How “Fitfluencers” Can Boost Your Brand

The health and fitness space has seen massive growth over the last few years as the entire world was forced to refocus inward. Mental and physical fitness shot to the top of mind for more people than ever before. And nearly every influencer marketing agency saw a whole new generation of fitness influencers all across social media. 

Whether you’re tightening up the tummy zone, building up your muscle mass, or you need to drop a hundred pounds, individual fitness is always a very personal journey. This is what makes fitness influencers so successful. 

Sharing that personal journey is what creates an ideal platform for authentic storytelling. Those stories are what create genuine connections and this is where influencers thrive! And that’s why you need one on your team!

The health and fitness space has an incredibly diverse offering of products and services. There are no “copy and paste” rules for every brand to follow. However, here are a few things to consider as you plan your campaign.

Influencer Marketing & Fitness: Home Workout

This niche would include yogis, bodybuilders, cardio junkies, and the stay at home parents that need flexibility. Brands in this market provide home workout gear, workout plans, and nutritional supplements, just to name a few.

Products one has to take or use for an extended period of time in order to see results require a long-term strategy for your campaign. There are no “magic pills” and most viewers being fed a line like that would be wary. 

Influencers have to be careful how they approach their content for these types of products so their audience maintains trust in them as a reliable source.  

With gear, simply showing how it works happens immediately but the results, what will get them to buy, will still take time. This is a great reason to play the long game and develop a strong relationship with your influencers. 

Influencer Marketing Agency & Fitness: The Rise of Athleisure

Let’s face it, athleisure is just regular clothes now. But they still appeal to a specific target of the market: fitness. They allow for a range of motion, comfort, breathability, support, and of course, style. (That said, all the things that make it perfect for working out, make it just as desirable for daily living.)

Clothes are some of the easiest products to launch in an influencer campaign. There’s no lengthy before and after timeline and no daily supplement routine. Put them on, make them look good, show them in lifestyle use. 

An influencer marketing agency that backs an influencer comes with a full stack of marketing strategy to give your products the traction they deserve to achieve the results you need.

Influencer Marketing & The Fitness Space: Gear & Equipment

Social media influencers are uniquely placed to easily showcase fitness gear and equipment. How many times have you been to the gym, approached a piece of complex equipment and just simply walked away because you had no idea how to use it?

Showing, not just telling or explaining, how to use equipment helps users overcome gear fear and avod injury with proper usage. 

How To Choose Your Influencer

Professional influencers live on nearly every social platform available but not everyone who jogs and takes good pictures is a match for your brand. Influencers shape viewers opinions about your brand so choose carefully. 

Explore their existing content to see if their vibe is a match for your target customer. Test their analytics and make sure engagement and reach metrics are not based on spammy likes and comments. 

Think outside the box! Gender crossovers, variety of size, diverse ethnicity! Fitness influencers encompass a wide spectrum of niches:

  • Athletics coaches
  • Whole-body wellness physicians
  • Personal trainers
  • Local sports team athletes
  • Fitness models
  • Nutrition consultants
  • Sports photographers

Any one of these influencers could match your product. Don’t pigeonhole your brand but rather look for anyone with a clear voice, extensive reach, and genuine engagement. 

How To Plan Your Campaign

Here are the basics of fitness influencer marketing campaign planning:

  • Always develop campaign goals and desired KPIs first
  • Describe your target audience and the platforms they’re on
  • Give your influencer a solid, thorough campaign brief, let them in
  • Check out the competition
  • Create a varied content strategy, mix it up
  • Track, adjust, track, adjust

You don’t have to be Nike or Adidas to see the benefits from an influencer campaign. There is room for supplements and digestion aids, athleisure, beverages, remote workout platforms, gym equipment, cool-down gear, footwear, nutritional aids, and so much more! The possibilities are truly endless.