There are almost billions of people who scroll through social media or the Internet every day. With these staggering numbers, you can see how big the Internet is and how much of a reach it can provide. It’s the reason why all businesses are now turning to the Internet for marketing strategies and the like.

Today, influencer marketing has become a new strategy for businesses, leading them to great ways to advertise without being too pushy. By working with an influencer who has a huge following and reach, you are able to get word of your business to thousands or millions of people. But the question is: How can you find the right influencer to collaborate with?

Read on as I show you everything you need to know on how to find influencers successfully!


What Are Influencers?


You’re probably wondering: What’s the point of collaborating with influencers? You see them online and they post about your products. Can’t you do that yourself for the business and reap the same results? Unless you have that much of a reach and get personal engagement like an influencer, most likely no.

Social media influencers range from different types based on your audience. For example, you can find food critics for your restaurant, popular Instagram influencers for clothes and jewelry, or bloggers who are knowledgeable on skincare and the like. These are power users who help connect potential customers to your company! (

Because of this, many businesses are now pushing forward with influencer marketing. Unfortunately, not a lot of them are familiar with what influencers do, but focus more on how to find them! Before learning how to find influencers, here are what the influencer behaviors are to help you know what they do. (

  1. They are the megaphones of your businesses, spreading word to your audience (who should also be your target audience).
  2. They cover events and products like journalists, creating write-ups to describe and review your products so potential customers know what to expect.
  3. They are the spokespersons for your company or brand, continually promoting it and connecting your brand to new platforms and audiences. Their posts can spark and start conversations regarding your brand in online communities.
  4. They are the ones who take photos and produce fresh content for your brand, products, and services. This helps entice potential customers to purchase your items.
  5. They can also help suggest improvements for your brand and help you grow your audience based on their suggestions.
  6. If ever there is an issue with your company, they will be the ones to help support and defend your brand.

They aren’t just people with a high following and post your brand as needed. Influencers utilize their creative skills and popularity to help businesses grow, from the fresh and beautiful content for enticing customers down to promoting your brand and helping you know what’s needed to improve it.

While influencers don’t have all these six behaviors or traits simultaneously, excellent ones try to do all effectively and put your business in a positive light.


Why Collaborate With Influencers?


You know what influencers are, but what are the advantages you can reap for your business when hiring one? Being an influencer is more than simply taking a photo and posting about the brand they work with. There’s more work than that and it does have a lot of benefits when you hire one!

  1. Build Credibility and Trust

    Why do you think people like following influencers? Why do influencers have a lot of followers? Because they are interested in what they post and are inspired by their recommendations and opinions! Influencers have loyal followers because they’ve established themselves as a sort of expert in the niche they chose. ( recommendation these influencers have been highly regarded by their followers. When you are able to work with them, their followers are more receptive and interested in what you have to offer. It builds trust and credibility for your brand, which is what it needs especially for new customers!

  2. Focused and Relevant

    When you partner with an influencer who focuses on a niche similar to your business and products, then they can convey your message to relevant audiences. It’s why they’re able to provide the high return of investments for your business, as they have the relevant audience for your needs. When messages reach the audience you target, there are better conversions compared to generic audiences. With the main focus on a specific market thanks to influencers, you have a better chance of getting sales.

  3. Not Pushy

    One big problem many companies have is that they may seem a bit too pushy when it comes to marketing their products. It also seems a bit biased when posting that your product is the best unless you have proof from real users. Come influencers who market your product discreetly or without being too pushy, providing the authentic content that encourages viewers to choose your service or product.

  4. Value to Target Audience

    When purchasing a product, we choose to look for reviews online from fellow influencers or users who genuinely used the product. Influencers will be able to provide that value to your target audience, which encourages them to buy with the assurance that your product or service is worthy to avail. ( would provide in-depth and insightful information about your product or service, as well as their take on it, which is what viewers love to see!

  5. Better Customer Acquisition

    Because audiences you reach with influencer market is your target audience, you have better conversion rates. Why? Your influencer’s audiences are already interested in your niche, which helps you gain customers quicker and improve your sales. This is actually one of the main reasons why companies choose to work with good influencers, as many businesses aim to have better conversions and to grow their customer base for more income and sales.

