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Influencer Marketing Case Study: Paw Patrol + Nickelodeon

Apr 6, 2023 | By Chris Jacks

#PAWatWalmart Influencer Marketing Campaign

HireInfluence, Inc partnered with Nick Jr. to launch the #PAWatWalmart influencer marketing campaign. The brand was looking to engage key influencers in target demographics to help promote the launch of the PAW Patrol Ready, Race, Rescue DVD, toys, and merchandise only available at Walmart.

The campaign featured a “Race Across America” themed tour of influencers whose families all participated in a “mission” delivered by the PAW Patrol Pups! Influencers worked together with their families to execute their mission/ good deed and showed their audiences how they received a well-deserved reward – the brand new PAW Patrol Ready, Race, Rescue DVD, toys, and apparel!

The layout of influencers and the way they shared their journey to the end of the tour kept the audience engaged and excited to see what was coming next! Adding in each objective within the strategy made for a very successful campaign that more than showed within campaign results and ROI. Continue reading as we walk through some influencer key results and the influencers behind them.

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A post shared by party of 4 sometimes 2 (@dasrozo) on

Instagram Influencer, Denise Otico (@dasrozo)

The 1st stop of the tour was Top Influencer, @dasrozo showing her and her family as they partook in stop #1 for #PAWPatrols Race Across America tour! Their #PAWPatrol mission was to help clean the beach and once completed the kids received the brand new Ready, Race, Rescue DVD along with other merch exclusively available at Walmart.

The mission was shared via Instagram feed and stories showing the mission from start to finish! Denise Otico also made sure to add in who/where the next tour stop would be to ensure the audience stayed engaged and up to date.

@Dasrozo’s Instagram feed plus stories reached over 235k and received over 39.9k engagement. These results were incredible and among the best out of all the influencers used for this campaign!

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A post shared by Tammin Sursok (@tamminsursok) on

Instagram Influencer, Tammin Sursok (@tamminsursok)

For the second stop of the tour, we have top influencer, @tamminsursok who shared how excited she and her family were to be a part of this journey! Their mission was to help pups in their local animal shelter by collecting and donating supplies. Once completed they received the #PAWPatrol Ready, Race, Rescue DVD, toys, and more that are ONLY available at Walmart!

Along with her infeed post, she also shared stories that took the audience along with her and her family in the mission from start to finish! The overall results from her #ad were astounding as she reached over 1.2Million and had over 181.2k engage with her post and stories.

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A post shared by Brittany Fullwood?Hello Honey (@brittfullwood) on

Instagram Influencer, Brittany Fullwood (@brittfullwood)

Skip ahead just a little bit to the 4th stop of the tour and we have @brittfullwood who shares her journey with the #PAWPatrol Race Across America Campaign. She states that she and her family were given the mission to donate unwanted clothes and toys to a local shelter for the 4th tour stop!

Once completed they received their reward, The Ready, Race, Rescue DVD, and toys! She shared not only to her Instagram feed but also to her stories, showing the details of their mission from start to finish when they received their reward.

@Brittfullwood’s Instagram feed plus stories received over 112k and had over 29.1k engagement. The results were stellar and truly showed the power of influence!

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A post shared by Whitney Port (@whitneyeveport) on

Instagram Celebrity Influencer, Whitney Davenport (@whitneyeveport)

On the last ‘interior’ stop of the #PAWPatrol Race Across America tour, we have @Whitneyeveport, who shares her excitement as she witnesses her son open his new #PAWPatrol DVD and toys! She also shares information for the very end of the tour that takes place in Richmond, VA plus the date of the BIG event so the audience can stay engaged and witness the completion of the tour plus the ultimate PRIZE! She adds CTA’s for the audience so they know where to follow to be sure they stay tuned for the upcoming BIG event.

Overall, her in-feed posts and stories reached over 1.5 Million and had over 5.8k engagement. This was the perfect last ‘interior stop’ of the tour and great delivery to keep the audience engaged for the BIG event for the completion of the Ready Race America Tour!

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A post shared by Samantha Busch (@samanthabusch) on

Instagram Celebrity Influencer, Samantha Busch (@samanthabusch)

Celebrity influencer, Samantha Busch, posted photos and stories for the LAST, BIG stop of the #PAWatWalmart influencer marketing campaign: The Nascar Race in Richmond, VA!

They celebrated the end of the tour as her husband, (2x Nascar Champion) Kyle Busch, got ready for the race. She shared her families excitement for the release of the NEWEST Ready, Race, Rescue DVD and she showed their participation in the event celebrating the closing of the RACE ACROSS AMERICA TOUR. 

Her posts along with her stories showing the details of the event and Nascar Race reached over 157k fans and had 146.7k engagement! Overall, her post and the FINAL tour stop received outstanding results.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the campaign performed exceedingly well with impressions and reached top-performing tiers. Influencer marketing holds many progressive benefits that outweigh data alone, however, these figures are incredibly impressive and show a high interest in the PAW Patrol brand. The content creators did an amazing job showcasing the missions and products and bringing together a sense of family excitement for the launch through authentic content they produced. Not only do you see this within the reach and engagement but also in the sentiment of each post that directly correlated with an increase of PAW Patrol sales. 

The highly successful campaign delivered nearly 10 million impressions and 580K+ engagements as well as gave Walmart an ownable program that helped to capture 84% of PAW Patrol business during this timeframe and drove a 16% increase of core PAW Patrol sales.

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency that puts ideation, innovation, and creativity at the forefront, contact us today!

Until next time.


Chris Jacks is an influencer marketing professional with over a decade of experience in the digital marketing sphere. As the Director of Growth Strategy, Chris oversees and drives strategic initiatives to fuel business expansion. With a keen eye for market trends and opportunities, Chris develops comprehensive growth plans and aligns business objectives across cross-functional teams. With a strong focus on crafting impactful, ROI-driven influencer campaigns across multiple sectors, Chris utilizes his expertise to enhance market positioning and maximize results.

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