using their preferred method. Many will have links to call, email, or chat with them in order to establish a working relationship.

Before pitching them right off the bat, be sure to engage with their content and their audience directly to establish common ground.

Top Tip: Using an influencer marketing agency helps vet influencers so you don’t waste time or money on an underperforming fraud.

Develop a Campaign Plan

Developing an effective influencer marketing campaign is key to achieving success in today’s digital landscape. By leveraging the power of social media and influencers, businesses can create campaigns that will help them increase brand awareness, generate leads, and build relationships with their customers.

Once you’re in talks with a content creator, lay out clear goals and expectations. This is where you will discuss strategy, rates, posting schedules, content format, and platforms, and solidify contract terms. It requires careful planning and execution, as well as engaging with the right influencers who can effectively reach your target audience.

Your campaign should include goals and relevant metrics to track along the way and measure what truly matters in relation to your goals. This is where you will work with influencers to discuss your needs more in-depth, always keeping in mind the creative direction of the influencer.

Your content creator will know what type of content works well for their audience. You don’t want to keep too tight of a grasp over their creative freedom, especially when you’re confident that you’ve selected the right influencer for the job.

The Bottom Line

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach out to potential customers and create brand awareness. It can be used to connect with an audience that is already interested in your product or service and build relationships with them.

With influencer marketing, you can tap into the power of social media content creators who have an established following and have built trust among their followers. This will help you gain more visibility for your brand, increase engagement, and ultimately increase sales. By leveraging the influence of influencers, you can make a big difference for your small business!

Strengthen your relationship with your audience by using this step-by-step advice. A strong strategy will enable you to increase brand recognition, increase customer knowledge of your offerings, and connect with your audience with authenticity.


Chris Jacks is an influencer marketing professional with over a decade of experience in the digital marketing sphere. As the Director of Growth Strategy, Chris oversees and drives strategic initiatives to fuel business expansion. With a keen eye for market trends and opportunities, Chris develops comprehensive growth plans and aligns business objectives across cross-functional teams. With a strong focus on crafting impactful, ROI-driven influencer campaigns across multiple sectors, Chris utilizes his expertise to enhance market positioning and maximize results.

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