  6. Boosts Website SEO

    How does partnering an influencer help with SEO? Through your domain authority! This is the score basing on how useful, relevant, and informative your content is. With more high-authority and credible websites linked to your website, you have better content and better domain authority scores. The best way to increase your domain authority and ranking on search engines is through getting backlinks from websites with high authority. You can get this from influencers with high domain authority!

  7. It’s Affordable

    Partnering with an influencer isn’t as expensive as people make it out to be unless you want to collaborate with a celebrity. But it’s actually much better to work with niche-focused influencers, who have a specific audience compared to celebrities. This gives your company better message conveyance, even with a smaller following. Micro-influencers have a more engaged and focused audience who listen compared to celebrity followers who would usually only follow for the gossip. On average, a sponsored post can be less than $500!

  8. Helps Content Strategy

    Planning the way you post your content and what should be in it isn’t easy. If ever you run out of content strategy ideas, then an influencer can help. Many influencers are able to create content or co-create it with the company, as long as there is an agreement. With a creative influencer, there is more design and aesthetic to your brand and products, which make it more interesting for others to avail!

  9. Increases Reach and Brand Awareness

    When partnering with an influencer, you’re able to reach new customers and viewers. It isn’t only a way to reach new people, but to reach the right audience, especially when working with an influencer with a similar niche as your products and business. When they recommend your product or mention your company, it gains more visibility to boost brand awareness, too!

  10. Best for ALL Businesses

    A good benefit of influencers is that they are best for any type of business. You can find social media influencers for whatever your business is selling, from cooking to style and fashion. And it isn’t only for big businesses, too! Both small and large business can benefit from excellent influencers, which help leverage your marketing without the high price.


How to Find Influencers


Now that you’re familiar with the purpose and benefits of influencer marketing, how can you find the right influencers with your niche and who has the substantial following? It can be a bit difficult finding one from the thousands of influencers you can work with.

I separate it into sections on the different ways and steps to follow to find the proper influencer for your business.

Know the Audience

Before anything else, you have to make sure you know your market and identify the audience you want to target. These are one of the most important factors in market strategies, the reason why your business strives. And one common mistake many businesses make is the fact that they choose the wrong influencer focuses on their target audience.

You have to understand that just because you chose someone remotely related to your niche doesn’t mean that they target your brand and audience already.

Let’s use beauty products as an example. If you sell lipstick but choose a beauty blogger or influencer who specializes in skincare, then chances are you won’t get the reach you expect. Look into the age, gender, and other demographics of your target audience so you can filter out the type of influencer you need.

Your target audience should be similar to who your chosen influencer caters to. They’ll be able to ensure that the products or services you offer are posts for relevant audiences to see and be interested with.

So once you have the target audience figured out, the next thing to do is to know more about the influencer to filter out who you need. And no, selecting one isn’t just based on the number of likes and follows they have!

Know the Influencer

Once you’ve figured out the target audience based on the type of products and services you have to offer, the next thing to do is to look at your chosen influencers. It’s crucial to evaluate the different influencers, as choosing one can end up with negative results. You’ll be surprised that there are also fake influencers out there, who end up wasting your time and money!

Check out these important factors when selecting a good influencer:


This is the number of followers influencers have on their blogs or on social media accounts. They should have a decent following of authentic accounts so you know you have a good reach.


Engagement is just as important as the reach, if not more important. This is because it shows how many followers are truly interested in the influencer’s content. It shows just how influential they are in encouraging buying decisions of their audience. You’ll be surprised that those with less than 5,000 followers have better engagement than bigger influencers at times!


Look into their posts and blogs. Do they sound authentic and real, as well as enticing? The recommendations and expertise on their posts will show just how engaging it can be for their audience. It shouldn’t look like something they were paid to do, but something they have passion for!


Of course, you should choose an influencer with a great personality and style, which matches your brand value! This will help make content appealing and relevant to the audiences, which increases the number of potential and interested customers.


Lastly, your chosen influencer needs to focus on a niche that matches yours, may it be the company, industry, or product you offer. They should also focus on YOUR target audience not just by niche, but by other demographic factors like age, gender, interests, and/or location. See our list of top gaming influencers, and our list of top fashion bloggers.


Where to Find Influencers


Where can you find influencers? Sure, a Google search helps you find a few of the many available, but the search won’t be as in-depth! Here are some platforms and ways where you can find social media influencers for your niche:

  1. Social Media Networks

    Look for social media and blog posts about your brand and niche, which helps you find influencers who are interested in working with you. It helps to search on social media networks yourself or to use tools to filter your search better (I’ll explain about more of these tools in the next section).

  2. Hashtags

    Hashtags are what can make your content easy to access and search on social media. Influencers also use this for a bigger reach! So search for hashtags which are relevant to your brand, as this helps you find the right influencers for your products. (
    Hashtags like #sponsored, #ad, #blogger, #influencer are a good start. Check out their feed and content to see if it matches with yours, as well as their following and engagement.

  3. Google Alerts

    Using Google Alerts and searching for keywords that are relevant to your business helps a lot. You’ll be able to track people who create content about the topics that relate to your products or industry. It makes it easier to filter out compared to using a simple Google search.

  4. Blogger Outreach Groups and Platforms

    There are various outreach platforms for bloggers and online groups where you can find interesting ones to work with you. There are Facebook groups and websites like BlogDash or BuzzStream where you can post and search to make it quicker to find interested and effective influencers for your brand.

  5. Influencer Marketing Platforms

    Look into influencer marketing platforms, which help you look for influencers that are right for your brand and business. There are websites that provide databases online, where you can filter them out through category, target audience, following, and more information needed! You can also measure and monitor your campaigns with them if you choose to work together. Read our post on the highest-paid influencers.


Tools to Help You Find Influencers


Besides these platforms and methods, there are other tools that help you find influencers and measure their engagement as well. Here are five effective ones to check out:


    This is a tool that helps you find and connect with influencers who are open to work with brands at the moment. It’s a huge database of influencers and is FREE to use (you can contact up to 30 influencers a month). Simply filter the category, location, and follower count and you’ll be given a list to choose from.

  2. Social Blade

    Social Blade is a free tool that provides data reports about the influencers and their follows growth curve. You can see their stats and ranking, based on their engagement and following. You’ll also have access to their Instagram stats and a grade to see how “influential” they really are not just by the numbers!

  3. Zoho Social

    Zoho Social is an excellent tool to use when finding and engaging with influencers. It helps you tag and interact with them at a low price. You’ll also be able to monitor your social stats, as well as your recent posts and interactions in real-time, making the tool versatile.

  4. HypeAuditor

    You can determine the top influencers with this tool, basing it on their engaged and quality followers (and not just the number as a whole). You can select from a list of top influencers based on your needs. They also provide information such as the ranking, username, topics covered, and other necessary data.


    This is a Google Chrome plugin tool that helps with networking. You can see social accounts and updates, using it to see if you have existing contacts who know influencers focusing on your niche. You’ll be able to leverage your contacts to know these influencers and work together.


Engaging With Influencers and Leveraging for More Reach


Once you have your batch of chosen influencers, you have to learn how to engage and create a proposal for them to accept. Not all influencers would agree with all the companies who offer, which is why it’s crucial to offer a fair proposal AND had a good connection and leverage for better reach! Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Introduce Yourself

    You shouldn’t bring in a proposal immediately! It’s best to create that human connection and relationship first, introducing yourself and the company in a warm and professional manner. This helps raise their interest and want to work with you because of the good impression you leave. You can start by engaging on their posts, showing your appreciation and interest what they post.

  2. Creating a Proposal

    When you already introduced yourself, it’s time to formally introduce your brand and purple of contacting. Describe in detail who you are and how you found out about them, as well as the reason why you’re reaching out. Of course, propose what you can offer (nothing specific yet), being lucrative to get a response. Mention your interests and how they can continue with the proposal.

  3. Organize Your Outreach

    Make sure that you have a list of influencers you have contacted. Track the effort to ensure that you aren’t forgetting about the influencers you contacted, nor are you too overbearing. Keep a tab of when you reached out and who you reached out to, so you know when to follow up and what to improve in when contacting other influencers.

  4. Leverage Influencers

    If you partnered with an influencer, start creating good offers and leverage them to get great reach. You can run a social contest or giveaway, providing prizes for the influencer to give out. Or, you can give them special discount codes and offers for better deals and more purchases.

Wrapping It Up

Finding influencers can be quite difficult, considering the many around the world available for your company. But with proper tools, better planning, and common sense, you can find the best ones who’ll be able to create a positive impact you need for the company.

Hopefully, this article on how to find influencers gave you an idea of where to begin! So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these amazing strategies now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences when finding a content influencer agency, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.